GIVEAWAY: Yakinikuya BBQ

Hi everyone!!! I’m having my first ever giveaway courtesy of Yakinikuya BBQ! They have generously provided me with 3 $10 gift cards to giveaway! Hurray!

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Photo courtesy of Yakinikuya

Please read my previous post here where I reviewed one of their BBQ sets! Yakinikuya is located on Robson and Jervis Street and they serve authentic Japanese BBQ as well as some Korean dishes. Since fall is just around the corner, it would be a perfect time for some yummy BBQ!


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2) Visit their website and leave a comment below stating what dish or dishes you would like to try if you win (click on the pictures for the menu items)

Contest ends Saturday, September 13th, 2014. Winners will be contacted shortly after by email and I will post the winners here too.

Thank you and good luck! =) Let me know if you have any questions!


Yakinikuya Japanese BBQ

I was invited to try Japanese BBQ at Yakinikuya on Robson and Jervis Street and blog about it. Surprisingly this restaurant had never caught my eye before and who doesn’t like BBQ right? The only other Japanese BBQ that I’ve tried is Gyu-Kaku so I’ll be comparing the two. Yakinikuya is an authentic Japanese BBQ restaurant with some Korean dishes as well. In addition to BBQ items, they also offer appetizers, sushi and sashimi.


We started off with an appetizer which was the Tuna Tataki. It was served with a bit of side salad which I did not end up eating. The tuna hardly had any flavour and the edges tasted really weird and overly cooked and it just did not taste like tuna tataki. =/


They also have combos that are meant to be shared by 2 people. This was the Sakura combo ($44) which seemed to be the best deal. It included “Korean Style Kalbi 180g; Special Kalbi 120g; Negi – Tan 120g; Pork Belly 120g; Pork Jowl 120g; 4 Side Dishes; 2 Miso Soups; and 2 Steamed Rice“. I like how they include how many grams of each meat was in the set although I couldn’t really estimate the weight of meat anyway… The presentation was nice and I like how they included 3 pieces of king oyster mushroom.

My favourite out of the set was the negi-tan aka beef tongue with green onion! It was thinly sliced and slightly chewy. The owner came by and suggested we squeeze the slice of lemon into the salt that we were provided and ok that was the best idea ever! It was even tastier with the lemon salt combo! I didn’t really taste the green onions though and it was more like for decoration to me. The pork belly was quite fatty and after being cooked that was more obvious than ever and same with the pork jowl but I think that might be the way it is?

All the meats were well marinated but not overly so. We were also provided with some additional sauces for dipping: a spicy sauce, a regular soy sauce and a miso sauce? I mainly used the spicy sauce which was actually not spicy in my opinion and I wasn’t too fond of the miso one so I didn’t use it much.


This was the Korean special kalbi  that didn’t fit on the other dish. This was beef short ribs with the bone in and marinated in their homemade sauce. The special kalbi on the other hand was described as a special cut of beef short ribs fully marbled in their homemade sauce and no bone. Both tasted good though! I think one had a sweeter marinade than the other? If you want to see what other meats they have visit their menu here.

I think for the Sakura combo, everything ordered separately would be around $43 so then the other $1 would cover the 2 miso soups, rice and side dishes.

YakinikuyaThe side dishes were kimchi, bean sprouts, marinated vegetables and a mashed potato salad. My favourites were the vegetables and the potato salad. The vegetables had a slight sesame oil taste to it and the potato salad was really creamy and just slightly sweet. You can always refill the sides too.


This was the Yukke ($14) which was Korean style beef sashimi with an egg and mixed with sesame oil. It was also nicely garnished with thin apple slices and a cherry tomato. I actually don’t think I’ve tried this before so I don’t have much to compare it with but I enjoyed the mild sesame flavour with the egg mixed in it was very smooth?


This was one of my other favourites! The Toro Beef ($7) which is beef belly was well marbled and flavourful. This was not part of the Sakura Combo  but worth ordering in addition to it!


Orange slices were served to end off the meal.

