Matcha Shortbread Cookies

I’ve been meaning to make shortbread cookies for a while and I finally got around to it. I even added some matcha powder to make them more special =D

Matcha Shortbread Cookies

To make these buttery cookies, you only need 4 ingredients: butter, powdered sugar, flour and matcha powder. I rolled the dough into a log and then just cut them up into circles since I was too lazy to use a cookie cutter. Also, my cookies were pretty small so I ended up baking them for 8 mins only and the bottom was still slightly burnt already =( The recipe says to bake for 16-18 mins but I’ve learned long ago to always bake less than what they say!

Check out the recipe I used from The Comfort of Cooking. The recipe is just for regular shortbread cookies but I added two tablespoons of matcha powder to mine.

Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

I bought three boxes of cake mix last year when they were on sale at PriceSmart and then I never felt like making cake after. I just wanted cookies … good thing there are recipes for cake mix cookies! Last month I made some gooey butter cookies and this time I turned my Devil’s Food Cake into some chocolatey and moist cookies!

Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

All you need to do is get a box of cake mix of your choice, 1/2 cup of butter and 2 eggs and beat everything together! It really doesn’t get any easier than that. Then you just spoon it onto your cookie sheet. The batter is very sticky and spreads a lot so I came out with larger than expected cookies.

When they came out of the oven they were very soft and cake-like. After they cooled down though they were more chewy and still moist. I noticed some recipes used oil instead of butter but I think that makes it less chewy. My cookies were big so I baked them for 12-13mins instead of 10mins. I ended up with 21 cookies but could’ve had more if they were a bit smaller.

Check out the recipe here.

By the way, the cake mix brand I always use is Betty Crocker in case you were wondering.

Christmas Baking: Gooey Butter Cookies

As usual, I have another lazy baking recipe that I’ve just tried for the holidays. They were a big hit in my house though! They’re called gooey butter cookies and they’re made with cake mix! It’s super easy! All you need is a package of cake mix (I used butter pecan), 1/2 cup butter, 8oz of cream cheese and 1 egg.

Gooey Butter Cookies

The batter ends up being VERY sticky. That is why you need to chill it and then roll it in powdered sugar before baking! It’s kind of like rolling in flour but instead you are using powdered sugar.

Gooey Butter Cookies

Tada! Here is the final product! The recipe makes about 2 dozen cookies and I ended up with 25 cookies actually. Mine also seemed a lot bigger than the ones from the recipe so I had to bake mine slightly longer (about 12-13 mins instead of 10mins) because the top parts just didn’t look cooked enough to me. The bottoms were a tad more brown than I would’ve liked though so maybe a flatter smaller cookie would work better.

Also you can use any flavour of cake mix you want for your cookies! The cookies were soft and gooey as advertised. It felt like they were slighty under-cooked though so you have to decide between how “gooey” you want them to be… They solidified a bit more the next day though.

Check out the super easy recipe here!

Chocolate Chip No Mixer Cookies

It was a lazy Sunday and it felt like it was time to bake something. I’m a lazy baker though so I was looking for some easy and fast cookies and I found a recipe for chocolate chip cookies made with oil and no mixer! Sounds like a lot less clean up already!

I wasn’t planning on blogging about it but it turned out surprisingly well so I had to talk about it. Basically since you don’t need to beat the butter and sugar, you just need to mix all your dry ingredients together and all your wet ingredients together and then combine them. No mixer necessary! I just don’t like dragging mine out and then cleaning it after.

Chocolate Chip No Mixer CookiesI don’t make chocolate chip cookies that much but it seemed like they didn’t flatten out as much and weren’t as chewy? It was thicker and still moist though. Also, it took me less than an hour to make them and clean up too! Usually it takes me way longer.

They were a bit harder the next day but not bad so I should figure out how to make them chewier…

Find the recipe here if you need chocolate chip cookies in a pinch and you don’t have butter on hand. The recipe does have rave reviews! I halved the recipes to make 12 cookies but ended up with 15.


Easy Oreo Cheesecake Cups

Last week my friend make cheesecake cups and I traded her some plums from my tree for some cheesecake cups (yay bartering?) and they turned out to be delicious! Moreover, the recipe is SUPER easy and I suck at baking so if I think it’s easy it must be easy!

