Purebread Bakery or Pure Heaven to Me

Purebread bakery has opened up in Gastown around the corner from Meat & Bread! Once you walk in the spread of goodies on the counter is unbelievably enticing. It took me ages to decide on something. It’s a feast for the eyes and the stomach. See pictures below! I had such a hard time deciding that I had to ask the server for recommendations. I believe she said that the salted caramel was her favourite and the Nutella brioche was also good. EVERYTHING LOOKED GOOD. Unless you don’t like sweets. Then you should really stop reading this now.

Purebread Bakery


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Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies =)

Yay finally found time to bake with my friends :) We made good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies!

My friend made all the dough into round balls while usually I just scoop it from the batter and dump in on the tray.

Rising in the oven!

Cooling on the tray!

Ahhh so beautiful and delicious! They were perfect!!! <3 Felt so fat eating them though haha

We also made really easy Nutella brownies by following this recipe! Well we tripled it so that we could coat the bottom of the pan since we weren’t using muffin tins and making brownie bites but it’s the easiest recipe ever! No pictures though ><