Deer Garden Signatures 鹿園魚湯米線

I must say that I’m not a huge fan of noodles in soup usually. But that’s what they’re famous for here and also it seems to be the cheapest entree anyway xD plus you get to customize your own soup so why not? So we arrived around 11:30am on a nice Saturday morning for an unexpected lunch and we got a table right away. I remember the first time I came here I had to wait at least half an hour .____. It’s just that popular! It’s right above Cattle Cafe on Alexandra Rd. and the food is similar too because apparently one of the people who opened Cattle Cafe opened Deer Garden??? They also have another location in Continental Square. Anyway, on to the food!

This was a Malay Laksa soup base I think… I can’t remember now but it was one of the spicy ones! I got beef balls and fish tofu cubes with it as my toppings since you’re allowed a choice of 2 and if you want more you can pay extra. The soup comes with veggies like green onions and cabbage and bean curd already and if you don’t like any of that there’s a box you can tick to have them omit it from your order! I thought that was nice for the picky eaters *cough cough*. I liked that it had bean curd! It seemed kinda abnormal for noodle soups but it tasted good. The soup was just spicy enough for me and there were a LOT of noodles! This is probably good for two meals for me! Well just me I guess…

If you add a $1 more for cold drinks, you’ll get a take out cup! I thought that was a great idea since if you can’t finish it you can always take it to go unlike at other HK style cafes. Although I guess you could always ask them for a take out cup but I’ve never really bothered. This is cold milk tea and a cold lemon ribena. It was just 7-up with raspberry syrup and lemons and it tasted ok there wasn’t much raspberry flavouring though. And it was $2 more since it was a special drink.

Dum dum dum! Beef tongue!!! I really don’t recall ordering this EVER in my life but my friend suggested it and I don’t mind trying new things anyway. Let’s get straight to the verdict: IT WAS GOOD. :O I think it was because they flavoured it with lots of salt and pepper. I’m not a beef tongue expert or any tongue expert … but it had an interesting texture and it was soft enough but mostly I liked the salt and pepper! I think this was $4-5. I can’t really say that I would like to try more strange animal body parts though. I thought chicken knees were exotic but hey, I’m Chinese and we’re known to eat all the body parts so maybe that will be me someday. @___@

So this place was pretty good even for someone who is impartial to noodle soups and beef tongues! And if you don’t feel like customized noodle soups, they do have plenty of other menu items! =)


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