Ganache Patisserie

For my birthday, my friends surprised me with a cake from Ganache Patisserie. I’ve always wanted to try Ganache but never got around to it. I’m just not in the Yaletown area very much so I was quite excited to try one of their cakes!

Ganache Patisserie

My beautiful cake was a 6″ Chocolat Banane topped with chocolate pieces for decoration. The cake was composed of dark chocolate mousse, carmelized bananas, praline crunch and hazelnut dacquoise.

Ganache PatisserieWe had five people and split the cake into five sections so each person had a piece like the one pictured above. The texture of the cake was very smooth due to the dark chocolate mousse and the praline crunch was at the bottom of the cake and it indeed gave it a bit of a crunch. There was just the right amount of carmelized bananas to balance out the chocolate. The hints of hazelnut rounded out the flavours very well. It was an awesome palate-tickling cake!

You can learn more about their cake selection here. I can’t wait to try out their other cakes and goodies!

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