Shishinori is a new Japanese cafe that has set lunches and rice bowls as well as matcha desserts. It’s located next to Save On Foods on Cambie. The interior is wood themed and they were also projecting an anime on the back wall instead of using a TV which I thought was a smart idea. Besides lunch they also have breakfast items which they were still serving around 1pm when I was there. Maybe they serve them until they run out?

Shishinori Lunch Menu

There menu is displayed on the window for passer-bys to see. ShishinoriThis was the Hawaii Ahi Poke Bowl and if you add $2.50 you can make it a lunch set with either a drink and soup or dessert. The presentation was absolutely beautiful! It was super colorful from all the different vegetables and nicely arranged. For the flavour, you can choose between spicy/shoyu/wasabi. The spicy flavour is apparently the most popular so we went with that.  Shishinori also only serves brown rice with their meals so it is also a bit healthier. The drink was a refreshing Strawberry Iced Tea which had bits of strawberry floating in it and was not sweetened much at all . The soup of the day was a Portobello Mushroom Soup which was like a portobello version of miso soup.

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New Jethro’s Fine Grub: Pancake Coma

Jethro’s Fine Grub finally opened another location on 3455 Fraser St. and 19th. This location is pretty small too but not that many people know about it yet so there aren’t any crazy line ups (yet). It’s nothing fancy but they’re known for their large portions and supersized pancakes, I was here to try some. I knew I wouldn’t finish it but I get my bang for my buck if I can eat it for 2 days after right?

Jethro's Fine Grub FraserTada! Well here we are with the Gold Rush Pancakes. These pancakes are stuffed with caramel, pecans and struesel and a chunk of whipped butter (no that is not ice cream). O.O

Jethro's Fine Grub FraserThis was how much I ate. The pancakes were really thick and fluffy. Since the pancake on top was generously drizzled with caramel, I had no need to add syrup.  It wasn’t too sweet and the pecans gave it more texture. The streusel topping was rather large and chunky so I would have liked it better if it was like a finer sprinkle instead. I was so full after I ate half of one! This is meant to be shared for sure. For $12 and 2 days worth of meals though it’s a good deal! These are so big it barely fit into the takeout container and the server assured us that it would and she was right of course.

Jethro's Fine Grub Fraswer

The Denver Omelet is served with “Sauteed onions, peppers, maple smoked ham and cheese, hashbrowns and toast”. Unlike your traditional omelet, the egg was actually put on top of the filling. Suffice it to say, I was actually too full from my pancakes to try any of this. The toast and hashbrowns look typical though. My friend commented that there was too much egg compared to the filling. Otherwise he was super stuffed after.

If you don’t mind waiting in line for big portions for reasonable prices, come for brunch here instead of the Dunbar location (read my post here). This is probably a once a year kind of thing for me.

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Brunch Time: Ham and Egg Cups

Good afternoon! I saw this great and super easy recipe for ham and egg cups on Pinterest and I decided to make it for my family. It’s pretty much fail-proof! Get the recipe here!

ham and egg cupsTada! Not too bad right? Although they never turn out quite like the way you see it online. I tried to poach one for my mom but overcooked it oops! She still liked it though! :) I was a bit overzealous with the seasoning as well and I decided to add  bacon pieces. ;)

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!



My friends and I decided to visit IHOP on Broadway before school started. This location is upstairs right by the 7-11 on Oak street. It looked pretty new and clean compared to the one in Richmond. The service was also quite friendly and prompt. They menu had a lot of options so we spent a long time debating what we should share. They also had a special menu where they had 7 specials all for $8 each.

This was the bacon and cheddar hash brown stack . Mmm hash browns! It came with a choice of two buttermilk waffles or a fruit salad. Naturally since we were at IHOP, my friend opted for the pancakes xD (well under some peer pressure from me…). The cheese and the hollandaise sauce seemed to go quite well with the hash browns! I kinda wished I had ordered this instead haha

Nutella banana crepes with bacon and eggs :) The crepes were hidden under a mountain of whipped cream and covered with some strawberry sauce. It seems like they really don’t skimp on the whipped cream at IHOP! Makes me fat >.< There was a lot going on here so overall it tasted good because it was sweet from the nutella and the strawberry sauces.

The less well presented bacon and eggs.

Chicken Quesadilla. Didn’t try it but it looks pretty good with ample filling.

