Disclaimer: All drinks were complimentary but opinions are my own

Last week I was invited to the Chatime media event by ChineseBites. They opened up three new locations this year on Robson, Broadway and Blundell Road. I visited the Broadway location for the event and it’s located a few steps away from the 99 bus stop at Granville and Broadway.

Chatime is the #1 bubble tea brand in the world with over 1200 locations worldwide! Their tea is brewed fresh in the store and they only use high quality natural ingredients and they don’t use pre-made tea or tea powders either. In fact, they source the tea leaves directly from Taiwan and they even have their own tea farm.


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Corner 23

We were craving some Taiwanese food so we debated between Beefy Beef Noodle or Corner 23. Both feel kinda the same to me and I haven’t been to both in a long time so in the end we went to Corner 23. They also recently opened a new location called Uncle Lu in Continental Square in Richmond.

Corner 23

Passionfruit green tea with pearls. Refreshing and not too sweet. Pearls were nice and chewy.

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Zephyr Tea House

My friend suggested going to Zephyr Tea House for dinner once when we were out of ideas. I had never really considered this place before since it seemed sorta hidden. The restaurant seems spacious but also emptier than I expected. Definitely not as busy as Pearl Castle. Also, this review might be biased because I was really hungry!

Zephyr Tea HouseI ordered the Spicy Shredded Pork set which came with 3 side dishes that were all on the same plate. I was really surprised that there was potato salad. Or their version of it which was essentially potatoes with mayo. The spicy shredded pork was indeed spicy and tasty.

Zephyr Tea HouseMy friend had the Black Pepper Beef set which came with the same 3 side dishes. Pretty good, fairly standard.

Zephyr Tea HouseTaiwanese Sausages. I haven’t had this in so long!

Zephyr Tea House

Peach Calpis. Good, not too sweet or artificial tasting.

Basically there was really nothing special here. It was also lacking in ambiance because it seemed really quiet there. Like too quiet for me. Good thing is that there were no lineups? I’ll keep it in mind if I’m really craving Taiwanese food… Food was fairly typical and portions matched the price. It was about the same as Corner 23 and I’m not dying to come back anytime soon.

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Pearl Castle – Continental Square

After some unexpected car problems and my plans foiled once again… we ended up at Pearl Castle. I was surprised that there were still so many people there at 10pm and more people came in after us. This was at the Continental Square location. I love how they have a lot of restaurants there now. Our first choice was going to be Deer Garden but they had a line up too.

Seafood fried udon. This came with some kimchi and a lot of veggies. The kimchi seemed kind of random though.

Black pepper chicken on rice. There is chicken underneath that pile of veggies!!! It was like deep fried chicken thigh but covered in sauce. I was expecting a less watery sauce but it definitely had a lot of black pepper flavour to it! The chicken was also very tender but the crispy skin didn’t look very appetizing now that it was drenched in sauce. The portion was pretty big too but it was mostly veggies and very filling.

Tomato with beef brisket.

Apple curry with pork chop.

My matcha with mocha bbt! I was surprised that the top was covered with mini marshmallows but it was a nice touch. There might have been too much mocha flavour though since I didn’t taste the matcha this time.

Floating Ice. This didn’t really have much flavour to it but I think it was suppose to be peach.

This was the Young Girl’s Dream. It looked really nice and we agreed this was the best drink. Not quite sure what was in it but there was soda and grenadine?

We got my friend a cookie card from Mrs. Fields cookies. =) We were too full to eat it after though so he just took it home. We could smell the sweetness from it though! This was a 7″ milk chocolate chip cookie.

The food was good and reasonably priced and their drinks are getting fancy! No wonder there’s a line up. For some reason I felt that this one was better than the one at Richmond Centre but I’ll have to come back again sometime to confirm that!


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Well Tea – Richmond

Dropped by Well Tea after two exciting games of lazer tag! It’s buy one game for $8.25 and get one free on Wednesdays! I forgot how much running around there was to do and it was really hot inside! So we refreshed ourselves with some bbt afterwards and I got an ice plate.

This cost about $4.50 and you have a choice of three toppings so I chose the green mango, coconut jelly and pearls. They also offered toppings like tapioca noodles (no idea what those are), condensed milk, grass jelly and chocolate syrup. For an extra $0.75 cents you can add another topping. I like sour things so I really liked the green mango although I’m not quite sure what’s in it since it’s not fresh obviously. It was in a gooey syrup but it went well with the ice. Too bad the ice isn’t flavoured like at Frapped Bliss though! They have the best shaved ice =) I was happy that there was a generous portion of toppings though.

This was my friend’s honey lemon green tea with coconut jelly (say hi to Totoro in the back!).  There was a slight bitter after taste from the tea I think so I didn’t really like it that much and I usually go for slushes anyway.

Anyway Well Tea is a nice hang out place for drinks along with all the other bbt cafes out there in Richmond.

