Bubble Queen: Matcha Mochi Bubble Waffles!

Bubble Queen is famous for their assorted chocolate bar bubble tea drinks but they also serve bubble waffles as well. That was exactly what I was here for this time. Besides the original flavour, they also have sesame, blueberry, chocolate, matcha with red bean and best of all (in my opinion at least) matcha with mochi!!! I’m not sure about you, but I’m absolutely in love with the chewy texture of mochi. Humans just have a natural urge to chew stuff right? That’s why gum was invented! Anyway, I was super excited to try the matcha mochi bubble waffle. Meanwhile, I also had the Fresh Mango Slush with mango cubes.

Bubble Queen I find their drinks very filling and this one was no different! The mango on top tasted very refreshing and the mango flavour in the drink was thick and tasted a little syrup-y but not artificial either. I originally wanted mochi on top but they said they ran out of mochi already =( However, they said the mochi used in the bubble waffle was a different kind so they could still make the matcha mochi bubble waffle.

Bubble QueenI convinced my friend to try something new and he got the Pina Colada Bubble Tea with pearls. The consistency was not as thick as my mango slush and it was sweeter than my drink too. The Pina Colada flavour was strong and better than I expected because I was expecting something along the lines of Orange Julius.

Bubble Queen Matcha Mochi Bubble WaffleHere is the star of the show! I forgot that bubble waffles take longer to make so I was anxiously waiting for it. I’m telling you it was well worth the wait! Although the matcha flavour was mild and almost non-existent, the mochi made up for it. The bubble waffle was completely filled with mochi and it gave it a soft chewy texture and it definitely filled you up a lot faster than regular bubble waffle! This is a must try!

The drinks are pretty expensive but the flavours and variety can’t be found anywhere else! The bubble waffle was also pricier but hey where else can you get mochi in your bubble waffle? You can also read my first post here.

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Bubble Queen

Hello there! Omg we had such a hard time finding this place! I mean I knew theoretically it was in the plaza somewhere (sorry I can’t remember the name of this plaza but it’s the one on Garden City and Cambie…) and the address said 8888 Odlin Crescent which was the address of the plaza but I couldn’t find a unit number so we had to walk around a bit before we found it. It’s actually on McKim way around the corner from Odlin Crescent. >.>

Anyway, I have heard a lot of good things about this place so I was determined to try something exciting here. I picked the Ferrero Rocher slush with pearls. This was probably one of the most expensive drinks on the menu. It came to a total of $6.66.

The drink looked really good topped with a piece of Ferrero Rocher and and whipped cream. Mmmm! However, when I was drinking it there was a bit of an artificial taste to it too. Not sure what it was… but I hope it was just a one time thing since they have so many flavours of drinks and they’re so popular. After we ordered a whole bunch of high schoolers came in too.

Toblerone Slush. He didn’t ask for pearls but he got pearls anyway xD This had two pieces of toblerone on top of the whipped cream and actually tasted fairly similar to mine but without the artificial taste!

They had sooo many boxes of chocolates and stuff at the back!!! O___O I gotta try some of those other flavours! *Drools* I love how they mix candy bars into their drinks! Such a good idea! :D

They also had a lot of fresh fruit too. Just look at all those mangoes!

There aren’t a lot of tables here so you’ll probably have to take your drink to go. And they also have bubble waffles in a variety of flavours as well.


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Dessert Dynasty

At work I noticed that a lot of people were going to Dessert Dynasty for bbt during their breaks so I decided to try it too. It’s located on the first floor of Metrotown in a corner next to T&T. When I walked in I noticed that they also sold dragon’s beard candy and bubble waffle! They also had shaved ice, crepes and “sharkfin soup”. They also had a nice flashy digital menu too. I got a sesame slush bbt with pearls for $4.82.

The drink was pretty sweet and there wasn’t thaaaat much sesame flavour but the pearls were good.

This lady came and asked to share my table since there were only about 8 seats there and I said sure. After she left this other girl decides to sit down and she had a bowl of the fake sharkfin soup! Soooo I secretly took a picture… hehehe

Not a great picture since I was trying to be stealthy xD

Ok the bbt was average I guess but I’m not picky and I’ll come back to try the bubble waffles another time!


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