Chocolate Chip No Mixer Cookies

It was a lazy Sunday and it felt like it was time to bake something. I’m a lazy baker though so I was looking for some easy and fast cookies and I found a recipe for chocolate chip cookies made with oil and no mixer! Sounds like a lot less clean up already!

I wasn’t planning on blogging about it but it turned out surprisingly well so I had to talk about it. Basically since you don’t need to beat the butter and sugar, you just need to mix all your dry ingredients together and all your wet ingredients together and then combine them. No mixer necessary! I just don’t like dragging mine out and then cleaning it after.

Chocolate Chip No Mixer CookiesI don’t make chocolate chip cookies that much but it seemed like they didn’t flatten out as much and weren’t as chewy? It was thicker and still moist though. Also, it took me less than an hour to make them and clean up too! Usually it takes me way longer.

They were a bit harder the next day but not badย so I should figure out how to make them chewier…

Find the recipe hereย if you need chocolate chip cookies in a pinch and you don’t have butter on hand. The recipe does have rave reviews! I halved the recipes to make 12 cookies but ended up with 15.


Cookie Sandwiches at The Last Crumb Bakery

After hearing and trying the cookie sandwiches from Butter Baked Goods a long time ago, cookie sandwiches have always been on my radar. Good thing the Last Crumb Bakery has them!

The Last Crumb Bakery

This was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich with vanilla frosting. You’re probably looking at this and going, “Where are the chocolate chips?”. There are actually a lot of sizeable chocolate chips in the cookie itself but for some reason not on top? Not sure how they did that but anyway it was a really good cookie!

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