Victory Seafood Restaurant

My parents randomly wanted to go out for dinner this weekend. My mom went for dim sum with her friends and she said it was pretty good for $2.98 per dish before 12pm. Hence we decided to go for dinner. Victory seafood restaurant is located in Crystal Mall and that equals bad parking lots… The restaurant was actually really big but the only problem was that it was more than half empty. That did not inspire confidence in me at all. I swear there’s nothing more awkward than eating in an empty restaurant. Ok maybe there is. In fact half the restaurant didn’t even have the lights on properly since no one was sitting there. I suppose it’d be a good location for banquets though.

The menu also looked a bit sparse to me with dishes ranging from $14-16. They also had some specials for $12.98 and a different page where you get to choose four dishes for $78 and they’ll give you a lobster, crab or fish too which means you get five dishes. I think that was a pretty good deal but we went for the $12.98 dishes.

This was panfried shrimp with soy sauce. It definitely had soy sauce flavour and the shrimp was average in size but seemed a lot smaller than the ones I had at Fisherman’s Terrace although I can’t really compare them.

Panfried pork chops in soy sauce. Since we were choosing items from the $12.98 menu, they didn’t have that many meat dishes and I always get one. I don’t think I’ve had pork chops in soy sauce before but it was actually pretty good and not too salty. The meat was tender enough too.

Ok some of this was eaten before I remembered to take a picture oops. This was veggies panfried with black beans and garlic. This was better than I expected but maybe it was because it was salty enough for me haha

We also ordered a coconut curry with chicken and veggies. The curry had a very very mild flavour to it. I liked that they included a variety of veggies such as squash, onions and peppers. The chicken was also tender but they could have given us more pieces or bigger pieces since they probably had more veggies. The sauce could have been more flavourful or spicy or curry-like…

Stir fried lotus root with snow peas and pork jowl. I thought this dish was well executed and pretty standard. The lotus roots and snow peas were crunchy and the pork was nicely cooked and crunchy as well. As the night went on a few more customers came in and they turned on the lights to the rest of the restaurant but it was still only half full… =S I find that really disturbing… maybe they rely more on their dim sum for business but it’s pretty cheap too. My parents talked to the owner and he said he was opening another restaurant soon in Richmond near the Richmond Public Market so I guess they must be doing well enough.

Last but not least, we have the usual red bean soup. Pretty standard stuff.

Ok I have to say it wasn’t that impressive here and I probably won’t come back unless my parents want to. The food was ok, portions were good and the service was good since the waiter came to change our plates like three times.  I think their menu needs more variety too or just more dishes.


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Fisherman’s Terrace

Okay this is a reaaaally old and overdue post hence I don’t remember much but we all know a picture is worth a thousand words right?! =D I like how Fisherman’s Terrace is conveniently located inside Aberdeen. When we arrived at 7pm on a Friday night it wasn’t even very busy. We were celebrating my parent’s anniversary so we decided to go somewhere we didn’t usually go.

Hmmm some kind of soup. It was good but I can never say what they put in these soups…

Veggies in soup. Not my favourite way of eating them since I prefer them stir fried but this was alright.

Okay this I remember! We don’t usually get seafood much and these prawns were really big and crunchy! It was just panfried with some other veggies.

Deep fried fish filet! One of my fave dishes. Well anything deep fried is. The presentation was quite nice but I noticed that the portions here were on the small side especially for the price. However these were nicely fried, not too salty but could have been spicier. I like spicy stuff so maybe I’m biased.

Half of a empress chicken. I never have much to say about chicken but we always seem to get it at every Chinese dinner. Nobody complained so it’s good.

Black pepper beef with veggies. I expected more beef and in bigger pieces but it tasted good. Quite oily though but that’s expected too…

The dessert soup! With yam and “shuet yee” sorry I have no idea what that’s called in English. I like this since it’s not usually served and I’m not a big fan of red bean anyway. It was just sweet enough.

Mmm walnut cookies and some kind of mango coconut sticky rice ball things. They were really good! The sticky rice balls were not too chewy and quite soft and flavourful.

This is only my second time eating here everrr and it’s probably because it’s a bit on the pricier side (sorry we’re poor). However, the quality is good and the atmosphere is nice and fancy looking and service was good too. I was quite happy with the desserts.


