Jinya Ramen Bar-Kerrisdale

Jinya Ramen Bar opened their new location in Kerrisdale back in May. It’s right next to The Hills and there’s a bus stop right in front of the store so it’s a great location. I went around 3pm and there was still a short wait! I was super hungry during this visit so it could’ve biased me slightly since everything tastes good when you’re hungry! Just letting you guys know!

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The Ramen Butcher

When the Ramen Butcher had their grand opening special week ($5/bowl!), I tried to go but the line up was waaay too long, we are talking about at least 30 people or more… totally not worth lining up so we just went the week after!

The Ramen Butcher

This was the Red Ramen which is their spicy ramen. The broth was not overly thick and rich but still creamy. It actually wasn’t very spicy to me though. I wish it came with another piece of chashu! The chashu was a good balance between fatty and lean. The weirdest thing was the noodles because they were really thin and more like soba noodles so I wasn’t used to it. The portions aren’t too big but they do give you complimentary noodles after you are finished if you still want more!

The Ramen Butcher

This was the Orange Ramen which came with miso marinated ground pork and also a piece of chashu. It didn’t really taste that much different than my Red ramen though but I only had some of the soup so I can’t really say.

The Ramen ButcherThis was the Original Ramen.

The Ramen Butcher

We also had to order some of their gyozas to share! On the left we have the Cheese Gyozas and on the right we have the Okonomi Gyozas covered in bonito flakes. The wrappers were thin and the fillings were juicy and flavourful. The cheese and okonomi toppings were good additions to make it more interesting but they’re not like a must order item to me. I kind of feel like I can add my own toppings or I’m just really cheap. On the other hand, the gyozas were probably more memorable than the ramen?

I think the ramen was good but nothing too exciting? It wouldn’t be my favourite ramen joint… I don’t think I have one yet since I haven’t tried them all.

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Yah-Yah-Ya Ramen

I don’t think Richmond has many ramen places so it was nice that they opened one in Union Square beside Supermarket 2000. They had booth seats on one side of the restaurant! That’s rare for a ramen restaurant. The other side was more cramped though with some small tables right beside each other. If I was any fatter it’d be difficult to squeeze in to the seat on the wall side of the table.

Yah-Yah-Ya Ramen

We had a Seaweed Salad as an appetizer. It was crunchy and had a nice sesame flavour. I should learn to make this myself.

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Shishinori for Lunch Again

On another visit to Shishinori, I tried their Spicy Chicken Chashu bowl. You can also get it non-spicy but I love all things spicy so I got that instead. I believe it was an additional $0.75? We really liked their food on our first visit so we had to come back! Also, it’s a healthier option!


As usual the plating was excellent. The chicken was soooo smooooth!!! I have no idea how they get it so smooth. Also it was interesting that they cut it into circular pieces. As for the spicy sauce, it was indeed spicy! You will feel it burn your tongue a bit after a while. The salad on the side had no dressing though so it was difficult to eat. =/ They should really provide some! The marinated egg was ok, not particularly outstanding to me but very soft as well.


On yet another separate occasion, I grabbed some green tea ice cream ($3). It came in a pretty small container despite the picture here (sorry I’m obviously not a photographer). I’m not sure why but I expected more! I think they give you more at Mazazu Crepe in Aberdeen. The ice cream was sprinkled with some green tea powder and topped with a star shaped ginger cookie. The cookie was burnt so it was not that enjoyable. Ice cream was good though! I’m still waiting to get their green tea parfait.

Read about my first visit here.

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