Oreo Cheesecake Cups

All you need are 3 easy ingredients: cream cheese, sugar and eggs. Then you just mix it all together and pour it over the Oreo and bake! Voila! Above is what they look like after they’ve come out of the oven. Mine had some cracks but after they cool they sink down a bit so it’s not as noticeable. Or you can just put whipped cream over it and make it look pretty ;)

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Mmm Lemon Cookies

Hello I’m back! I was travelling in HK and Beijing for two weeks and now it’s time to get back to food blogging! I have a bit of a backlog going on here and whoa WordPress looks different!

I was rather obsessed with lemony baked goods before and I still probably am so I tried to make lemon cookies and they were quite successful! By my very low standards they tasted pretty good with hints of lemon. For some reason they were really soft though and they still tasted good after 4 days. They seemed a bit flat though so maybe I over mixed it?

Lemon Cookies

Lemon Cookies


Here is the link to the lemon cookies recipe if you’re interested! I made 16 rather large cookies. :)

Bon appetit!

Bake Day Over Winter Break

My friends and I decided to bake at a friend’s house near the end of the holidays. This is becoming somewhat of a tradition now! And of course our baking gets better every year ;)… I hope. There were a lot of goodies that we wanted to make but they had to be fail proof as well!

Our first item of business: chocolate chip muffins! =) Recipe here.

IMAG0302Making the batter!


Okay the recipe only asks for half a cup of sugar so it wasn’t sweet enough for us so maybe I’ll probably adjust it to one cup next time. Also I think we might have undercooked it a bit but it was still ok!

IMAG0314Next we made Pillsbury Crescent Rolls! I love Pillsbury stuff it’s always easy to make and tasty too and these were no exception. Ok ours were rolled up weirdly but trust me they’re very buttery and soft. I’ve also been browsing Pinterest a lot lately and I noticed a lot of innovative recipe ideas for crescent rolls such as adding chocolate and marshmallows or ham and cheese. Check out this Pinterest account for more ideas!

PS. we got the reduced fat kind ;)


Finally we made banana chocolate chip bread! It is recommended that you use really ripe bananas for this but ours weren’t quite there yet and apparently mashing them and leaving them to sit for ten minutes will give them more banana flavour!

IMAG0305Mushy bananas! Yeah doesn’t look that appetizing right now… we also decided to add cocoa powder to make it even more chocolatey!

IMAG0315Tada! I’m so proud of us =’) In my haste I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing oops but it was super light and moist and fluffy. I thought it would be a bit more dense. And you could taste the banana and chocolate flavours although I think we might have overdone the cocoa powder a bit. Not that I’m complaining! =D


I’m totally going to make this again sometime!!! Thanks to Chef John for the recipe which can be found here. He also added walnuts but we skipped that.

The day was a success and we stuffed ourselves with lots of yummy baked goods =)

Study break: Shortbread Cookies

In between studying for exams, I got bored and decided to do some baking instead. I was interested in shortbread cookies recently and I found a super easy recipe on! This is the EASIEST recipe ever. There are only 3 steps and 4 ingredients! It really doesn’t get easier than that. Ok I purposely picked the easiest recipe, it’s harder to go wrong with that right?

PS. I halved the recipe and still had nearly two dozen cookies so beware if you want to try this yourself! The proportions on the recipe aren’t correct.

What I Learned:

1. Make sure your butter is softened first so it creams better and then your dough will be less crumbly.

2. Try to make them all the same size! Ok that was pretty obvious but I still had trouble doing it when I was rolling out the dough multiple times the thickness varied…

3. Take them out of the oven a bit earlier! Mine started browning a bit on the bottom :( Nonetheless, still tasty and melted in your mouth!

IMAG0214Baking in the oven!


IMAG0215The finished products! Ignore the ugly one in the middle, that was made with the leftover dough hehe



Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies =)

Yay finally found time to bake with my friends :) We made good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies!

My friend made all the dough into round balls while usually I just scoop it from the batter and dump in on the tray.

Rising in the oven!

Cooling on the tray!

Ahhh so beautiful and delicious! They were perfect!!! <3 Felt so fat eating them though haha

We also made really easy Nutella brownies by following this recipe! Well we tripled it so that we could coat the bottom of the pan since we weren’t using muffin tins and making brownie bites but it’s the easiest recipe ever! No pictures though ><