Torafuku-Presentation on Point

The owners of food truck Le Tigre finally opened up a brick and mortar location last summer and it received a lot of buzz. I finally had the chance to check it out in the up and coming neighbourhood near the edge of Chinatown. I had heard about how busy they were so I made sure to go super early. The day I went was dreary and rainy so I was actually their first customer! I’m just an eager beaver when it comes to food.


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Shaughnessy Restaurant-Zomato Meetup

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I attended my first Zomato meetup last month at Shaughnessy Restaurant in Van Duesen Gardens. Since it was almost time for the Festival of Lights, the restaurant was already decorated with lights and I felt a lot more festive already! I didn’t really know too much about Shaughnessy Restaurant nor had I ever thought about dining there before. In fact, I feel like it’s a bit hidden away. Also, for some reason… I had the impression that it was for older people?

Shaughnessy Restaurant

For my drink, I went with the Shaughnessy Lemonade. Mostly because it had the word lemonade in it. It also had rosemary infused bourbon, chartreuse, and ginger beer. Continue reading →

Original Joe’s Happy Hour

My co-worker suggested we hit up Original Joe’s for their happy hour (50% off certain appetizers from 3-6pm) and since I’ve never really gone anywhere for happy hour I thought it was a good idea. Original Joe’s is located above Starbucks on Broadway and Cambie and the entrance is next to La Taqueria. I never really thought about visiting before since it just didn’t look that exciting.

The restaurant is a sports bar with lots of TV’s and even a nice pool table at the back! There were lots of large comfy booth seats as well but the lighting is dim as with most bars/pubs. Not all appetizers are available for the happy hour promotion though although I can’t remember which ones are not available…

Original Joe's Happy Hour

We all agreed that we love Sweet Potato Fries so we had to order it. the fries were long and crispy on the outside but flavour wise it was really meh … they just felt a bit under seasoned and didn’t have that sweet potato flavour. It was disappointing since it is hard to screw up fries but these just tasted kinda weird. Just not the addictive fries I was hoping for. I believe we ordered the chipotle dip but I think they gave us the dill dip instead as evidenced by the dill pieces in the dip.

Original Joe's Happy HourThis was the Chili Lime Chicken which was breaded chicken tossed in a sweet chili sauce with lime, cucumber, crispy chow mein noodles and green onions. This dish was not bad since I really like the sweet chili sauce and it does feel a bit spicy after a few pieces.

Original Joe's Happy Hour

Next we also had the Calamari which came with a tzatziki sauce and also some breaded red peppers, onions and jalapeños. As far as calamari goes, this tasted extremely bland to me even though it looks good. The portion was a good size but it really lacked flavour and you need copious amounts of dip to help it out.

Original Joe's Happy Hour

I love wings so we couldn’t pass up the chance to order some! These were the BBQ Wings which were served with celery and carrots sticks and some ranch dip. The wings were not dry and had a decent amount of meat on them! It probably helped that the wings were coated in a wet sauce too. Each serving is 1lb and has about 8-10 wings.

Orignal Joe's Happy Hour

To further satisfy our wing cravings, we also had an order of Sweet Chili Wings as well! It came with the same sides and the wings were also the same quality as above.

So my favourite items were the wings and then the Chili Lime Chicken. For the happy hour price of $5-6 I can’t really complain about anything. It’s a cheaper chain restaurant so nothing amazing here but I would pass on the calamari and sweet potato fries … Our server wasn’t exactly friendly but she was efficient for sure.

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Granville Island Eats

On Canada Day, my friends and I went to Granville Island to see the festivities. However, we actually didn’t really see much… so I’m not sure if it was the time that we went or we just didn’t know where to go. We did see a small dog show though.  Ok I have to admit we weren’t really there for the special events but more for the food ;)

First stop was gelato! There are a few gelato places in the public market as well as two other places you can get ice cream/gelato from. We went to Omi Gelato and there was a huge line up! Pricing was $4.30 for a single scoop and $4.75 for a single with a waffle cone. The gelato was not bad, nothing ground breaking but it satisfied our cravings and the scoop was really big! The waffle cones also tasted fresh.

Omi Gelato

Flavours from left to right: Pistachio, Chocolate Hazelnut and Tiramisu (better image below). Sorry the pictures aren’t great because there were tons of people around and it started melting!