I think this was the pick a pancake combo. It comes with bacon, eggs, hash browns and your choice of pancakes. Note the lump of whipped cream!

Ok horrible angle here but I think this is another combo with red velvet pancakes!!! They were actually really good and not too sweet.

DESSERT! Crispy strawberry banana cheesecake! :D “Creamy cheesecake layered with caramel and chunks of banana, quick-fried in a flaky pastry tortilla. Topped with cool strawberry topping, fresh slices of banana and whipped topping.” It was really good :D The cheesecake was pretty creamy and smooth. Anything deep fried is good! (This is why I’m fat)

I definitely like this location a lot better than the Richmond one and the pricing is reasonable too.


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Egg in a hole breakfast

This was my attempt at making my mommy breakfast! The egg is in the toast under the cover piece that I cut out. ^___^ (the other side is slightly burnt looking cough cough)



Where does one go when one is craving for pancakes? Why the International House of Pancakes of course! Ok no this is only my second visit here ever and I’m sure there are plenty of other breakfast joints out there (Jethro’s Fine Grub anyone?). But anyway, we showed up around noon because frankly I can’t be bothered to get up early and eat breakfast during breakfast hours hehehe

I had recently read about red velvet pancakes at IHOP and thought I might want to try that but then I saw they had Cinna Stack pancakes! Which are pretty much pancakes with icing and cinnamon bun filling. It sounds too sweet already right? It was either that or chocolate chip pancakes ;) Yes I have a major sweet tooth…

The pancakes were quite fluffy but they all ended up sticking together and I wasn’t sure how to eat them so I just decided to tackle it vertically instead of separating them. The whipped cream started melting and sliding off really quickly too but I was just like 

…and started eating it really fast. The cinnamon and icing sugar made the whole thing taste like dessert though! I only managed to eat about three of these. It actually got less sweet at the bottom so I added a bit of syrup. This was about $9.

My friend ordered the pick a pancake combo which comes with two pancakes of your choice, eggs, hash browns, and bacon or sausage links. This was around $10-11.

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes. This did not taste like it had enough cinnamon after eating my own pancakes.

Did not try this but that sausage link looks really burnt on one side!

We also ordered an appetizer sampler too. This had onion rings, chicken strips and mozzarella cheese sticks. It came with some kind of dip and marinara sauce. Ok this sorta seemed like it was lacking something… I guess it tasted kinda generic like something I can buy from the frozen section at Costco. Also cost $10-11. I thought the random lettuce leaf was unnecessary since it didn’t really make the presentation much better anyway.

It was a nice brunch and our server checked on us a few times.


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Jethro’s Fine Grub

Yay I’m done exams! And of course the first thing I do is go out and eat hehehe So my friend and I met up for some brunch at Jethro’s Fine Grub.

When we got there at around 11am it was full already. Not that I’m surprised since the restaurant is really small, more like what you would call a hole in the wall type of place. There were only about 7 tables inside. As we waited for a table more and more people came and lined up. Luckily they post their menu outside the door so that people outside can decide on what to order first. Finally after waiting for 45mins-1hr we got a table right next to the window. It was a bit awkward at first since I was aware that the line of people outside would be staring at us. But by the time the food came I was too hungry to care. I ordered the Chocolate chip banana bread french toast. Doesn’t that sound scrumptious already?

The french toast came with carmelized bananas, powdered sugar and a giant lump of butter in the middle. At first I had no idea that it was butter so I decided to take a bite… not a good idea =_________=” I decided to move the butter to the side since it seemed pretty fattening. The melted butter that did end up on the banana bread made it taste saltier so if you like that you can keep your butter.  There was a lot of chocolate chips in this! It felt more like I was eating dessert for lunch instead. It wasn’t too dense and I was full after three pieces. I noticed that a lot of people ended up taking their food to go too. Their pancakes were enormous!!! O__O Gotta try them sometime! This dish was $10.

My friend got the Nutella french toast for $10 and added bananas for $2. This was Challah bread with nutella spread and topped with a huge pile of whipped cream. The bananas are underneath the whipped cream. The french toast was not too egg-y and really soft! And it wasn’t overwhelmed with nutella spread either although I think they could have used a bit more since I have quite the sweet tooth. ;) They also gave us syrup but we didn’t end up using it.

Overall a nice place for breakfast and lunch. I would come back to try their pancakes sometime. Although not anytime soon since I hate waiting… By the way, they’re only open till 4pm for breakfast and lunch.


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