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The Boss Restaurant

The Boss is located right outside Zellers in Metrotown on the ground floor. We got there around 2:30pm after doing some shopping so it wasn’t too busy but we still had to wait a bit. They have a lot of booth seats and it was a bit bigger than I imagined. They were also selling moon cakes already. They had some specials for $8.25 on the first page of the menu and they also had all day breakfast too. They also had some slightly more expensive dishes on the menu so maybe those are dinner sized portions?

Since we were just having a snack we got 2 plates to share between 4 people.

This was beef fried with rice noodles and shrimp paste. This was a pretty standard dish. It had lots of “wok hay”.

This was Yang Chow fried rice. This had the usual peas, egg, and shrimp. It also had the dried Chinese sausage too. I’ve never had that before in my fried rice but it did make it salty and interesting. However, my parents said they cheaped out by using that instead of chicken or something which is also possible.

Both of these dishes came with a drink option and +$1 if you want a cold drink.

Nothing amazing here but good for a quick meal if you’re at metro since there aren’t many HK style cafes around unless you go to Cattle Cafe across the street. The portions may also be a bit smaller compared to some places in Richmond. Or maybe that’s because we ordered off the $8.25 menu?


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Ka Lok

It was my dad’s birthday last week and we couldn’t decide where to go. I suggested Fraser Court again and no one seemed to like that idea so we settled on Ga Lok in Richmond. We used to go there for dim sum a lot but not so much for dinner. It was a Tuesday night and half the restaurant was reserved for a private party while the other half was quite empty. Well the good thing was that we didn’t have to wait for a table…

We started off with a squab because I think it was on special for $8.99 each?

This was pretty typical.

Empress Chicken? There was plenty of meat and it was tender and typical chicken!

This was black pepper with beef with scallops and random veggies. I like this except there could have been a bit more beef and one or two of the scallops were overcooked. It was oily like most dishes.

Bok choy with abalone mushrooms.

Ok I wanted the deep fried milk thing but I think I read the Chinese description wrong and this is what we got. It was like seafood mixed with egg white and pan fried milk? It tasted okay though I like it at least. It had a sort of slimey texture to it from the egg whites.

My dad suggested we try this. It’s fried leatherjacket fish with soy sauce. The soy sauce wasn’t very salty and more sweet and the fish was okay, not too many bones.


The usual red bean soup for dessert. It wasn’t too sweet. The bill came to $105 which isn’t too bad I guess for this many plates of food.

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Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant

Back to my fave dim sum place but for dinner this time! I called and made reservations for 7pm on a Friday night. When we arrived it turned out that most of the restaurant was booked for a private party/banquet. So it felt like we were sitting in a small restaurant while the rest of the restaurant was blocked off but we could hear their music and they even had a security guard there too. Is that normal?

My parents commented that the menu selection was not that extensive but I thought it was normal. We started off with a crab meat fish maw soup. 

We get this soup almost all the time. We were quite impressed that there were large pieces of fish maw and crab in it and the soup wasn’t too thick either (aka too much cornstarch?).

Next we have some beef stir fried with pickled veggies. There were also peppers and onions. Since this was our first time having dinner here, we thought the portion was quite generous and the beef was cooked nicely.

Uhm ok I’m not sure what this vegetable is called in English but I’m sure it was served with shrimp paste. It was pretty typical.

While we were trying to decide on what type of chicken to order, the server/manager suggested this chicken with ginger and garlic? He said it was a signature dish I think. It was like the chicken already had the usual salty/oily ginger mixture in it already and it was pretty good, moist, and tastes like chicken!

I haven’t had this in a long time! This is a battered deep fried fish fillet that’s salty/spicy. I’m not sure how they made the batter part but it wasn’t like the usual kind. It just wasn’t as crunchy or didn’t feel as deep fried? Anyway I still liked it and it was neither too salty or too spicy. I think it could have been more spicy though. Maybe they made the flavour average to appease everyone.

I’m sorry I’m terrible at describing Chinese food even though I’m Chinese … but I was quite surprised at how good dinner was too! Prices were reasonable for the portions we got. Apparently they have karaoke and dancing on Monday and Wednesday nights as well.


Kirin Seafood Restaurant – Downtown

So according to my sources, this is the first Kirin opened out of the three; the other two being in Richmond and New Westminster.  The restaurant itself has undergone renovations and the exterior looks decent enough.  Once you go in, the reception area looks lovely, it sort of gives you this classical restaurant feel.  However, although the interior isn’t crowded or stuffy, it starts to feel a bit gloomy after a while; maybe due to inadequate lighting.  There aren’t many windows as the restaurant opens up to the back and the ceiling near there feels sort of low.  That being said, we went their for Mother’s Day with my grandma and I know this post is oh so late, but better late than never right?  They gave all the mothers chocolates so that was nice of them.  Oh, and they also had a special menu for the occasion.

