That Time I Ate the Whole Food Court-Taste of Aberdeen

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another Chinese Bites event last month and this time it was at the Aberdeen food court with 60 other foodies. I’m quite familiar with the food court (or so I thought) and I’ve spent a lot of time here when I was younger. Now I had the chance to try EVERY food stall! It was a dream come true yet I feared for my growing waistline. #foodbloggerproblems

So without further ado… let the gluttony begin!

Aberdeen Food CourtStarting from left to right:

  • Milk tea with pearls (Estea Express)
  • Iced lemon ribena (Bubble Waffle)
  • House special: mango coconut juice with tapioca, mango and pomelo bits (8 Juice)
  • Iced Genmaicha (Saboten)
  • Matcha soy bean (Strike)
  • Iced honey matcha tea (Teppan Kitchen)

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Chewy Junior’s-Chewy Cream Puffs

Chewy Junior’s  is a cream puff chain store from Singapore. They have made their home now across from Waterfront station on the corner of Cordova and Richards street.

Their cream puffs either have a vanilla filling or a chocolate filling. The only difference is in the toppings on top of the cream puff. In the case of the Matcha, it had a matcha filling.

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Beard Papa’s-Waffles!

I am still obsessed with waffles so I was ecstatic when I saw pictures of heart shaped waffles from Beard Papa’s new location! They closed down their stall in Richmond Centre and now they have an actual store in the same complex as London Drugs on No. 3 Road.

The space inside is bright and clean and would be a great place to hang out with friends. There’s also an ample amount of seating as well. With their floor to ceiling windows, it’s easy to entice passerby’s to come in!

Beard Papa's

This was the Green Tea and Matcha Waffle and I’ve seen a lot of pictures of it since Beard Papa’s has opened. I loved how they’re in heart shapes and they were nice and chewy! I would totally come back for this.

Beard Papa's The Green Tea Fondant was not as good though. They display it in their fridge case and then they warm it up for you after you order it so that the fondant is melty although it really was just lukewarm. The cake part was strangely dense and chewy but sorta spongey? The green tea lava inside had a strong green tea flavour as advertised. The cake texture was not appetizing though so I wouldn’t get this again.

In addition to their signature cream puffs, they also have some other desserts in a display case now like small cakes and tiramisu.

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Beta5: Cream Puff Time!

Beta5 is a well established chocolatier but they also make amazing cream puffs! I’m not a gourmet chocolate person though so I have yet to try their chocolates but maybe someday soon. When you open the door to the store, it smells really sweet and yummy!

Beta5 Cream Puffs

You can pre-order the cream puffs that you want ahead of time to make sure that they are available when you arrive because sometimes they do sell out of certain flavours. From left to right: S’mores, Vietnamese Coffee, Vanilla and Coconut Passionfruit. The creampuffs are $4.50 each but if you order 4, it’s $16.

Beta5 Cream Puffs

I had the S’mores and it was topped with a roasted marshmallow on top. The inside had a rich and creamy dark chocolate filling as well as a milk chocolate filling. It really was like eating a s’more!

I’m pretty sure that eating these will turn you into a cream puff enthusiast if you weren’t already! I sampled some of the other flavours as well and they all tasted as advertised. The vanilla felt a bit plain though but it’s vanilla so yeah. I still recommend everything!!! If you like ice cream sandwiches then you really must try Beta5’s version in the summer. Read about them here! Also read about my last cream puff visit here.

BETA5 Chocolates on Urbanspoon

Beta 5: Best Ice Cream Sandwich!

As I was browsing Instagram, I saw a picture of a macaron ice cream sandwich and I was like whoaaa they have that?! Gotta get my hands on it! Thankfully it wasn’t that difficult because it was from Beta 5 and I happen to work nearby! They had 4 flavours available that day and it’s not listed anywhere soooo I don’t quite remember what the other ones were besides the one I got! Sorry! I think there was a Tahitian vanilla and a chocolate one?

Beta 5 Ice Cream Sandwich

Beta 5 Ice Cream Sandwich

I got the Raspberry and Jasmine Tea ice cream sandwich which sounded the most enticing. The ice cream was sandwiched between two lemon shortbread cookies and there was also a layer of raspberry jam inside. I was also surprised that it was so big!

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Beard Papa’s

Beard Papa’s has been around for a while and I remember when they first opened in Aberdeen, they were all the rage! Then they expanded in Vancouver and opened stores everywhere! Their flavours range from chocolate to green tea and strawberry as well as other seasonal flavours. I was at Richmond Centre and noticed that they had Cookies N’ Cream as their new flavour so I thought I’d give it a try. They also serve eclairs and fondants and cheesecake sticks to name a few. Surprisingly, I haven’t blogged about them yet!

Beard Papa's

The pastry shells are pre-made already and all they have to do is fill it with cream once you have ordered. Then the top is sprinkled with some powdered sugar. They also have a cocoa version where the pastry shell is chocolate flavoured.

Beard Papa's

I thought that the pastry shell had no flavour and tasted kinda bland in contrast to the cold cream filling inside. The flavour of the filling was mild though and it was hard to pick up the cookie’s n’ creme flavour despite the noticeable cookie bits in the cream. Overall the cream puff tastes very light and they put quite a lot of filling in it! I don’t feel like they were as addictive as they once were though so probably my tastes have changed… *cough Beta5 cream puffs cough* It’s not bad for a snack at the mall once in a while though.

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Beta5 Chocolates: Delightful Cream Puffs

If you haven’t noticed already I seem to work near a lot of restaurants! Beta5 Chocolates is also surprisingly close on Industrial Avenue. You would never really look for a chocolate shop there but it is there. Even though they are one of North America’s top 10 chocolatiers, they are also well known for their cream puffs and that’s what we tried!

Beta5 ChocolatesYou can see them working in the back through this large window. The shop part is actually quite small.

Beta5 ChocolatesHere are all the cream puffs they have available! We were informed they didn’t have any more of the chocolate pastry shells though which was fine.

Beta5 ChocolatesWe decided to share a box of 4 so it was $16/box whereas it is $4.50 each if you buy them individually. At the top left we have the 85% Dark Chocolate and Caramel cream puff, top right is the Milk Chocolate S’mores cream puff, bottom right is the Blueberry Yuzu cream puff and the last one is the Salted Caramel cream puff. They’re all decorated with something on top so you know which one is which.

Beta5 ChocolatesClose up of my Salted Caramel! Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the inside. The exterior was more crunchy than I expected and these cream puffs were pretty big compared to say Beard Papa’s. The filling was pretty good and not too sweet! There was just enough salt to balance out the sweetness.

I also tried the 85% dark chocolate and caramel cream puff and it was very rich and chocolatey. The consistency of the filling was also more solid and less creamy than my salted caramel.

We all agreed that they were delicious! They are quite pricey though for a cream puff.

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