Ask for Luigi-Did It Live Up to the Hype?

Ask For Luigi has been one of the most talked about restaurants in town for a while and it was high time that I tried it out. They only take reservations for time slots between 5:30-6pm so we did not end up getting one. I got there around 6:20pm and was told that the wait would be about an hour and they were pretty spot on with that. The interior is pretty small I think there were only 12 tables that seat 2 or 4 people.

Ask for Luigi

We shared an appetizer which was the Crispy Polenta with Taleggio Cheese on some marinara/tomato sauce. The outside looked a bit like fried tofu covered with cheese. The outside was crispy and the inside was soft with some mild flavour from the cheese.

Ask for Luigi

The special of the day was Gnocchi with Rabbit. The gnocchi was pillowy soft and slightly chewy and while the rabbit meat was tender and had that pulled meat texture.

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Lazy Cooking: Making A Mug Brownie

I previously tried to make a mug cake but it didn’t turn out so well since the recipe did not call for enough sugar so it was rather tasteless. =(  Then I looked for a better recipe and I decided to use one from after a quick google search. It seemed like it would work and it had enough sugar in it so I gave it a try.

Mug brownie from

Tada! Okay obviously this is what their picture looks like.

Mug brownie

Here is my less appealing version… yes it ain’t pretty and I didn’t have a smaller microwaveable bowl. See presentation really matters right? There should be a meme for this… Anyway, it tasted pretty good and the recipe said to microwave for around 30 seconds first and when I did it still looked a bit too moist and gooey but after another 10 seconds it wasn’t as great so I should have stuck with 30 seconds. Oh well at least I can say it was a success this time! Also it was sweet and chocolatey enough this time!

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the sunshine! =D

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies =)

Yay finally found time to bake with my friends :) We made good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies!

My friend made all the dough into round balls while usually I just scoop it from the batter and dump in on the tray.

Rising in the oven!

Cooling on the tray!

Ahhh so beautiful and delicious! They were perfect!!! <3 Felt so fat eating them though haha

We also made really easy Nutella brownies by following this recipe! Well we tripled it so that we could coat the bottom of the pan since we weren’t using muffin tins and making brownie bites but it’s the easiest recipe ever! No pictures though ><


Pinkberry! and other food court eats

Due to some confusion at Quiznos they said my coupon for BOGO didn’t work! :( I was sure the date 5/6/2012 meant June 5 2012 since it’s usually dd/mm/yyyy right??? and I checked before hand too. >.> oh well so they denied me that and I ended up at Pinkberry instead. I’ve been meaning to try it anyway since they opened at Metrotown.

I got the small chocolate froyo with toppings for about $6.50 or so. For the toppings I picked dark chocolate crisps, coffee crunch bits, brownie bites and mochi.

Compared to Qoola’s chocolate froyo, this had more of a richer more chocolatey flavour. The coffee crunch pieces felt too big and chunky compared to my other toppings. I liked the dark chocolate crisps though! They were like crunchy chocolate balls. They also had some toppings that you needed to pay extra for. Overall I think I’d still go to Qoola just because of the price difference and I do like choosing my own toppings too. They did offer me a stamp card though so maaaybe I’ll go back sometime when I feel like splurging on frozen yogurt.

Arby’s Curly Fries! The only thing I’ll ever get there! (and maybe the only reason they’re still in business)

Little Monk’s Prezel balls!!! First time trying this. I got the cinnamon sugar flavour and they were warm and slightly chewy and sweet. ^___^ There were a couple more than the picture suggests since I forgot to take one right away. I’ll probably get these again sometime! I almost never eat pretzels so it’s a nice change. They seem to have a lot of flavours too like parmesan cheese, sour cream and onion and chocolate.

Pinkberry on Urbanspoon

Little Monk Pretzels (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon

Macaron Failure… I mean important lessons learned!

Recently my favourite YouTube chef, Chef John, put up a video for chocolate macarons so a friend and I decided to try it! This recipe required almond meal/almond flour and I went to Safeway and didn’t find any. I found some at Pricesmart Foods but they ran out. Then I found some finely ground almonds there which is essentially what almond meal/flour is so I just bought that. However we sort of failed because we forgot to rewatch the video and uhm missed some steps… BUT ANYWAY they still tasted good! LOL so here are a few photos haha

Stiff Peaks for Egg Whites!

You can see the bag of ground almonds in the back.

Ok I think we made these a little too flat =( Then it lacked that texture when you bite into it because well there wasn’t much to bite into… We did a swirly pattern which didn’t work that well since they were too flat.

Mixing in the dry ingredients!

In the oven!

These are actually the green tea ones we made after. They were a tad  bitter because I added too much green tea powder. These macaron measurements need to be extremely precise! ><

Assembled together! Ours were actually pretty big so they looked more like cookie sandwiches than macarons! haha Instead of making our own filling we just decided to use nutella and that worked out quite well too. Even with the green tea ones! XD Our macarons lacked the little “feet” that they’re suppose to have around the edges and the texture wasn’t there either. They were really more like cookies… but anyway they still tasted good so maybe next time we can improve some more! Maybe they can look like this next time!

Or I can just buy them…


Cold Stone Creamery-Metrotown

Helloooo! No more sunny weather this week but that doesn’t stop me from eating ice cream xD So I was going to work and I happened to be early and I remembered seeing a whole bunch of ads for the cold stone blast for $2. It was a limited time offer and I went on the last day! I got the peanut butter chocolate in the like it size? which was the $2 one.

I think this was about the size of a snack sized mcflurry on a mini sized blizzard? The consistency was sorta too liquidy it was almost like a triple thick milkshake. Or maybe even that’s thicker than this… Not that I’m really complaining since it was $2 but I probably wouldn’t get this flavour again. I’m not sure why I keep ordering peanut butter stuff but I don’t think I like peanut butter anymore :S But I feel boring sticking to Oreo which is the tried and true flavour! They also had a cookie cookie dough dough flavour (what a creative name…).

Cold Stone Creamery on Urbanspoon