Tai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant

For Chinese New Year’s,  my family decided to visit the new Tai Tung because my dad had heard about it and we had previously visited their other location on Kingsway many times in the past although we have not been there in recent years. Tai Tung is located on Granville and 64th, two stores down from Starbucks. We were having dim sum at 1pm so the restaurant was pretty quiet already although it was Chinese New Year’s so I did expect more people anyway. The restaurant looked new, bright and inviting.

Tai Tung Dim Sum Menu They had the usual dim sum offerings and the prices were probably on par with Red Star down the street.

Tai Tung Dim Sum

From left to right: Scallop with pork siu mai dumplings, dried scallops with pea leaves dumpling, steamed dumplings Chiu-Chow style and spareribs with pumpkin in black bean sauce.

The siu mai actually came with different toppings in celebration of Chinese New Year’s like oyster and “fat-choy” and I’m not sure what the last thing was. Liver? The siu mai was really heavy on meat and didn’t have shrimp in it. The spareribs were ok but a bit too fatty. The Chiu-Chow dumpling was pretty good with a lots of filling.

The dried scallops with pea leaves dumpling did not seem to have dried scallops in it so I’m not sure if they gave us the wrong thing or not. Anyway the problem was that we were getting impatient for the food to come and asked them about our order. After that our food came quickly. However, the middle of the dumpling was still uncooked and cold!!! The shrimp was only half cooked and this has never happened to me before!!! We were not very impressed to say the least and we rarely have to send dim sum back but this was one of those times.

Fried Rice Rolls The  pan fried rice rolls with soy sauce were tasty and had a distinct soy sauce flavour. The noodles were soft and nicely pan fried. They were a tad greasy but that was to be expected. I wish it came with peanut sauce and hoisin sauce for dipping though. 

Deep fried dumpling with minced pork

The deep fried dumpling with minced pork is one of my favourite dishes and it was executed well with lots of filling and a chewy soft exterior.

Egg Tarts No dim sum meal is complete without egg tarts for me! These egg tarts had a flaky crust and were pretty standard.

beef rice rollsFinally after waiting for a while, our beef rice rolls came. We were asking the waitress to cancel our order because we were feeling full already but then they brought it out so we just ate it anyway. The picture was before we poured the soy sauce over it. They were very standard with a soft noodles and the filling was sufficient. I always have to order this too.

Overall, the food was okay but what really ruined it for us was the fact that our dumplings came half cooked just because we thought they were taking too long and it wasn’t even busy. Needless to say, it felt like the rest of our meal went downhill from there. However, I don’t mind giving them another chance since everything else was fine but it might be on the pricier side for me.

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