Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant 紅日大酒家

Mother’s Day dim sum! We decided to go super late aka after 1pm so we could get seats easier. It was still pretty busy then but we didn’t have to wait long for a table for 9. I’ve never been here before but it looked really nice and spacious inside. It’s also on the second floor and since we got seats by the window we had a nice view.

They had an interesting display made of ginger near the entrance.

Giant king crab in the back!

Ok I didn’t get too many pictures so here they are:

Mini panfried sticky rice

BBQ pork buns

Panfried rice rolls (I always order this!)

Egg tarts

For some reason the filling wasn’t as yellow.

Some shrimp spring rolls and panfried pork buns

I really like this place! And it wasn’t expensive either. Better than going to Ga Lok in Richmond which is where we usually go.


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