Earl’s Test Kitchen-Happy Hour Cheap Eats

My BFF was visiting from Toronto last month and we decided to go to Earl’s Test Kitchen to grab some food before watching a movie. It’s located down the block from the Scotiabank theatre on Hornby and Smithe. It’s so convenient there’s no way you can be late for the movie! We watched Guardians of the Galaxy which was pretty funny. This was my first time at this Earl’s. In fact, I think this is the first time I’ve been to any Earl’s in ages! Earl's Test Kitchen Continue reading →

Mister-Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Mister is the newest liquid nitrogen ice cream place in town. Specifically Yaletown and it’s really the second liquid nitrogen ice cream place we have in Vancouver with the first being Lik N2 Ice Cream. Mister has taken over Sweet Bake Shop’s old spot and it’s just across from the skytrain station.


Their store is very minimalistic looking and sparsely decorated. Their logo is equally simple, just a blue pentagon. Mister currently has four flavours: avocado, creme brule, dark chocolate and lemon FY. Seems like there is space on their menu for more new flavours.  Continue reading →

VanVan Izakaya

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another ChineseBites event at VanVan Izakaya on Robson across from Forage. All the dishes below were shared between 6 people and we tried most of their menu. If you see awkward shadows in my photo, that’s someone else pointing their camera at the same time (or everyone)!

VanVan IzakayaThis was the Unagi Kabayaki with teriyaki sauce.  The eel had a nice sweet flavour from the teriyaki sauce and it was tender. I like eel so I approve of this. Continue reading →

Freshii Smoothie

I was feeling healthy for once so I decided to get a smoothie from Freshii. I just wanted to compare it to Jugo Juice which is basically the only other fresh smoothie place around. Ok besides Orange Julius?


You can pick one of their existing juices or smoothies or opt to make your own. I decided it would be safer to stick with one of their combinations so I went with the Freshii Green.


As advertised, it was very green. This had kale, spinach, avocado, pineapple and low-fat frozen yogurt. The texture was not too thick and it just tasted very… green. I wish it was sweeter or fruitier because it felt too bland for me. Mostly I just tasted the avocado I think. Not really my kind of smoothie… Also, for the portion size (about 16oz?), I could pay a bit more and get more from Jugo Juice. Or maybe I would’ve like their juice options better.

They did have some interesting healthy bowls and wraps though so maybe I’ll try those instead although they seem on the pricier side. Also, their froyo is suppose to be pretty good too but it’s not the self serve kind like Qoola.

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