Brunch at Denny’s

My family wanted to try having brunch at Denny’s since we lived so close to it but we had never gone there before although I had personally tried it before. Denny’s is located about a block away from the Marine Drive Canada Line station so it’s pretty convenient to get there if you’re taking public transit. They also have a small parking lot in the back. It was quite busy around noon but we were quickly seated in a corner. My club at school had just hosted a pancake breakfast the week before so I didn’t feel like having anymore pancakes so the Banana Caramel French Toast Skillet was calling my name!

Denny's There were two pieces of French toast covered in caramel sauce and banana slices. It also came with your choice of bacon or sausage and two eggs. The French toast wasn’t too eggy but still nicely fried. I think they could have used more egg though. There was also enough caramel syrup that I didn’t need to add more pancake syrup to it.

Denny'sThe bacon was good and I can’t complain about bacon! The eggs were typical scrambled eggs but they were pre-salted.

Denny'sMy parents shared the Lumberjack breakfast which came with a lot of hash browns, two eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, two pancakes and two pieces of toast. This was meant to be shared!

IMAG0552Two slices of toast and you have a choice of whole wheat or white bread. I forgot to take a picture of the pancakes because the server brought them after since he couldn’t carry all the plates but they were the typical buttermilk kind and topped with more butter.

Denny'sMy brother had the double Cheeseburger and it was really tall! That’s a lot of meat O___O This is a pretty substantial meal! It tasted alright and seemed to be a decent burger and the patties weren’t dry. On the other hand the fries were so bland that they tasted like the kind you would buy frozen from Costco or worse.

It was not a bad brunch/lunch and I think the Lumberjack breakfast is a really good deal. They also have free refills on coffee.

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