Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe

OMGGGG I finally went to Thierry!!! :D I’ve heard lots about this place and it seems like the perfect place to go for a dessert lover like me! Finally managed to drag my BFF there ;)

*Photo Heavy*

Tiramisu, Passion Fruit Tart, Cream puff thing?

Ahhhh they were so pretty!

…opera cake, lemon tart…and other yummy things I can’t name! :D


Some types of cookies?

Chocolate Tart

My beautiful chocolate tart! I get the first slice!!! ^___^

More pastries!




See with so many temptations it’s hard to decide what to order! Especially if it’s your first time there so we paced back and forth for quite a while…

The lovely display on the POS.

They also sell gourmet ice cream here.

Various Flavours of Caramel.

Chocolate Hazelnut Macaron and Chocolate Trio

Ok this is what my friend ordered! “white, milk and dark chocolate mousse + chocolate sponge”. MMMM this was really good! She said it felt light but ended up being really full afterwards.

Chocolate Tart and Chocolate Pistachio Macaron

I opted for the chocolate tart even though it was more expensive than all the other items but it looked really chocolatey! It was quite heavy and there was more than enough chocolate in this! You could taste the dark chocolate and it was really thick and I really needed water afterwards. I almost couldn’t finish it and I didn’t even eat lunch… Crust was buttery and flaky enough but didn’t fall apart.

Chocolate Pistachio Macaron

I think this is the first time I’ve had a real macaron before and Thierry did not disappoint! The texture was hard on the outside but a bit chewy on the inside and the filling was slightly cold. Ahhhhh I’m in loveeee <3 I’m sorry my descriptions are terrible though…

Chocolate Hazelnut Macaron

Another close up! But less close this time. It had a fancier name and we had to ask the server what flavour it was and she said it was chocolate hazelnut. Both macarons were good! I think they’d all be good ^^ Oh and these cost $1.95 each. While we were there around 3:30pm there were quite a lot of people there. The seating area was almost full and it was a nice day so the outdoor patio was full too.

Needless to say, I HAVE TO COME BACK!!! I already demanded a box of macarons for my birthday too (since we can’t quite afford a cake here anytime soon). ;)


This was my first successful food adventure with ChubbyBunny077! I know it’s quite shocking considering how we’ve been friends since grade 8. In my defense, I’m not a picky eater per se 8-) certainly not when it comes to all types of food but I just happen to like some foods more than others . . . a lot more than others. I just don’t have an adventurous side when it comes to trying out new foods like ChubbyBunny077 & Wavayto do. But hey, this is what friends do, right? They push you to do better in school and life in general. And with ChubbyBunny077, she’s been pushing me to try new foods and that’s never an ill-conceived idea especially when it’s to try out Thierry’s desserts and macarons!

To quote Chef John, macarons are the world’s untrendiest desserts right now. But in all seriousness, I just thought they were more ‘cute’ than actually delicious or even ‘foodgasmic’. Well, needless to say, the macarons were absolutely divine!  The filling for both the pistachio and gianduja (chocolate hazelnut) really set them apart from other macarons! (Not that I’ve tried other macarons except say oh, ChubbyBunny077’s cookie ‘macarons’ :P) The mesh of the meringue disks and the flavourful fillings blended exquisitely together in my mouth. And now, I can’t wait to try out the other flavours. I’ve got my eye on the lycee and vanilla ones!

The chocolate trio cake was good too but incredibly filling! The macarons simply overshadowed the cake because they were just too standout! Don’t get me wrong, the layers and textures worked beautifully together but my heart goes out for the macarons.


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