I am by no means a connoisseur in BBQ food but I enjoyed the food here (except the tuna tataki) and the price is similar to Gyu-Kaku and I feel like even the interior is sort of decorated the same (i.e. black wood furniture). If you like Gyu-Kaku, I would recommend giving this place a try! They seemed to have a good amount of business when I went on a Tuesday night so I’m not sure why they need me to blog about it (other than a lack of blog posts?).

ALSO, Yakinikuya would also like to provide all my readers with a 10% off coupon! Just print it out or show it on your phone for the discount and it expires July 27! I’ve never done this before haha :) Let me know if you actually use it! You can also visit their Facebook page for other promotions.

Yakinikuya Coupon Discount

Disclaimer: My meal was compensated for and I was invited to write this post. Opinions are my own. 

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Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

I wanted to try Kiriri for lunch on a weekend but it turns out they only serve lunch on weekdays. Boo =( So we just decided to go next door to Master Hung BBQ instead since we didn’t have any other ideas anyway.

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

This was a combo with 3 kinds of meat and you can choose which 3 you want. We had the BBQ pork, BBQ duck and BBQ roast pork (siu yook)  served with the usual sweet plum sauce and hoisin sauce (I think that’s what they’re called). It came with a huge portion of rice! It made it look like there was less meat though. The meat had really delicious sauce and the they had the right amount of fat to give it all that flavour. I think the meat definitely lived up to all the hype. It’s hard to go wrong with BBQ meat!

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

This was the Yang Chow Fried Rice. They had quite a few large pieces of shrimp and there was also BBQ pork in this. It was pretty standard and not super oily.

It also seems like it would be a affordable place for a family dinner. I also ordered some take out BBQ roast pork and it was $12.80? for a box. I think it was a pound? I’m not usually the one paying for our BBQ meat but it seemed a bit expensive. Also it was a little too fatty this time.

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JJ’s Trucketeria

I was never particularly interested in trying JJ’s Trucketeria but amidst all the food truck’s at city hall, they seemed the most interesting. I guess it’s all relative. There’s a driveway and a park behind city hall so that was where some food trucks were hanging out one day. I would’ve never noticed them otherwise since it’s not too visible from the street.

JJ's Trucketeria

They serve Filipino fusion items and the item that caught my eye was the Filipino Pork Panwich. They also have a famous “Market Bowl” filled with brown rice and fresh vegetables.

JJ's Trucketeria

There was SO MUCH PORK!!! You can’t even see the bread!!! It’s not exactly a sandwich… it’s more like meat + bread. The bun is the pandesal which is a famous bun in the Philippines. The pork wasn’t that fatty but tender enough. It still retained some chew to it but it wasn’t dry or difficult to chew either. The pork was difficult to pick up with my plastic fork though and the pieces could be cut a bit smaller. Don’t want to risk dropping any of that delicious meat on the go! I can’t quite describe the type of bbq sauce they used though but it was an Asian flavour that seemed like something my mom has made before hmmm… They also offered me some sriracha sauce which I didn’t really need but I took it anyway. The bun part was not very impressive though and not when compared to the pork! The bun soaked up the oil and sauce from the pork though so it was still tasty.

This is a super filling meal for lunch and a great deal for $6.50 since they give you so much meat!

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Zakkushi Lunch Sets

Zakkushi just started serving lunch Wed-Sun at their Main St. location. According to their website, they will be serving lunch everyday from May onwards.

Zakkushi LunchI got the Zakkushi set which seemed to be the best deal with 4 kinds of skewers (chicken, pork, garlic stub and seasonable vegetables), a daily appetizer which was marinated lotus root with sesame seeds, miso soup, 3 pieces of sashimi (salmon and tuna), and Soboro don (seasoned and minced chicken with egg on rice. I liked that there was so much variety in one lunch set. The stars of the set were the skewers and they were all good and well seasoned. I wish there was more! I’m not sure if I’ve eaten okra before so it tasted a bit weird to me. For the rice, I think it would’ve been nice if they used a poached egg instead of the shredded egg. Since each skewer costs around $2 I think this set was worth it.