Shrimp or Prawns, either way they’re good.

I know, I can’t even see the piece of oyster through all that.

They really live up to their name for being a Seafood joint eh?

All Chinese places got something like this, Abalone MUSHROOMS and vegetables.

I’m also missing a dish, but I don’t know the name of it.  In Cantonese it’s called, “Zhern Muk Tong” I think, but that was good too.  However the next dish is fairly disappointing.  It is a chicken dish and it was just overcooked, dried out.


A bit overcooked, but at least it came with Shrimp Chips!  Okay fine…most places have them.

And of course, the customary Noodle dish, for long life.

Their noodle dish looks the same as any place, so not very special or anything.  They also had soup and rice, but again, all traditional Chinese restaurants serve those as well.  Dessert wasn’t to my liking, but it was to my mother; aka not very sweet.

All in all, I think I’d prefer it more if we didn’t order the special Mother’s Day menu and just picked what we wanted from the menu.  I also prefer the Kirin in New Westminster for their food and decor over the historical significance of this Kirin.

– Wavayto

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Alleluia Cafe

Today I met up with a friend for lunch . It was another nice day! So rare in Vancouver I’m still not used to it… but it’s also allergies season. *sniffles* We decided on Alleluia Cafe because we haven’t been there in a long time. We arrived around 2pm and it was still busy inside but we got a table right away in a nice booth. They don’t charge you extra for cold drinks here which is a plus for the summer.

We decided to share a plate of noodles and a plate of fried rice.

This is a Thai style shredded chicken with pineapple fried rice. I think it could have been a bit sweeter aka more sauce because it didn’t have much flavour. You could just barely taste the sweet chili sauce. Ok I was slightly disappointed because I really like this dish usually! Oh well.

This was a satay beef with fried rice noodles. I liked this much better than the fried rice because it had a lot  more flavour. Sure it was a bit oily but that was to be expected and it had a fair amount of beef that was cooked properly.

The usual cold milk tea but it was slightly more bitter? Or it tasted stronger than usual I don’t know…

Soooo cheap :D (I’m a poor student in need of a better job!) I did not know the sauce was called Chinese BBQ sauce… The portion sizes were really good for that price and we managed to finish both plates! I ended up eating most of the noodles even though I ordered the rice xD I’m such a piggy… T^T Service was fast too probably because it was getting late for lunch. Hard to find parking there if it’s busy (as usual in Richmond) !

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Western Lake Seafood Restaurant – Sai Wu

Welcome to Western Lake Seafood Restaurant where we catch your seafood fresh in the lake just west of you and then cook it right away…I wish, that’d be sorta cool wouldn’t it?  Guess it would suck if their fisherman’s were unable to land a quick catch, especially on mother’s day!  That being said, Asian mother, so Asian restaurant!  This is a pretty solid restaurant be it for dim sum or dinner.  I’ve been here five or more times and never once have they disappointed me.  Sure it’s loud, it can get kinda cramped (it’s not that big…what did you expect?  lakeside property isn’t cheap!  Jokes, jokes), but the food is delicious and the service strong.

Being mother’s day, of course the place was full to bursting, but all our food still came on time and in a timely fashion as well.  Not only that, but our waiter was just radiating with this “I shall serve you all” attitude.  I don’t know if perhaps he was the assistant in charge or something higher up than a normal waiter, but this guy was everywhere, suggesting dishes, grabbing plates, refilling tea pots, basically answering to everyone’s whims.  That’s the thing about some Asian restaurants right?  You can end up with superb service, or sub par, it’s all a gamble.

Anyway bringing on the food.

Not deep fried, but still deeply satisfying

Juicy and tender.  Had these in a lot of places.

You know it has to be good when the portion is so small

Who doesn’t like abalone!?  Okay I’m sure a lot of people don’t, and truth be told, I don’t quite get why it’s so great either.  I mean without the sauce doesn’t all abalone taste sorta bland?  In fact, besides the abalone, the only other thing in there is vegetables!  What kind of a kid likes to eat their vegi’s!?  Well I guess that’s what they mean when alone, things may not work great, but together…damn it sure works out fantastically.

It’s a big ball of crab and shrimp meat…what more can you ask for!?

