Taste of Yaletown: Brix & Mortar

Taste of Yaletown is a dining event that is similar to Dine Out Vancouver except it’s just in Yaletown. Various restaurants participate and offer set menus for $25/35/45. Can you believe this is actually my first time participating? After perusing all the menus online, I came to the conclusion that Brix & Mortar would be a good choice and it seemed like I would get my bang for my buck.

Brix has two entrances, one on Hamilton Street and one on Homer Street. Today we entered through the Hamilton entrance as the Homer Street entrance was closed for a private event. The restaurant is a popular wedding venue. When I was browsing their photos on Instagram, there were more wedding photos than food photos!

Brix & Mortar

Featured above is one of their summer cocktails. Yes you read that right, it’s a cocktail! This was the Big Flavours in Little China which had Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Lychee Liquor, Fresh Lemon, Clove Spiced Pear and Plum Bitters. I’ve never seen a drink served like this before! In fact I didn’t even know the container was that waterproof. It was fruity and sweet and I liked the combination of mandarin and lychee. Our server said that they’re slowly transitioning to winter cocktails so this may not be available soon.
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Miura Restaurant and Bar-Rebranded

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Thanks to Instagram foodie and food blogger, Jacqueline (Check out her blog here), I got to visit the new rebranded Miura Restaurant and Bar with some other foodies. It was formerly known as Miura Waffle and Milk Bar. They were also featured on You Gotta Eat Here! Don’t worry they still have some of their famous waffle sandwiches on the menu! As a restaurant and bar, they serve appies and entrees that are more izakaya style. Of course there are also alcoholic beverages.

Miura Restaurant and Bar

Miura Restaurant and Bar

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Finally at Fable Kitchen!

I finally made my way to Fable Kitchen!!! *happy dance* I’ve just heard so much about this place and it has tons of good reviews. We just managed to get a table at the bar since we didn’t make a reservation and by 6pm that was the only spot left. Not that I really minded since we got a good view of the cooks preparing all the food.

Fable KitchenWe started off with the Roast Beet Salad. I’m not a huge fan of beets and I don’t eat them often but these were pretty good. They had that texture that made them seem sort of pickled, not too soft or too crunchy so the texture was a nice addition of the greens. There were also some crunchy rice bits on top and there just was enough vinaigrette.

Fable Kitchen We also ordered the featured appetizer of the day which was Pork Croquettes with some apple puree. The server had described the pork as something like pulled pork and I was imagining the pulled pork in sandwiches but this was completely different. It was more like really soft minced pork almost like the kind you would see in a dumpling but it wasn’t in a uniform lump and the filling was really soft and smooth inside.

Fable KitchenThis was the Weathervane Scallops and Bacon with cauliflower, fennel and anchovy pesto. I tried one and it tasted a bit creamy and the pesto was noticeable while the thick cut bacon complemented it nicely. I have a weakness for bacon hehehe and I have no idea what that thing on top is…

Fable KitchenI had the Duck Breast with cranberries, sauteed cabbage and perogies.  I didn’t think perogies could be paired with duck breast but it worked. This was the best duck breast ever!!! Which might not be saying much since I don’t eat duck breast all the time… but it was still the best to me! It was cooked to medium-rare and still very moist and easy to chew. It actually didn’t have too much fat and the only seasoning was from the skin. THIS WAS SO GOOD. The perogies had a really soft filling and a slightly crunchy exterior. I just love everything on this dish.

Fable Kitchen On to the desserts! We got a few to share. Yay! This was the Mascarpone Cheesecake with chai caramel, dried apple and almond brittle. This was a very light cheesecake and it wasn’t too sweet so it’s a good choice if you’re not big on desserts but you still want some.

Fable KitchenWe also ordered the Lemon Meringue Parfait with tarragon ice cream and streusel. It’s a very big and impressive looking dessert! The meringue was nice and light and then there was a scoop of tarragon ice cream underneath. I’m not sure what tarragon is suppose to taste like but it was ice cream so it was enjoyable either way! The streusel at the bottom made the dessert a bit crunchy. My friend thought it was a bit too sour and wished there was more ice cream. I like lemon so it was alright for me. After everything from all the layers was mixed up it was hard to see what I was eating so I’m sorry if this isn’t too accurate!

Fable Kitchen

This was my favourite dessert! S’mores with brownie, peanut butter ice cream tooped with lots of marshmallow. First of all this was chocolatey and the brownie was nice and soft and then the ice cream was really good too. The half melted marshmallow layer on top sealed the deal! I just love all the layers in this and you really need to dig in to get some of everything! I didn’t find that it was too sweet either except I didn’t eat the whole thing so that might be why.

I totally have to come back! :D I think getting to try 3 desserts in one night was the best part. Also the DUCK BREAST! I’m sure their other entrees are wonderful too or so I’ve heard.

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Kibo Restaurant and Lounge

After some late night shopping at Pacific Centre and no one wanted to go home, my friends and I decided to try Kibo. We had heard that it opened sometime last year and it was located in Yaletown which was just one stop away. Upon entering the restaurant, it did not feel like a Japanese restaurant. I think they were focusing more on the lounge part. The furnishings were really nice though and it wasn’t too dark inside.

IMAG0324Since this was a restaurant and lounge, they had a lot of drinks to choose from and I noticed that a lot of the other tables ordered nice looking drinks too. Unfortunately we didn’t try any that day.

IMAG0323My friend ordered tea which came in a pot and this cost $3. When we were seated they also brought out hot moist towelettes for us to wipe our hands on.

IMAG0325First off we had some beef short ribs. These were nicely marinated, flavourful and not too chewy. Also it wasn’t too fatty either.

IMAG0327Ok terrible picture but this is the Philadelphia roll which has smoked salmon and cream cheese. I didn’t think it was particularly special but still pretty good. The ingredients were fresh and there wasn’t too much rice.

IMAG0329The caterpillar roll! I’ve had the one at Applause many times before so I was excited to see how this one would measure up. Well I mean it better be good since I’m paying more than twice as much for it. Firstly I was surprised that they put thinly sliced pieces of lemon on top which made it a bit sour but it seemed to go well with the rest of the roll. They put many layers of  avocado on this roll and it was very smooth, creamy and fresh. It also didn’t have as much sauce as the one from Applause and every piece had ample unagi in it. Which I absolutely love by the way. The other difference was that this roll came with smoked salmon on top as well. We all really enjoyed this roll and it’s better than the one at Applause.


And now for the star of our show! DUCK BREAST! Ok this was simply delicious!!! It was nicely marinated and pan fried and every piece had a bit of fat at the top and it was pretty soft too. It wasn’t too salty or anything and  I could also taste a hint of Hoisin sauce. Furthermore, the vegetables that came with it were really tasty!!! I don’t say that everyday about veggies! It had asparagus, zucchini and mushrooms.

Overall, the dishes were quite well done. The table beside us had the rack of lamb and it looked very tasty too. It was a bit pricey for me but at least the duck breast was worth the splurge!

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