Costco – Tiramisu Cake

On Sunday I went shopping at Costco and I haven’t been there in a loooong time. I totally forgot how busy it was on a Sunday! It was hard to find parking too. As we walked by the frozen/refrigerated cakes section I convinced my mom to get a tiramisu one! ;) hehehe they also had carrot cake and a “tuxedo” cake which mostly looked like chocolate cake. They were $15.99 each and for a pretty good size too.

So this can pretty much feed 8 people and it was pretty good for Costco! It wasn’t as moist and flavorful as Thierry per se (obviously) but then it can’t be too moist with the espresso since it has to last long in the freezer. The sponge cake was probably a bit more firmer than usual then but it did have the tiramisu flavor!.

I can’t say I’m too picky when it comes to cake =D This is probably better than their cheesecakes that I’ve tried.