Any guesses on what a “flatizza” is? It’s Subway’s new flatbread pizza and they cost around $4.00-4.50. There were a couple of flavours to choose from such as pepperoni, cheese and BBQ chicken. I decided on the BBQ chicken. You can choose all the veggie toppings you want too and then they add the cheese on top and bake it.

SubwayThe flatbread was really soft and it was too difficult to hold the flatbread slice since it was heavy with toppings that threatened to fall off. Or I was too ambitious with my toppings … haha I had tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, and banana peppers along with the chicken. Since I had the BBQ chicken flavour, there was waaay too much BBQ sauce which made it extremely sticky and difficult to eat as well and then it was just too overpowering and sweet.

I think I will stick with the sandwiches!

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