Lucky’s Doughnuts – Main St.

I have been going through a doughnut phase lately so I dropped by Lucky’s Doughnuts!

Lucky's Doughnuts

I managed to snag the Matcha Bismarck on my visit! I’ve seen pictures of it and boy was I excited to eat it! Matcha everything ftw! =D

Lucky's Doughnuts

The inside was filled with a glorious matcha cream and there was plenty of it too. The matcha flavour was distinct but still fairly light. Also I was surprised that there was a tart lemon flavour from the icing on the outside as well but I like lemon so that was good for me! The bright green doughnut was soft and not doughy. I totally inhaled it… =D There goes my waistline…

Lucky's Doughnuts

Also tried the Memphis Hash. I had no idea what it was but the server described it as a peanut butter cream filled doughnut with Nutella icing on top and carmelized banana slices. Sounded like a  good combination to me! There was plenty of peanut butter cream but the dough part was more dry compared to the Matcha Bismarck. The carmelized bananas were stiff on the sides from the sugar glaze so it tasted a little unusual to me but it was a fun doughnut creation that successfully united peanut butter and Nutella.

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Sugarholic Cafe: Waffles and Toast Boxes

My friends and I spotted the newly opened Sugarholic Cafe in Aberdeen on the main floor near the fountain. It’s in that corner where a few other cafes have opened but none have survived. The waitress said that they have been open for almost a month now. The interior looks like a cutesy elegant high tea place and the ambiance seemed promising except that it was pretty quiet when we went around 8:30pm. Well ok I think they were quiet the whole night since I walked by earlier and peeked in…

Sugarholic Cafe

They have a small dinner menu and also a section of waffles and toast/toast boxes which we decided to indulge in.

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Moii Cafe

Moii Cafe is a cute crepe and bubble tea cafe on Cambie and Broadway. It was full of people studying or hanging out together. There was even a shelf of old Archie’s comics to read!

Moii Cafe

I love reading these while in line at the grocery store. It seems really chill in here and I was excited about my crepe because I’ve heard good things about Moii!

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Le Petit Belge: Satisfy your Waffle Cravings

I’ve been to Nero Belgian Waffles once and I was absolutely hooked. It’s been raved about a lot and it did not disappoint when I tried it for the first time this year. However, they are usually quite busy and I am deterred by line ups… hence I was excited to learn about Le Petit Belge and their waffles which looked pretty much the same as Nero’s! =D

When I went in on a late Sunday afternoon, they were really quiet and there were only 2 other customers in the cafe. They had a few croissants and other desserts in a display case.

Le Petit Belge

For the waffles, they have 3 sweet options and 2 savoury options. The price for the Brussels waffle is a bit more than for a liege waffle since the Brussels waffle is bigger? Pricing was reasonable though and on par with Nero.

Le Petit Belge

Say hello to this magnificent waffle!!! This was the Majesty with Bresilienne nuts, ice cream, whipped cream, banana slices and caramel drizzle.

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Sunday Funnies: Banana Minion

Okay I saw a banana turned into a minion on the internet and I just couldn’t help but make my own! It’s not great but hey close enough right?! You be the judge ;) Have a great long weekend everyone!

Banana Minion Despicable MeAlso if you haven’t seen this video yet, you really should! :)

Cafe Crepe on Robson

It’s so beautiful and sunny in Vancouver! You can tell spring is here with all the cherry blossoms lining the block =)

cherry blossoms

cafe crepe dark chocolate banana crepeI stopped by Cafe Crepe while window shopping downtown. They offer a lot of sweet and savoury crepes but of course I had to get a sweet one. I was debating between the Nutella and banana crepe or the dark chocolate and banana crepe. I decided to try the dark chocolate and banana one. They put about 9 pieces of dark chocolate squares onto the crepe and then wait for it to melt and then they slice up a whole banana for it! The dark chocolate was just bitter enough so that you knew it was dark chocolate and the crepe was chewy and soft too. Delicious! While I was waiting for my crepe, they were also handing out samples of the ham and cheese crepe which was also tasty. These crepes are not cheap though and range from $6-10. A banana and a chocolate bar should not cost that much… However, they are fairly big and they do put a lot of filling in it! The person making mine wouldn’t let me take a picture of my crepe being made though. I’m sure the Nutella and banana would have been equally good too. The only other crepes I’ve really had are from Mazazu crepe at the Aberdeen food court and I think these are way better and they have a lot more variety here. There’s also a small sitting area outside Cafe Crepe now so it’s super convenient if you’re shopping and in need of a snack!

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