Cactus Club Coal Harbour

I’ve been hearing about how great the views are at the new Cactus Club at Coal Harbour and a new Tap and Barrel opened there too. It’s getting to be quite the hub for restaurant go-ers. There’s even a new Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar nearby. My friend and I didn’t sit at the patio despite all the attention it’s been getting. I just prefer sitting indoors. I guess I’m afraid when I’m not looking some bug might decide it wants to try my food too…

Cactus Club Coal Harbour

We decided to share an appetizer and an entree because we weren’t feeling too hungry. I was surprised that the Calamari was so big! It’d make a great entree by itself! It was served with a chipotle aioli dip and a tzatziki dip. The calamari was crisp and light and flavourful enough by itself. The fresh dill complemented the flavours well and I loved how the red peppers were fried too. We couldn’t stop eating this! It felt like one of the best calamari dishes I’ve had!

Cactus Club Coal HarbourThe other dish I had always wanted to try was the BBQ Duck Clubhouse. The sandwich was stuffed with peking duck and roasted chicken! I was kinda excited for this but it was actually very difficult to eat. I found that there was way too much hoisin sauce which kept dripping all over the place and it didn’t actually help the fact that the duck/chicken was quite dry. The pecan fruit bread gave it some added sweetness but mostly all you could taste was the sauce so it just felt very one dimensional. =( They offered to cut it up for us and serve it on separate plates along with fries. They could have used a smaller plate though because it made the portion look even smaller. The fries tasted rather bland compared to the delicious calamari we had eaten earlier. I would stick with a different sandwich next time.

The ambiance here was very good though and we had a terrific view of Stanley Park. I would recommend this location if you’re trying to impress some guests with a nice view!

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Cactus Club-Burnaby

Previously I was sold on the hype that surrounded the opening of the new Cactus Club at Coal Harbour. I have yet to visit though so I settled on the Burnaby location which is right across from Metrotown. You can probably guess what I was doing before dinner now. We just felt like going somewhere slightly more upscale that day. We should have made a reservation though because they did have a short wait during dinner time.

Cactus Club Their Signature Sangria seemed good so I decided to try it. What won me over was that the description said there would be a splash of bellini.

Cactus ClubMy friend had The Burger with bacon, cheddar cheese and sauteed mushrooms along with a side of yam fries.  The burger was a good size and juicy so there were no complaints. Yam fries were nicely done too addicting as always.

Cactus ClubI had trouble deciding between all the options since I don’t frequent Cactus Club much. I finally decided on the Jambalaya Rice Bowl. This rice bowl had shrimp, chicken, sausage, veggies and black bean salsa. I found the chicken to be too dry but I loved the flavours of the rice bowl. There was just the right amount of heat to it and the portion size was very good. I also liked that they give you a choice of white or brown rice. I chose brown rice and it tasted so good I almost couldn’t tell it was brown rice! They also offer a chicken teriyaki rice bowl and also a salmon rice bowl as well. Overall, I thought it was better than I expected. Might go for the short rib sandwich next time!

We had a nice experience here and I really don’t see anything wrong with visiting chain restaurants. The service was pleasant and our food and drinks arrived promptly.

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