Sydney Eats-Mr. Crackles

Once I saw photos of the sandwiches from Mr. Crackles with roast pork, I knew that I had to pay them a visit. Mr. Crackles is located in Surry Hills, not too far from the CBD.

Mr. Crackles

The storefront is quite small with only a few bar style seats so you will likely have to take your sandwich to go during peak hours. The seats are too low for the counter though so you will have to stand anyway. Continue reading →

Uncle Lu-Sister Restaurant of Corner 23

If you haven’t heard already, Corner 23 opened a new restaurant called Uncle Lu in Continental Square in Richmond. It’s right in the corner so it might be easy to miss. My parents took me here for lunch on the weekend and at the entrance, there is a list where you can put down your name. It was quite empty when we got there around 1pm so we didn’t need the list. The ceiling is decorated with a lot of Chinese lanterns.

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HK BBQ Master

After seeing pictures of juicy succulent meat from Sean (Sean’s Adventures in Flavortown), I decided I really had to pay HK BBQ Master a visit! Located in the Superstore parking lot in Richmond (the opposite end of The BBT Shop), HK BBQ Master just never really stood out to me.

You can choose to have a combination of 1, 2 or 3 items on rice. They have the usual BBQ meats such as duck, BBQ pork, roast pork, and soya chicken.

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Continental Seafood Restaurant

On Boxing day we had a family dim sum lunch and we ended up at Continental Seafood Restaurant. I’ve never been here before and didn’t even know there was a dim sum restaurant in East Richmond. It’s in a plaza on Cambie and No. 5 road. The interior was also very spacious and they have a stage and a dance floor too so you can hold large events here.

When I walked in, there was a picture of Stephen Harper with the owner/manager? in their display case so I assume he must’ve eaten here too. Most notably though, they still have push cart dim sum!!! I haven’t seen that in ages!!! Although I think the ordering system where you submit a sheet with exactly what you want is more efficient, this was a nice throw back moment. I also realized I’m not that picky about dim sum so here are some of my thoughts…

Continental Seafood Restaurant

We had some Bean Curd Rolls filled with mushroom and pork. They didn’t seem well wrapped but the filling was moist and flavourful. In the back we have some Siu Mai which is a staple whenever I have dim sum. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this version as much because the pork felt dry and overly chewy.

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Congee Noodle House Takeout

Congee Noodle House is super close to my work place and if you want Chinese food, look no further. They also sell BBQ meat inside and it’s conveniently right in front of the 99 bus stop too. We decided to get takeout and they made it pretty fast.

Congee Noodle House

This was the Honeymoon Fried Rice. I never knew that was the English name. Half is tomato sauce with chicken on rice and the other half is shrimp with cream sauce on rice. Both are pretty good but I think I like the cream sauce better. This was $13.50.

Congee Noodle HouseI went for the more commonly found Yang Zhou Fried Rice with diced BBQ pork, shrimp and egg. Mine was a bit cheaper coming in at $1o.50. I was super hungry so I thought it was pretty good and it wasn’t as salty or oily as other fried rice dishes that I’ve had before. Yay comfort food on a rainy day.

Congee Noodle House 粥麵館 on Urbanspoon

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

I wanted to try Kiriri for lunch on a weekend but it turns out they only serve lunch on weekdays. Boo =( So we just decided to go next door to Master Hung BBQ instead since we didn’t have any other ideas anyway.

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

This was a combo with 3 kinds of meat and you can choose which 3 you want. We had the BBQ pork, BBQ duck and BBQ roast pork (siu yook)  served with the usual sweet plum sauce and hoisin sauce (I think that’s what they’re called). It came with a huge portion of rice! It made it look like there was less meat though. The meat had really delicious sauce and the they had the right amount of fat to give it all that flavour. I think the meat definitely lived up to all the hype. It’s hard to go wrong with BBQ meat!

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

This was the Yang Chow Fried Rice. They had quite a few large pieces of shrimp and there was also BBQ pork in this. It was pretty standard and not super oily.

It also seems like it would be a affordable place for a family dinner. I also ordered some take out BBQ roast pork and it was $12.80? for a box. I think it was a pound? I’m not usually the one paying for our BBQ meat but it seemed a bit expensive. Also it was a little too fatty this time.

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant 油雞洪燒臘菜館 on Urbanspoon

JJ’s Trucketeria

I was never particularly interested in trying JJ’s Trucketeria but amidst all the food truck’s at city hall, they seemed the most interesting. I guess it’s all relative. There’s a driveway and a park behind city hall so that was where some food trucks were hanging out one day. I would’ve never noticed them otherwise since it’s not too visible from the street.

JJ's Trucketeria

They serve Filipino fusion items and the item that caught my eye was the Filipino Pork Panwich. They also have a famous “Market Bowl” filled with brown rice and fresh vegetables.

JJ's Trucketeria

There was SO MUCH PORK!!! You can’t even see the bread!!! It’s not exactly a sandwich… it’s more like meat + bread. The bun is the pandesal which is a famous bun in the Philippines. The pork wasn’t that fatty but tender enough. It still retained some chew to it but it wasn’t dry or difficult to chew either. The pork was difficult to pick up with my plastic fork though and the pieces could be cut a bit smaller. Don’t want to risk dropping any of that delicious meat on the go! I can’t quite describe the type of bbq sauce they used though but it was an Asian flavour that seemed like something my mom has made before hmmm… They also offered me some sriracha sauce which I didn’t really need but I took it anyway. The bun part was not very impressive though and not when compared to the pork! The bun soaked up the oil and sauce from the pork though so it was still tasty.

This is a super filling meal for lunch and a great deal for $6.50 since they give you so much meat!

Jj's Trucketeria on Urbanspoon