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Bubble Queen is located in Pacific Plaza in Richmond. I’ve never really had a reason to go until I discovered Bubble Queen. They specialize in drinks made with a variety of chocolate bars and they also have bubble waffles with interesting flavours and fillings like mochi. Unfortunately I haven’t tried them yet still but I heard they were pretty good!

Bubble Queen Apparently their mango slush drink is very popular and they seem to use a lot of condensed milk too.

Bubble Queen I decided on the Coffee Crisp slush and it took me forever to decide haha so typical of me. It was topped with whipped cream and a chunk of Coffee Crisp. I should have taken the Coffee Crisp out because by the time I was finished my drink it was at the bottom and I didn’t want to eat it anymore. The Coffee Crisp flavour was mild but still detectable and rich enough. They are a little bit more expensive too and cost around $5.50 or more if you have add-ons like pearls or mochi etc.

Bubble Queen My friend had a matcha milk tea with pearls. It doesn’t look green here in this lighting but it was! It wasn’t too sweet and there was sufficient matcha powder used so it was pretty good.

Bubble Queen

Bubble Queen I also noticed they had some interesting cheesecakes on display but they really didn’t look all that appetizing and usually I get pretty excited about cake! However, I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover so maybe next time. The interior is really small so it’s best to grab and go!

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Bubble Queen

Hello there! Omg we had such a hard time finding this place! I mean I knew theoretically it was in the plaza somewhere (sorry I can’t remember the name of this plaza but it’s the one on Garden City and Cambie…) and the address said 8888 Odlin Crescent which was the address of the plaza but I couldn’t find a unit number so we had to walk around a bit before we found it. It’s actually on McKim way around the corner from Odlin Crescent. >.>

Anyway, I have heard a lot of good things about this place so I was determined to try something exciting here. I picked the Ferrero Rocher slush with pearls. This was probably one of the most expensive drinks on the menu. It came to a total of $6.66.

The drink looked really good topped with a piece of Ferrero Rocher and and whipped cream. Mmmm! However, when I was drinking it there was a bit of an artificial taste to it too. Not sure what it was… but I hope it was just a one time thing since they have so many flavours of drinks and they’re so popular. After we ordered a whole bunch of high schoolers came in too.

Toblerone Slush. He didn’t ask for pearls but he got pearls anyway xD This had two pieces of toblerone on top of the whipped cream and actually tasted fairly similar to mine but without the artificial taste!

They had sooo many boxes of chocolates and stuff at the back!!! O___O I gotta try some of those other flavours! *Drools* I love how they mix candy bars into their drinks! Such a good idea! :D

They also had a lot of fresh fruit too. Just look at all those mangoes!

There aren’t a lot of tables here so you’ll probably have to take your drink to go. And they also have bubble waffles in a variety of flavours as well.


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