Cold Stone Creamery-Metrotown

Helloooo! No more sunny weather this week but that doesn’t stop me from eating ice cream xD So I was going to work and I happened to be early and I remembered seeing a whole bunch of ads for the cold stone blast for $2. It was a limited time offer and I went on the last day! I got the peanut butter chocolate in the like it size? which was the $2 one.

I think this was about the size of a snack sized mcflurry on a mini sized blizzard? The consistency was sorta too liquidy it was almost like a triple thick milkshake. Or maybe even that’s thicker than this… Not that I’m really complaining since it was $2 but I probably wouldn’t get this flavour again. I’m not sure why I keep ordering peanut butter stuff but I don’t think I like peanut butter anymore :S But I feel boring sticking to Oreo which is the tried and true flavour! They also had a cookie cookie dough dough flavour (what a creative name…).

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