Fondway Cafe-Opening Event

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to Fondway Cafe for their media launch event  this month. Fondway Cafe used to be in Crystal Mall but they have relocated to Beresford Street which is just behind the skytrain station. The cafe is in a residential area with lots of apartments.

Fondway Cafe

The cafe is pretty quaint and kitschy looking. I love the decor here and they have high ceilings which makes it look more spacious. I can see myself hanging out here with some girl friends! They also have some interesting art painted on the wall.  Continue reading →

The Last Crumb Bakery

As I mentioned in my last post, I visited the Last Crumb Bakery when I discovered that it was right next to Burgoo. They also serve afternoon tea on the weekends now too. The space inside is bright and spacious.

The Last Crumb Bakery

The Last Crumb BakeryI like how they write the descriptions directly on the glass!

The Last Crumb BakeryThis was the Peppermint Chocolate Cake from last month so everything was peppermint flavoured! I like how it wasn’t overly sweet or chocolatey and the cake was very moist. There also wasn’t too much cream and it had the right amount of peppermint. The salted caramel hot chocolate was perfect too and complete with latte art or should I say hot chocolate art? I believe they are participating the in the Hot Chocolate Festival right now!

The Last Crumb Bakery


The Coconut Cream Pie was also very enjoyable! The slice was also huge! I’ve never ordered a coconut cream pie before but I liked it more than I expected. The cream wasn’t too overwhelming actually and the coconut flavour was mild but detectable. Which is fine since I’m not a huge fan of coconut anyway! haha

The Last Crumb Bakery

This was the Devil’s Food cake with vanilla buttercream. It was also equally tasty! Pretty much like the peppermint chocolate but without the peppermint. Mmm I’m totally coming back to try their other goodies! It’s also nice that they’re not located downtown!

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Saint Germain’s Disappointing Opera Cake

Saint Germain’s is known to be a good bakery but this time I was severely disappointed when I picked up an Opera cake from them. I did not preorder because I wasn’t sure if I was getting a cake or not that day but I didn’t mind taking whatever cake they had left there. I did have the Opera cake in mind though. Thankfully when I got there around 6pm at the Oakridge location, a 6″ Opera cake was still available! Hurray!

Unfortunately it turned out to be the DRIEST cake I have ever eaten.

It was hard. It was dry. It was terrible.

Opera Cake

Here’s what’s left… Now I don’t think I’ve tried their Opera cake before but it always LOOKED good! What on earth happened?1 I’m not sure if this was an off day or what. Or maybe it had been sitting there for too long? I’m not even picky about cake but this was extremely disappointing. :( There are supposed to be spongey and chocolatey layers!!! This was just hard and dry. I’m not even comparing it to other high end bakeries like Thierry or anything. This was just really bad. Maybe I should preorder next time? I’m not sure if I want to try this again. I’ve tried another one of their cakes before and it was fine…it wasn’t even really the end of the day yet! It was only 6 and they closed at 9.

Any thoughts???

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Happy Sunday!

My friend showed me this and I thought I would share it hahaha! Have a great weekend everyone! =)

Patrick in a cake

PS. I am not a Spongebob fan.

mini donuts

Also I had mini donuts at the carnival at Lansdowne last week (or last last week)! I haven’t had them for so long! They tasted extra good and they filled the bag all the way up =D


Costco – Tiramisu Cake

On Sunday I went shopping at Costco and I haven’t been there in a loooong time. I totally forgot how busy it was on a Sunday! It was hard to find parking too. As we walked by the frozen/refrigerated cakes section I convinced my mom to get a tiramisu one! ;) hehehe they also had carrot cake and a “tuxedo” cake which mostly looked like chocolate cake. They were $15.99 each and for a pretty good size too.

So this can pretty much feed 8 people and it was pretty good for Costco! It wasn’t as moist and flavorful as Thierry per se (obviously) but then it can’t be too moist with the espresso since it has to last long in the freezer. The sponge cake was probably a bit more firmer than usual then but it did have the tiramisu flavor!.

I can’t say I’m too picky when it comes to cake =D This is probably better than their cheesecakes that I’ve tried.