Pink Pearl Restaurant-4 Decades of Dim Sum

Disclaimer: I was invited to a media event by Chinese Bites at Pink Pearl Restaurant. All food and drinks were complimentary but opinions are my own.

Pink Pearl Chinese RestaurantPink Pearl has been around since the 1980’s and they are now celebrating four decades of dim sum and Chinese cuisine. I’ve heard of Pink Pearl before from my parents but I’ve actually never been there. According to the manager, they closed down for a few years due to a fire and re-opened in 2012 so this was their 5th re-opening anniversary. They are located on E. Hastings near Clark Drive and also easily accessible by public transit. Read on to find out what new dim sum items I discovered! Continue reading →

New Year’s Dim Sum at Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

My family decided to go for dim sum on the day after New Year’s which was also a stat holiday. The first place we tried was Parklane Restaurant and we arrived at about 1pm and they said it would be about 45min-1hour wait. Then we ventured across the plaza to inquire about the wait time at Empire Restaurant, they had a similar wait time there as well. It was a holiday after all! Not wanting to wait so long, we decided to head over to Shi-Art in Richmond Centre so that if we had to wait, at least we could shop at the same time. Surprisingly there was only 1 person waiting when we got there at 1:3pm… I thought that was strange since they’re in a prime location with lots of parking. Not complaining though! Looks like third times the charm.

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Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant has taken over the spot where South Ocean used to be. I remember I used to go to South Ocean quite a bit when I was younger. The restaurant has been re-decorated to give it a more high end feel.

Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

First off, we had the Pan Fried Rice Rolls. We found the portion to be smaller in comparison with some other restaurants but the taste and texture was good. Continue reading →

Victory Seafood-Dim Sum For Days!

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

The latest ChineseBites event was a dim sum tour at Victory Seafood Restaurant. Located on the second floor in Crystal Mall, this is actually a very large and spacious restaurant. It’s just past the food court.

Victory Seafood

Feast your eyes! We had 37 dishes for 10 people! This wasn’t even everything we had! I’ve never seen so much dim sum in my entire life. I’ll just be sharing my thoughts on a few items that I tried.

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Continental Seafood Restaurant

On Boxing day we had a family dim sum lunch and we ended up at Continental Seafood Restaurant. I’ve never been here before and didn’t even know there was a dim sum restaurant in East Richmond. It’s in a plaza on Cambie and No. 5 road. The interior was also very spacious and they have a stage and a dance floor too so you can hold large events here.

When I walked in, there was a picture of Stephen Harper with the owner/manager? in their display case so I assume he must’ve eaten here too. Most notably though, they still have push cart dim sum!!! I haven’t seen that in ages!!! Although I think the ordering system where you submit a sheet with exactly what you want is more efficient, this was a nice throw back moment. I also realized I’m not that picky about dim sum so here are some of my thoughts…

Continental Seafood Restaurant

We had some Bean Curd Rolls filled with mushroom and pork. They didn’t seem well wrapped but the filling was moist and flavourful. In the back we have some Siu Mai which is a staple whenever I have dim sum. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this version as much because the pork felt dry and overly chewy.

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Hei Lum Moon Chinese Restaurant

Another dim sum post! I will just upload all my pics because they’re worth a thousand words right? Hei Lum Moon used to be under at least two different names and they seem to change ownership every year. I believe it was previously called Li Garden. It’s located on Victoria and 42nd avenue. Since we went on Mother’s Day, there was quite a crowd at the door and since the waiting area is small there were a lot of people waiting outside too. I think it’s a popular neighbourhood spot for dim sum.

Hei Lum Moon Chinese Restaurant

Hei Lum Moon Chinese Restaurant

Hei Lum Moon Chinese Restaurant

Hei Lum Moon Chinese Restaurant

Hei Lum Moon Chinese Restaurant

I think the food was quite good and about the same was a lot of other dim sum places with the same pricing. I ain’t too picky with my dim sum! I liked the dumpling with fish filet and corn though. I don’t think I’ve seen that before. If you haven’t noticed, we usually order the same things so sorry my dim sum posts are boring. Overall this restaurant has improved over the years and through its different reincarnations.

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Dim Sum at Fraser Court

I feel like I haven’t had dim sum in so long. Mostly I’ve been eating the left overs that my parents bring home when they go without me but I finally had my chance last weekend! We decided to go to Fraser Court which is currently one of my fave places for dim sum. This will mostly be a picture post.

IMAG0672I always have to order deep fried dumplings with pork and shrimp. I like how the outside is deep fried but still soft and chewy.

Fraser Court Stir fried sticky rice! The rice wasn’t that sticky and albeit oily but very delicious!

IMAG0674Here we have chicken buns, siu mai and a dumpling with corn and shrimp. I really liked the dumpling with the corn since it was a refreshing touch to the usual dim sum ingredients. It was also stuffed with shrimp. The siu mai was a very tender pork meatball with just the right amount of shrimp. I think the chicken buns were ok but I didn’t try them.

IMAG0675We also had some shrimp spring rolls. The spring rolls were crisp and stuffed with shrimp! It also came with a black vinegar dipping sauce.

IMAG0676Finally a dim sum meal isn’t complete without egg tarts! These were standard egg tarts and the custard was not too sweet.

Tai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant

For Chinese New Year’s,  my family decided to visit the new Tai Tung because my dad had heard about it and we had previously visited their other location on Kingsway many times in the past although we have not been there in recent years. Tai Tung is located on Granville and 64th, two stores down from Starbucks. We were having dim sum at 1pm so the restaurant was pretty quiet already although it was Chinese New Year’s so I did expect more people anyway. The restaurant looked new, bright and inviting.

