Sushi California

Sushi California is located on Broadway and Yukon next to Chronic Tacos and it never seemed particularly enticing to me but I had to try it someday. It’s a medium sized restaurant and it’s bright and inviting inside. All the servers were also really young.

Sushi CaliforniaWe started with some Tuna and Salmon sashimi. The slices were HUGE. It was almost on the brink of being difficult to eat. However it was a really good deal and fresh! It was about $8.95 for 9 slices which is pretty good since they were so big.

Sushi California

We also tried their Seafood Noodle Salad which came with dressing on the side. It had vermicelli noodles on the bottom, lettuce, seaweed, and a few pieces of seafood (octopus, shrimp, smoked salmon). This was also quite filling since there were a lot of noodles and after you mixed everything up it was quite tasty! There was also a hint of wasabi from the wasabi mayo. They also give you a lot of dressing and we didn’t have to use all of it. They could’ve had more seafood though! I was expecting more like a sashimi salad.

Sushi CaliforniaWe also ordered some rolls to share. The one on the tops is the Yellow Town roll.Β This was a California roll with something like coleslaw on top.Β I wouldn’t order this again because the flavour of the raw onions was just too strong. Sorry I don’t remember what else was in it! It just tasted like a salad mixture. I do like onions too but after eating 2 pieces it was a turn off. The other roll is the Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese II roll with tamago and something else? It was alright. There is also a Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese I roll which is more basic and cheaper.

Sushi California

This was the Las Vegas roll which was also my favourite! It had avocado and yam and a lot of sauce.

My only problem with their rolls is that they were loosely made and fell apart easily and this is not due to my lack of chopstick skills! Otherwise they were all large enough and you get your bang for your buck. They also have a lot of fusion rolls for $3.95-4.50!

So I had a pretty good experience here and I would definitely return again! They also seem pretty popular and it’s super close to the Broadway skytrain station. We went at around 9pm so maybe the service was better then? According to the reviews there seem to be a lot of complaints.

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Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory

It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Tokyo Joe’s. For those who don’t know, it’s located right across the street from Price Smart Foods on Ackroyd road. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall so you might miss it if you’re not looking. When I went for lunch with a friend it was as busy as usual but we managed to get a table. They also revamped their menu to include some new items although the actual menu itself doesn’t look any newer. And did I mention they provide free miso soup? Help yourself!

IMAG0342I had to get my usual unagi roll, Alaska roll and we also opted for a mango roll. I think the unagi roll was drenched in a bit too much sauce. Yes I do like sauce but I think I can do with a little less now. The smoked salmon on the Alaska roll was also really generic tasting and didn’t stick to the rice properly. And even worse, the mango in the mango roll was really mushy and it just looked really unappetizing. Also I thought the mango would be on top of the sushi. Although since it’s not mango season I don’t know why we ordered this… so I was a tad disappointed.


We also ordered a Philadelphia roll with avocado and cream cheese and the Volcano roll with spicy salmon and tuna on top of a California roll. We were pleasantly surprised that they had written Happy New Year in the sauce! The presentation of these two rolls was also quite nice. Based on other similar rolls I’ve ordered with avocado before, the avocado on the Philadelphia roll wasn’t that creamy and they also cut it weirdly so that it didn’t look smooth. Taste wise it was alright with sufficient cream cheese.

The Volcano roll was something that I had wanted to try for a while and I like spicy stuff. I think the texture of the sashimi may have been a bit on the mushy side but it was okay I still enjoyed this roll although it could have been done much better. At least the presentation was appealing.

Overall I think I’ve had too much good food since my last visit so my expectations were higher. OR it’s possible that their standards have dropped… but I kind of doubt that. Price wise you get what you pay for so I would still come back for some cheap rolls and this hole in the wall is pretty popular. They do have a lot of variety as well and the food is pretty decent. The service is also very prompt and friendly. They should really make the mango roll better though…

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