Crispy skin and soft interior, oh man…if Takoyaki were made that big…I wonder…

A chicken swimming in soy sauce

This dish was recommended by our superbly over enthusiastic waiter.  Although it was recommended, I didn’t really feel it was anything special.  Sure it was more tender and packed with way more flavor ( I mean c’mon, look at that bird, it’s just marinating in there!), than the ones you get at BBQ Meat shops, but I still didn’t think it was as great as he made it sound.  See, this is why you shouldn’t over hype stuff.

Looks can be deceiving…very deceiving

So too be honest, when we were served this dish, my face and my brother’s was like… o.o  It just didn’t look very appetizing.  What you’re looking at is beef, vegetables and that deep fried puff ball looking thing, that’s Za Ou Lai, or in English, Deep Fried Milk.  Get this dish.  Get it.  No I don’t know the name, but it’s delicious.  The beef is really tender, their sauce savory and the deep fried milk actually tastes really good.  It’s like a cream and slightly sweet.  No I don’t know what the vegetables taste like, sorry, didn’t touch them.

Fish and Chip…wait…no…Fish and vegetables >.>

Okay there I ate some vegetables.  This dish was standard, tons of places have it and this one wasn’t any better or any worse.  Presentation is kind of lacking though, its like someone just threw a fish atop of some grass, but it tasted fine.

Sorry, was too preoccupied playing TD to take a proper picture

This last dish had tofu, fish, vegetables and pork in it.  It was my least loved dish.  I only tried the tofu.  It was okay, but the dishes preceding this were by far way better, however that’s just my opinion and I’m sure tons of people might like the taste of this one, just not me.  And lastly, we have dessert!

Mangolicious…wait…what!?  There are TARO bits!?  Aww…

Baked mango pudding is what I’m calling this.  The outside layer is crispy, the inside gooey with mango goodness.  However, they had taro bits scattered here and there which I found sort of strange.  Compared to the sweet, zesty-ness of the mango’s, the taro was pretty bland and didn’t fit very well.  My father’s input was, “It would have been better if they put chilled cubes of mangoes in there instead”, and I agree.  All in all still pretty good though.

Well that was everything we had.  This restaurant, as I said before, is pretty solid.  It’s busy, but the servers seem to manage, and I haven’t had any problems with anything at all…well…maybe…except for the fact that every single time I leave…I take away a bunch of unwanted pounds as well.

– Wavayto

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Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant 紅日大酒家

Mother’s Day dim sum! We decided to go super late aka after 1pm so we could get seats easier. It was still pretty busy then but we didn’t have to wait long for a table for 9. I’ve never been here before but it looked really nice and spacious inside. It’s also on the second floor and since we got seats by the window we had a nice view.

They had an interesting display made of ginger near the entrance.

Giant king crab in the back!

Ok I didn’t get too many pictures so here they are:

Mini panfried sticky rice

BBQ pork buns

Panfried rice rolls (I always order this!)

Egg tarts

For some reason the filling wasn’t as yellow.

Some shrimp spring rolls and panfried pork buns

I really like this place! And it wasn’t expensive either. Better than going to Ga Lok in Richmond which is where we usually go.


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Koon Bo for early Mother’s Day dinner

For Mother’s Day we made multiple reservations but finally ended up at Koon Bo which is located at a small plaza on the corner of Fraser and 41st. It really doesn’t look like a place that wins restaurant awards. Outside their door it said they won an award for Best Casual Chinese or something.

We started off with a shredded chicken and jellyfish dish. (ok pictures look really bad here)

This was a really big dish compared to Ho Yuen Kee! I totally failed at scooping this and dropped a bunch on the table…

Squab! This was pretty good it was already well seasoned so the extra seasoning salt wasn’t really needed in this case. When we reserved they asked if we wanted to reserve a squab too so I guess they’re really popular here.

Ok this was part of some special combo they had where we ordered some kind of fish and it was served as a soup, a stir fry with celery and as some other left over fish pieces with some veggies and you were suppose to dip the fish in soy sauce. Not too fond of this since I don’t like the fishy taste of the soup and so I forgot to take a picture but my parents seemed to like it.

Salty peppery pork chops. These were quite tender and there weren’t too many bones either but I think we overdosed on sodium haha but if it wasn’t salty then we’d complain too…

We ended the meal with some “tong sui” of some sort that I can’t quite translate into English. This place is not bad but I wish we didn’t order all the fish stuff! But it was Mother’s Day and that’s what my mother decided so yeaaaah otherwise I think we would have had Peking Duck instead!


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