Bubble World-Richmond

Helloooo I’m back! From Alaska… here’s a slightly overdue picture post. =)

Green Mango Slush

Taro slush with pearls

Milk oreo mocha slush

Some sorta tofu in soup?

Seafood Udon

Squid Feet

Ok so on the menu they had squid lips and squid feet listed and we were all like what on earth are squid lips?!?!?! o____O??? So we asked the waitress who sorta laughed and said it was the part of the squid that wasn’t the legs?! Sooo the head?… well anyway I decided we should stick with feet… sorry I’m not that adventurous especially with sketchy Asian menu descriptions >.>

Shrimp and egg fried rice

I ordered the Hawaiian fried rice which turned out to look exactly like the above except it had ham pieces and some pork fluff on top and it cost like $0.75? more but I forgot to take a picture of my own dish somehow… =___________=

Taiwanese beef rolls

Chicken nuggets!

House Style sandwich?

I didn’t try all the food but the consensus seems to be that it was good? As in typical Taiwanese cafe stuff nothing extraordinary but it’s one of those places I’ll always end up going to.


Bubble World-Richmond

It was finally sunny and warm in Vancouver! We decided (more like I decided) on a whim to try What8ver Cafe in Union Square for their honey toast box but sadly when we got there it was closed :( I guess they’re closed on Mondays. So we decided to go around the corner to Bubble World instead. We got there around 3:30pm so it was really empty. They have very spacious booth seats! They also had air conditioning which was much appreciated on a “hot” day. Since this was more for a mid-afternoon snack, we ordered some stuff to share.

First up we have deep fried salty and peppery chicken nuggets! These must be ordered at every Taiwanese place!

These were the typical chicken nuggets, very good. =D

My friend and I shared a shrimp and egg fried rice. The presentation was very colourful and cute. This had a lot of shrimp, corn, peas, eggs and carrots. It was a bit salty though but quite tasty.

My other friend had a green apple calpis slush.

This was my milky oreo slush! It was super thick and sweet and there was a lot of crushed oreo in the slush. So much oreo that you actually have to chew it when large chunks come up in your straw. My friend ended up using the spoon to scoop it out and eat it haha. I saw some kids at another table using their spoon to eat the slush and I thought it was a little weird that they weren’t using the straw but I guess it was just thick enough for a spoon! Actually I really liked that there was a lot of oreo in it. The drinks cost $4.95 and they were really big too.

I enjoyed my first visit here and the food was pretty good. I’ll definitely come back to try other stuff. This is a good substitute for places like Pearl Castle and Well Tea.


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