Kung Pao Wok

While doing some Christmas shopping at Richmond Centre, I decided to have a snack which turned into an entire meal haha For some reason, I really wanted some fast Chinese food or Asian food in general so I was debating between Kung Pao Wok and the Thai place next to it and some other place next to that but Kung Pao Wok was cheaper so I went there instead.

Kung Pao Wok

As with other fast food Chinese places, they have pre-made food for you to choose from to go with rice or noodles. I picked a noodle combo with 1 item and I got the Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Beef with some Spicy Chicken. Despite expecting the noodles to be greasy, this surpassed my expectations by being SUPER greasy. There was literally a small pool of oil underneath. The spicy chicken was a tad spicy from the Sichuan peppers and not really dry. It was on the salty side though so probably lots of seasoning and msg.

I was really hungry and the greasy food hit the spot for me. Sometimes you gotta indulge at the food court right?

It was around $7 so I could’ve almost gotten some better Chinese food for the same price but it was the food court so yeah I wasn’t expecting much.  The portion of noodles was pretty big for me. I actually thought there’d be less but the server just kept piling it on. You can also ask for a sample of the different food items if you can’t decide like me.

Also, the banana peppers on the side were not part of the meal; they were from Quiznos.

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Continental Seafood Restaurant

On Boxing day we had a family dim sum lunch and we ended up at Continental Seafood Restaurant. I’ve never been here before and didn’t even know there was a dim sum restaurant in East Richmond. It’s in a plaza on Cambie and No. 5 road. The interior was also very spacious and they have a stage and a dance floor too so you can hold large events here.

When I walked in, there was a picture of Stephen Harper with the owner/manager? in their display case so I assume he must’ve eaten here too. Most notably though, they still have push cart dim sum!!! I haven’t seen that in ages!!! Although I think the ordering system where you submit a sheet with exactly what you want is more efficient, this was a nice throw back moment. I also realized I’m not that picky about dim sum so here are some of my thoughts…

Continental Seafood Restaurant

We had some Bean Curd Rolls filled with mushroom and pork. They didn’t seem well wrapped but the filling was moist and flavourful. In the back we have some Siu Mai which is a staple whenever I have dim sum. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this version as much because the pork felt dry and overly chewy.

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Neptune Seafood Restaurant

For my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, we had a fancier dinner at Neptune Seafood Restaurant. I haven’t been here in a really long time like 5+ years. Since it was a special occasion, we went for one of their set menus. We chose one that was for 6 people when we only had 4 but it was a better deal. There was another set menu for 4 people that cost the same ($198) but with less food and they seemed quite similar too.

Neptune Seafood RestaurantSo I feel really guilty for this… but we had Shark Fin Soup. Dum dum dummm yes we had this prized Chinese delicacy. I’m quite impartial to shark fin soup since I don’t think the shark fin adds much to the soup in general. Also, there wasn’t even much shark fin.

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Congee Noodle House Takeout

Congee Noodle House is super close to my work place and if you want Chinese food, look no further. They also sell BBQ meat inside and it’s conveniently right in front of the 99 bus stop too. We decided to get takeout and they made it pretty fast.

Congee Noodle House

This was the Honeymoon Fried Rice. I never knew that was the English name. Half is tomato sauce with chicken on rice and the other half is shrimp with cream sauce on rice. Both are pretty good but I think I like the cream sauce better. This was $13.50.

Congee Noodle HouseI went for the more commonly found Yang Zhou Fried Rice with diced BBQ pork, shrimp and egg. Mine was a bit cheaper coming in at $1o.50. I was super hungry so I thought it was pretty good and it wasn’t as salty or oily as other fried rice dishes that I’ve had before. Yay comfort food on a rainy day.

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Top Chiu Chow Cuisine

My family decided to go on a spontaneous weekend dinner but we didn’t make any reservations so a lot of places were full by the time we arrived at 7pm aka the usual dinner time. We decided to go to Union Square and there we found 3 restaurants in a row. Tasty Kitchen, something else and Top Chiu Chow Cuisine. Tasty Kitchen was packed with a super long line up while the second one was not even half full and Top Chiu Chow was just filled up so we would have to wait a bit. We decided the second one was sketchy if no one was going and Tasty Kitchen was too busy so Top Chiu Chow it was!

Top Chiu Chow Cuisine

For our first dish, we had the Fried Shrimp and Crab Balls. These were served with a side of sweet honey-like sauce for dipping. They were tasty because they were fried but otherwise nothing special.

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No. 9 Restaurant-Open 24/7!

My friend and I had just worked out and we were too lazy to walk any further from the Lansdowne skytrain station than necessary so we just decided to go to No. 9 Restaurant. I haven’t been here in years and I don’t quite remember what their food was like so I was fine with trying it out again. No. 9 Restaurant serves typical HK style food but don’t expect great quality. It’s a very casual dining space. We were seated quickly since it wasn’t very busy and the restaurant is fairly large.

I wasn’t too hungry since I had ate earlier so I ordered Toast with Peanut Butter and Condensed Milk. I didn’t wanna eat back all the calories I burned! For some reason I was expecting fluffy and soft Taiwanese thick toast but in reality I got exactly what the description said. Two pieces of thin white toast with peanut butter and condensed milk. Okay so it was $3.45 so I can live with that. However, the waitress didn’t seem too happy to be taking our orders.

No. 9 Restaurant

No. 9 RestaurantMy friend had Wontons with Noodles in Soup. You can’t go wrong with that!

No. 9 RestaurantThere were five pieces of shrimp wontons and noodles underneath. I didn’t try it but she thought it tasted standard.

Overall, nothing exciting here or we didn’t order anything exciting. The table beside us ordered some sort of fried pork and it smelled delicious! No idea what it was though. Portions can be pretty big depending on what you order so it’s good for sharing and it’s probably one of the only restaurants I know of that opens 24/7 besides McDonalds.

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