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Stepho’s Souvlaki-Cheap Greek Food

I had orgininally planned on visiting Haezuk, a pirate themed Korean Japanese fusion restaurant but it turns out they were closed for renovations even though it seemed like they had opened recently. Anyway, Stepho’s was conveniently located around the corner and there wasn’t much of a line up for lunch so we went there instead.

Stepho's Souvlaki

We decided to all share a Calamari as an appetizer. It was presented with a small size of Greek salad, banana pepper and a lemon wedge. The appetizer portion wasn’t that big compared to the entrees. For another extra $3, you can get the rice, Greek salad, potatoes and a larger portion of calamari for the entree version. Taste wise it was not bad.

Stepho's SouvlakiThis was the Small Lamb Souvlaki platter. A small just means you get one skewer while a large means you get two. It came with the usual rice pilaf, roasted potatoes and Greek salad. My co worker seemed satisfied with everything. My other co worker also ordered this and she got a piece of pita bread to go with it but that was after all our food arrived and hers didn’t…

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Guu Original

Ah finally I visited the original Guu! So far I’ve been to Guu with Garlic, Guu Otokomae, Guu Garden and Guu Richmond! Okay that covers most of them right… Luckily we snagged the last spot at the bar and didn’t have to line up during dinner time. I just don’t like lining up x)

Sake MojitoMy friend had the Sake Mojito made with Ramune (Japanese soda with the marble at the top). It was pretty good and for me that means that I didn’t taste much alcohol haha The Ramune comes separately and you can pour in as much as you want yourself.

Guu OriginalThis was on the daily specials menu. I believe it was Tuna and Avocado with garlic chips and mayo? I forgot the name of this… It wasn’t too exciting and I think the avocado was a bit brown in some places. However the smooth texture went well with the fresh tuna. The garlic chips didn’t do much for me. I’m just not a fan of garlic in chip form.

Guu OriginalThis was the BBQ Eel and Seasonal Mushroom Rice Gratin. I’ve had this before and it was super tasty and warm! There was a decent amount of eel (which I have a weakness for) and the mushroom flavour was very evident. There was also a bit of cheese too and it was just delicious!

Guu OriginalThis was their version of Miso Marinated Sablefish. You just can’t go wrong with ordering this!!! Its’s so buttery and soft and flakey and it just melts in your mouth!!! I found the mayo on top really unnecessary though.

Guu OriginalThis was the Spicy Calamari and as good as it sounded on paper. It didn’t deliver in reality. It was just really underwhelming. It could’ve been seasoned better and the squid rings weren’t really that big and it wasn’t spicy. Also I think it was over fried. I should’ve got the chicken kaarage instead or something but I was trying to try something else.

Despite the small space and being crammed at the bar, the food was still pretty good and prices are fair.

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Cactus Club Coal Harbour

I’ve been hearing about how great the views are at the new Cactus Club at Coal Harbour and a new Tap and Barrel opened there too. It’s getting to be quite the hub for restaurant go-ers. There’s even a new Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar nearby. My friend and I didn’t sit at the patio despite all the attention it’s been getting. I just prefer sitting indoors. I guess I’m afraid when I’m not looking some bug might decide it wants to try my food too…

Cactus Club Coal Harbour

We decided to share an appetizer and an entree because we weren’t feeling too hungry. I was surprised that the Calamari was so big! It’d make a great entree by itself! It was served with a chipotle aioli dip and a tzatziki dip. The calamari was crisp and light and flavourful enough by itself. The fresh dill complemented the flavours well and I loved how the red peppers were fried too. We couldn’t stop eating this! It felt like one of the best calamari dishes I’ve had!

Cactus Club Coal HarbourThe other dish I had always wanted to try was the BBQ Duck Clubhouse. The sandwich was stuffed with peking duck and roasted chicken! I was kinda excited for this but it was actually very difficult to eat. I found that there was way too much hoisin sauce which kept dripping all over the place and it didn’t actually help the fact that the duck/chicken was quite dry. The pecan fruit bread gave it some added sweetness but mostly all you could taste was the sauce so it just felt very one dimensional. =( They offered to cut it up for us and serve it on separate plates along with fries. They could have used a smaller plate though because it made the portion look even smaller. The fries tasted rather bland compared to the delicious calamari we had eaten earlier. I would stick with a different sandwich next time.

The ambiance here was very good though and we had a terrific view of Stanley Park. I would recommend this location if you’re trying to impress some guests with a nice view!

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