Zakkushi LunchHere’s the Premium Combo with Kobe prime rib, chicken, pork and okra. Basically the only difference is the Kobe prime rib and it comes on it’s own little grill rack! Not sure why that’s necessary…?

Zakkushi Lunch

P-toro Don with poached egg, seaweed and green onion sauce. This looked pretty good too!

This place is pretty small so you should make a reservation if you have a large group. Also, all their desserts are $2.80 during lunch time! Check out their lunch menu here. You can also read my post on their dinner here.

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Lunch at Gyu-Kaku

So in my previous post I said my coworkers and I had tried to go for lunch at Gyu-Kaku but it was super busy. With that in mind, we made reservations for the following Friday and what do you know? It wasn’t busy at all… >.>

Gyu-Kaku has Happy Hour from 11-30-6 and after 9pm everyday!!! How awesome is that? They also have a menu of lunch specials too. You can also make your own set by adding $3 to certain happy hour menu items.



After much much much debating, I ordered the Meat Lover’s Set (toro beef shio, kalbi chuck tare, bistro hanger steak miso, rice, miso soup, & small salad). I am really not quite sure which meat is which but it all tasted good! I think this was a good deal for $10.95 and 3 kinds of meat. Also, their bowl of rice was huge. If you just get one type of meat and upgrade it to a set then the portion is a bit smaller too except it’s cheaper so you decide how much you want to eat!



Cooking the meat! It could take a while if you have a lot of people but that’s part of the fun right? Although if you have like 8 people there’s still only 1 grill on the table… The only problem I had was that sometimes I wasn’t sure if my food was cooked yet so sometimes it might be over or under cooked but if you can cook then it shouldn’t be a problem for you. They also give you 3 types of dipping sauces: a ponzu sauce, a sweet soy sauce and a spicy soy sauce? All three were quite tasty but the meat was well marinated enough already.

I like how they have a lot of variety and small appetizers but if you want to eat a lot of meat then it’s still going to be pricey. But definitely come for happy hour!

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Hog Shack Cook House: Meat & More Meat

It’s officially summer and who doesn’t love a good BBQ right? Succulent  meat slathered in a tangy BBQ sauce sounds like a great meal to me unless you’re vegetarian of course. My friend and I went all the way out to Steveston to try Hog Shack Cook House. I was pretty excited but I can’t eat that much so we tried not to over do the ordering which sometimes happens when I’m around x)

Hog Shack Cook House From reading other food blogs, I had heard about their famous Burnt Ends that aren’t featured on the menu so of course I had to ask for it. Luckily they did have some left! Yay! I feel like an insider hahaha These are actually the ends of the beef brisket that they recook for some extra flavour. They were super tender and soft and fell apart easily. Super delicious! All the entrees also come with two sides and we chose sauteed veggies and potato wedges. The veggies were nicely seasoned and cooked but the potato wedges were not a good idea since they were pretty big and very filling. We should have got more fries instead. They also offer the burnt ends in an appetizer side aka without the sides.

Hog Shack Cook House

Hog Shack Cook HouseWhat else did we get? Ribs of course! Hog Shack St. Louis Style Side Ribs to be exact. I asked the waitress what the difference between the baby back ribs and the St. Louis ribs was and she said that the baby back ribs were more tender while the St. Louis had more meat so we went with the latter. We ordered a half rack and it had six ribs and they did have a good amount of meat. Also they didn’t slather it with too much BBQ sauce either. For our sides we had coleslaw and yam fries with a garlic aioli dip. The yam fries were pretty good but the dip was average and didn’t taste like much. Or maybe I just had too much BBQ sauce so I couldn’t tell. The coleslaw was a bit limp so the veggies didn’t seem as fresh and crunchy.

If you’re going to Hog Shack Cook House, remember to ask for the burnt ends! Don’t be shy! Although at this rate they won’t be a secret menu item for long… Or you can also get their beef brisket. I thought the ribs were pretty solid but I ain’t no BBQ expert. If you’re not interested in ribs, they also have burgers and a variety of appetizers.

Have a great long weekend!

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