Little BabyCakes Update

I blogged about Little BabyCakes back in December when they sent me some of their babycakes to try out! They are still looking for the perfect location though so they still haven’t opened up yet. Currently they are only offering catering services.

However, they are going to have a pop up location at Holt Renfrew from March 28 to April 4th so go check them out there! Click here to read my review.

Little BabyCakes

Also price wise it is $7 for 6 babycakes and $13 for 12. I was probably disillusioned to think it was going to be cheap hahaha

Introducing Little BabyCakes!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Little BabyCakes reached out to me and offered to send me some of their products to try before their store opens and of course I gladly accepted. They have not decided on a store location yet but it’s suppose to be somewhere on Broadway or downtown and they expect to open sometime early next year. You can also design your own babycakes for your wedding or whatever event you want as well.

Little BabyCakes

Here’s the package I received (look at my nicely staged photo)! A small pamphlet explaining their product concept, 2 boxes of babycakes and a gift card for future use. ;) The packaging is pretty cute and I like the color scheme. The box is also very lightweight and thin.

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Cookie Sandwiches at The Last Crumb Bakery

After hearing and trying the cookie sandwiches from Butter Baked Goods a long time ago, cookie sandwiches have always been on my radar. Good thing the Last Crumb Bakery has them!

The Last Crumb Bakery

This was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich with vanilla frosting. You’re probably looking at this and going, “Where are the chocolate chips?”. There are actually a lot of sizeable chocolate chips in the cookie itself but for some reason not on top? Not sure how they did that but anyway it was a really good cookie!

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Cupcakes from Cupcakes

For my graduation present, one of my friends bought me a box of cupcakes from Cupcakes by Heather and Lori! Yay! Although I do admit that my love for cupcakes has partially been replaced by macarons and other yummy goodies. Nonetheless, I really appreciated it! Who wouldn’t want a whole box of cupcakes? Okay don’t worry I tried to share with my family!

Cupcakes by Heather and LoriMy favourite was the Blue Hawaii. I’m sure you can guess which one it is. It’s a coconut cake with blue vanilla buttercream frosting with coconut sprinkles. My brother thought it was too sweet though so we shared it. It was still quite moist the next day. On the other hand, I ate the Red Velvet one the day after I got it so it tasted a lot more dense and dry and not very chocolatey so I can’t comment much on it. I’m sure it tasted better fresh. The other one I tried was the Mint Condition. It’s a chocolate cake with mint buttercream frosting and chocolate chip sprinkles. I thought the cake part would be minty too but it wasn’t and the frosting was just barely minty. They could add a lot more mint flavour to this one! It was very chocolatey and moist though since I ate it fresh. The last cupcake was the Koo KooΒ which was a coconut cake with cream cheese frosting. I didn’t try this one because my parents shared it but they seemed to like it.

Personally I think the cupcake craze is on the decline but Cupcakes did open another location at Oakridge mall this month so I’m probably wrong. The cupcakes were still tasty but I found the frosting to be really sweet too despite my sweet tooth.

Cupcakes on Urbanspoon