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Bubble World-Richmond

Helloooo I’m back! From Alaska… here’s a slightly overdue picture post. =)

Green Mango Slush

Taro slush with pearls

Milk oreo mocha slush

Some sorta tofu in soup?

Seafood Udon

Squid Feet

Ok so on the menu they had squid lips and squid feet listed and we were all like what on earth are squid lips?!?!?! o____O??? So we asked the waitress who sorta laughed and said it was the part of the squid that wasn’t the legs?! Sooo the head?… well anyway I decided we should stick with feet… sorry I’m not that adventurous especially with sketchy Asian menu descriptions >.>

Shrimp and egg fried rice

I ordered the Hawaiian fried rice which turned out to look exactly like the above except it had ham pieces and some pork fluff on top and it cost like $0.75? more but I forgot to take a picture of my own dish somehow… =___________=

Taiwanese beef rolls

Chicken nuggets!

House Style sandwich?

I didn’t try all the food but the consensus seems to be that it was good? As in typical Taiwanese cafe stuff nothing extraordinary but it’s one of those places I’ll always end up going to.


Bubble Queen

Hello there! Omg we had such a hard time finding this place! I mean I knew theoretically it was in the plaza somewhere (sorry I can’t remember the name of this plaza but it’s the one on Garden City and Cambie…) and the address said 8888 Odlin Crescent which was the address of the plaza but I couldn’t find a unit number so we had to walk around a bit before we found it. It’s actually on McKim way around the corner from Odlin Crescent. >.>

Anyway, I have heard a lot of good things about this place so I was determined to try something exciting here. I picked the Ferrero Rocher slush with pearls. This was probably one of the most expensive drinks on the menu. It came to a total of $6.66.

The drink looked really good topped with a piece of Ferrero Rocher and and whipped cream. Mmmm! However, when I was drinking it there was a bit of an artificial taste to it too. Not sure what it was… but I hope it was just a one time thing since they have so many flavours of drinks and they’re so popular. After we ordered a whole bunch of high schoolers came in too.

Toblerone Slush. He didn’t ask for pearls but he got pearls anyway xD This had two pieces of toblerone on top of the whipped cream and actually tasted fairly similar to mine but without the artificial taste!

They had sooo many boxes of chocolates and stuff at the back!!! O___O I gotta try some of those other flavours! *Drools* I love how they mix candy bars into their drinks! Such a good idea! :D

They also had a lot of fresh fruit too. Just look at all those mangoes!

There aren’t a lot of tables here so you’ll probably have to take your drink to go. And they also have bubble waffles in a variety of flavours as well.


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Bubble World-Richmond

It was finally sunny and warm in Vancouver! We decided (more like I decided) on a whim to try What8ver Cafe in Union Square for their honey toast box but sadly when we got there it was closed :( I guess they’re closed on Mondays. So we decided to go around the corner to Bubble World instead. We got there around 3:30pm so it was really empty. They have very spacious booth seats! They also had air conditioning which was much appreciated on a “hot” day. Since this was more for a mid-afternoon snack, we ordered some stuff to share.

First up we have deep fried salty and peppery chicken nuggets! These must be ordered at every Taiwanese place!

These were the typical chicken nuggets, very good. =D

My friend and I shared a shrimp and egg fried rice. The presentation was very colourful and cute. This had a lot of shrimp, corn, peas, eggs and carrots. It was a bit salty though but quite tasty.

My other friend had a green apple calpis slush.

This was my milky oreo slush! It was super thick and sweet and there was a lot of crushed oreo in the slush. So much oreo that you actually have to chew it when large chunks come up in your straw. My friend ended up using the spoon to scoop it out and eat it haha. I saw some kids at another table using their spoon to eat the slush and I thought it was a little weird that they weren’t using the straw but I guess it was just thick enough for a spoon! Actually I really liked that there was a lot of oreo in it. The drinks cost $4.95 and they were really big too.

I enjoyed my first visit here and the food was pretty good. I’ll definitely come back to try other stuff. This is a good substitute for places like Pearl Castle and Well Tea.


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Dessert Dynasty

At work I noticed that a lot of people were going to Dessert Dynasty for bbt during their breaks so I decided to try it too. It’s located on the first floor of Metrotown in a corner next to T&T. When I walked in I noticed that they also sold dragon’s beard candy and bubble waffle! They also had shaved ice, crepes and “sharkfin soup”. They also had a nice flashy digital menu too. I got a sesame slush bbt with pearls for $4.82.

The drink was pretty sweet and there wasn’t thaaaat much sesame flavour but the pearls were good.

This lady came and asked to share my table since there were only about 8 seats there and I said sure. After she left this other girl decides to sit down and she had a bowl of the fake sharkfin soup! Soooo I secretly took a picture… hehehe

Not a great picture since I was trying to be stealthy xD

Ok the bbt was average I guess but I’m not picky and I’ll come back to try the bubble waffles another time!


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