Crepe De Licious-Delicious Indeed!

I was shopping in Richmond Centre and decided to get something from their newly renovated food court. I still find it amazingly beautiful for a food court. So far the only thing I’ve bought there is gelato from Froshberg though. Today I ventured into something new! Crepes from Crepe De Licious which is actually attached to Froshberg. Okay fine I’m not really venturing anywhere. Next is probably Pinkberry which is right across hahaha All jokes aside, Crepe De Licious offers a variety of sweet and savoury crepes and for reasonable prices too. I had my eye on the New York which had a slice of New York cheesecake in it along with Nutella and strawberries but I didn’t think I could finish the whole thing by myself so I settled on my other go-to favourite: Nutella and Banana! Here they call it Black and White while the Nutella and strawberries is called Black and Red.

Crepe De LiciousI love how their jars of Nutella are extra large! They also use a whole banana too just like Cafe Crepe.

Crepe De LiciousThe crepe was drizzled with some Nutella and topped with icing sugar. It was really good with the right amount of banana and Nutella. At Crepe De Licious the crepes are served on a plate or in a box if you order it to go so I felt daintier eating it with a fork and knife instead of just eating it from a cone or something. The texture of the crepe was similar to the ones at Cafe Crepe. I haven’t had that many crepes before so I don’t have much to compare it to. It’s cheaper than Cafe Crepe though for the exact same product so this could be my new go-to crepe place! Not that I had one before. I also heard Moii Cafe had good crepes too so I will check that out soon. =)

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Cafe Crepe on Robson

It’s so beautiful and sunny in Vancouver! You can tell spring is here with all the cherry blossoms lining the block =)

cherry blossoms

cafe crepe dark chocolate banana crepeI stopped by Cafe Crepe while window shopping downtown. They offer a lot of sweet and savoury crepes but of course I had to get a sweet one. I was debating between the Nutella and banana crepe or the dark chocolate and banana crepe. I decided to try the dark chocolate and banana one. They put about 9 pieces of dark chocolate squares onto the crepe and then wait for it to melt and then they slice up a whole banana for it! The dark chocolate was just bitter enough so that you knew it was dark chocolate and the crepe was chewy and soft too. Delicious! While I was waiting for my crepe, they were also handing out samples of the ham and cheese crepe which was also tasty. These crepes are not cheap though and range from $6-10. A banana and a chocolate bar should not cost that much… However, they are fairly big and they do put a lot of filling in it! The person making mine wouldn’t let me take a picture of my crepe being made though. I’m sure the Nutella and banana would have been equally good too. The only other crepes I’ve really had are from Mazazu crepe at the Aberdeen food court and I think these are way better and they have a lot more variety here. There’s also a small sitting area outside Cafe Crepe now so it’s super convenient if you’re shopping and in need of a snack!

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