Bubble Waffle Cafe-Royal Centre

After my visit to Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale, my friend wanted to meet up for lunch and go to Bubble Waffle Cafe at Royal Centre. This seems to be one of their newer locations. I was looking forward to more noodle soup after my experience at their Kerrisdale location.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Royal Centre

The cafe stall is located on the lower level of Royal Centre where the food court is. Compared to the location in Kerrisdale and Aberdeen, there are less options for the toppings here.

Bubble Waffle Cafe-Royal Center

They come in “sets” of different proteins (e.g. fish, beef, pork etc.) and you just pick one of the sets with your choice of soup base. This probably makes it easier for them to prepare the food and maybe it helps people decide faster. Continue reading →

Bubble Waffle Cafe-Kerrisdale

Disclaimer: The noodle soup combo (noodle soup + 1 drink + bubble waffle) and takoyaki were complimentary and we paid for the chicken rice. Opinions are my own as usual.

I was invited to try Bubble Waffle Cafe when they messaged me on Instagram. Of course I was more than happy to go! Who doesn’t like bubble waffle?! Also I’ve never actually tried them before even though they have been expanding rapidly last year. The line ups are just too long and if you’ve been reading my blog, then you’ll know I hate line ups.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Kerrisdale

Their Kerrisdale location is their flagship store. It’s just a few stores down from Orange Corner. You won’t miss it with those giant sail flags! There’s even a small patio area outside which would be nice in the summer although it’s not covered so it would probably get kinda hot. Continue reading →

That Time I Ate the Whole Food Court-Taste of Aberdeen

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another Chinese Bites event last month and this time it was at the Aberdeen food court with 60 other foodies. I’m quite familiar with the food court (or so I thought) and I’ve spent a lot of time here when I was younger. Now I had the chance to try EVERY food stall! It was a dream come true yet I feared for my growing waistline. #foodbloggerproblems

So without further ado… let the gluttony begin!

Aberdeen Food CourtStarting from left to right:

  • Milk tea with pearls (Estea Express)
  • Iced lemon ribena (Bubble Waffle)
  • House special: mango coconut juice with tapioca, mango and pomelo bits (8 Juice)
  • Iced Genmaicha (Saboten)
  • Matcha soy bean (Strike)
  • Iced honey matcha tea (Teppan Kitchen)

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Sugarholic Cafe: Waffles and Toast Boxes

My friends and I spotted the newly opened Sugarholic Cafe in Aberdeen on the main floor near the fountain. It’s in that corner where a few other cafes have opened but none have survived. The waitress said that they have been open for almost a month now. The interior looks like a cutesy elegant high tea place and the ambiance seemed promising except that it was pretty quiet when we went around 8:30pm. Well ok I think they were quiet the whole night since I walked by earlier and peeked in…

Sugarholic Cafe

They have a small dinner menu and also a section of waffles and toast/toast boxes which we decided to indulge in.

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Cattle Cafe

Cattle Cafe is one of my favourite go to HK style cafes! Except I always end up ordering the same few dishes but today I decided to try something new! Ok it’s really not that far off from the things I usually get.

Tada! Here is the Cajun chicken with honey and tomato sauce and rice. Even though it looks like it might be spicy it wasn’t. It was more salty and I liked how the exterior was very crispy. The sauce was an interesting combination. I’m pretty sure I could taste the honey in the sauce but not so much of the tomato part. I’m glad I tried something new!

Matcha Smoothie :) Quite sweet and there is matcha flavour! It was more like a slush but there wasn’t too much ice. I love that their special drinks are an extra $2 on top of your meal but the quality is good.  I’m not quite sure what the difference between a matcha smoothie and a matcha milkshake is on their menu though but I just end up picking one of them usually.

Baked seafood and pork chop on rice. I only tried a scallop from this but it seemed very good. =)

Hot Horlick.

Last but not least, BUBBLE WAFFLE! =D I haven’t had this in a long time. Probably since the night market last year. This was really good! Exactly the way it should be.

The only problem with our visit this time was that service was slower than usual since we were seated in a corner near the front and it wasn’t even that busy.

Cattle Cafe 牛仔餐廳 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon