Christmas Lunch at Cafe Pacifica

For our annual company Christmas dinner, we decided to go for the buffet at Cafe Pacifica at the Pan Pacific Hotel. *I’m so fancy* haha okay just kidding but this is as fancy as my life gets.

We were seated by the windows which was nice except we were blocked by one of the “white sails” so we couldn’t see much beyond that but the space is nice with the floor to ceiling windows letting in lots of light. The restaurant is located on the second floor and the lunch buffet was $58/person. There were only 4 weekdays to choose from for this buffet so it was mostly catered towards company lunches. Needless to say, I was super excited! Also it’s free! Bwahaha Each person also received one of those festive cracker things where you pull it and a small gift pops out. I ended up with a green plastic carabiner keychain and it will probably sit around until I throw it out.

Mostly this will be a picture post since I can’t remember the super long food descriptions and I was busy pigging out … so without further ado!

Cafe Pacifica Christmas Buffet

Some sort of chocolate mousse cake. Cookies on the top tray.

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Seasonal Donuts at Cartem’s Donuterie

I had some donut cravings lately and thought of Cartem’s! I think they’re my fave donut place now and next would be Tim Horton’s since it’s cheap and convenient and they’re really opposite ends of the donut spectrum haha I can appreciate most donuts though!

Cartem's Donuterie

First we have the Candy Cane donut. This was my least favourite since it felt dry which is rare for them and the flavour was a bit artificial for me.

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