Sweet Potato Fries at A&W!

A&W started a promotion for their sweet potato fries last month and the coupon can be found here. For $2, you can get a serving of fries with sweet chipotle mayo. Regular price is about $3.99 I think. I think the best part about the coupon is that you can just show it to them on your phone in case you forget to print it out and carry it around with you. Yay for mobile coupons! I love sweet potato fries so I was pretty excited about these and who doesn’t like discounts right?

A&W sweet potato fries

Okay I was a bit bored and decided to play with the Line Camera app. Don’t think I used any filters though! I thought these fries were a lot better than I expected. They were definitely better than the ones I had from Vera’s a few weeks ago. In retrospect, they seem below average now. The fries from A&W were crispy and more firm than the ones from Vera’s which were sorta limp looking. ┬áThe serving seemed to be a medium size. The spicy chipotle mayo wasn’t that spicy but it was alright. All in all, it was pretty decent from a fast food joint and for $2 too. I will probably try and use the coupon again!

Thanks to M1RACLE for letting me know about the coupon haha ;)

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