Tai Tung Dim Sum Menu They had the usual dim sum offerings and the prices were probably on par with Red Star down the street.

Tai Tung Dim Sum

From left to right: Scallop with pork siu mai dumplings, dried scallops with pea leaves dumpling, steamed dumplings Chiu-Chow style and spareribs with pumpkin in black bean sauce.

The siu mai actually came with different toppings in celebration of Chinese New Year’s like oyster and “fat-choy” and I’m not sure what the last thing was. Liver? The siu mai was really heavy on meat and didn’t have shrimp in it. The spareribs were ok but a bit too fatty. The Chiu-Chow dumpling was pretty good with a lots of filling.

The dried scallops with pea leaves dumpling did not seem to have dried scallops in it so I’m not sure if they gave us the wrong thing or not. Anyway the problem was that we were getting impatient for the food to come and asked them about our order. After that our food came quickly. However, the middle of the dumpling was still uncooked and cold!!! The shrimp was only half cooked and this has never happened to me before!!! We were not very impressed to say the least and we rarely have to send dim sum back but this was one of those times.

Fried Rice Rolls The  pan fried rice rolls with soy sauce were tasty and had a distinct soy sauce flavour. The noodles were soft and nicely pan fried. They were a tad greasy but that was to be expected. I wish it came with peanut sauce and hoisin sauce for dipping though. 

Deep fried dumpling with minced pork

The deep fried dumpling with minced pork is one of my favourite dishes and it was executed well with lots of filling and a chewy soft exterior.

Egg Tarts No dim sum meal is complete without egg tarts for me! These egg tarts had a flaky crust and were pretty standard.

beef rice rollsFinally after waiting for a while, our beef rice rolls came. We were asking the waitress to cancel our order because we were feeling full already but then they brought it out so we just ate it anyway. The picture was before we poured the soy sauce over it. They were very standard with a soft noodles and the filling was sufficient. I always have to order this too.

Overall, the food was okay but what really ruined it for us was the fact that our dumplings came half cooked just because we thought they were taking too long and it wasn’t even busy. Needless to say, it felt like the rest of our meal went downhill from there. However, I don’t mind giving them another chance since everything else was fine but it might be on the pricier side for me.

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Dim Sum at The Roc Seafood Restaurant

This weekend I went for dim sum with my parents and we decided to try The Roc at it’s new location on 41st and Main. We went at 12:30pm and we got a table right away. Yay! I did not expect much from this restaurant and I had never been to the old location before. There were multiple TV screens on the walls and the seating was comfortable enough. This will mostly be a picture post.

These were really big and thicker than usual! I didn’t mind that but it would be quite filling if you had to eat more than one.

These were also bigger than usual.

Beef rice rolls. Very standard.

Various steamed dumplings which were good. The Siu Mai had too much meat in it. It was basically like a pork ball and there was barely any shrimp.

This was pretty interesting. It was shrimp on top of a piece of fried tofu (the soft kind). I liked this and I don’t think I’ve had this before and there was a lot of shrimp.

Overall, some of the dim sum items seem bigger than usual. Not a bad place for dim sum if you’re in the area.


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Victory Seafood Restaurant

My parents randomly wanted to go out for dinner this weekend. My mom went for dim sum with her friends and she said it was pretty good for $2.98 per dish before 12pm. Hence we decided to go for dinner. Victory seafood restaurant is located in Crystal Mall and that equals bad parking lots… The restaurant was actually really big but the only problem was that it was more than half empty. That did not inspire confidence in me at all. I swear there’s nothing more awkward than eating in an empty restaurant. Ok maybe there is. In fact half the restaurant didn’t even have the lights on properly since no one was sitting there. I suppose it’d be a good location for banquets though.

The menu also looked a bit sparse to me with dishes ranging from $14-16. They also had some specials for $12.98 and a different page where you get to choose four dishes for $78 and they’ll give you a lobster, crab or fish too which means you get five dishes. I think that was a pretty good deal but we went for the $12.98 dishes.

This was panfried shrimp with soy sauce. It definitely had soy sauce flavour and the shrimp was average in size but seemed a lot smaller than the ones I had at Fisherman’s Terrace although I can’t really compare them.

Panfried pork chops in soy sauce. Since we were choosing items from the $12.98 menu, they didn’t have that many meat dishes and I always get one. I don’t think I’ve had pork chops in soy sauce before but it was actually pretty good and not too salty. The meat was tender enough too.

Ok some of this was eaten before I remembered to take a picture oops. This was veggies panfried with black beans and garlic. This was better than I expected but maybe it was because it was salty enough for me haha

We also ordered a coconut curry with chicken and veggies. The curry had a very very mild flavour to it. I liked that they included a variety of veggies such as squash, onions and peppers. The chicken was also tender but they could have given us more pieces or bigger pieces since they probably had more veggies. The sauce could have been more flavourful or spicy or curry-like…

Stir fried lotus root with snow peas and pork jowl. I thought this dish was well executed and pretty standard. The lotus roots and snow peas were crunchy and the pork was nicely cooked and crunchy as well. As the night went on a few more customers came in and they turned on the lights to the rest of the restaurant but it was still only half full… =S I find that really disturbing… maybe they rely more on their dim sum for business but it’s pretty cheap too. My parents talked to the owner and he said he was opening another restaurant soon in Richmond near the Richmond Public Market so I guess they must be doing well enough.

Last but not least, we have the usual red bean soup. Pretty standard stuff.

Ok I have to say it wasn’t that impressive here and I probably won’t come back unless my parents want to. The food was ok, portions were good and the service was good since the waiter came to change our plates like three times.  I think their menu needs more variety too or just more dishes.


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