That Time I Ate the Whole Food Court-Taste of Aberdeen

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another Chinese Bites event last month and this time it was at the Aberdeen food court with 60 other foodies. I’m quite familiar with the food court (or so I thought) and I’ve spent a lot of time here when I was younger. Now I had the chance to try EVERY food stall! It was a dream come true yet I feared for my growing waistline. #foodbloggerproblems

So without further ado… let the gluttony begin!

Aberdeen Food CourtStarting from left to right:

  • Milk tea with pearls (Estea Express)
  • Iced lemon ribena (Bubble Waffle)
  • House special: mango coconut juice with tapioca, mango and pomelo bits (8 Juice)
  • Iced Genmaicha (Saboten)
  • Matcha soy bean (Strike)
  • Iced honey matcha tea (Teppan Kitchen)

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Frappe Bliss- Aberdeen, My Shaved Ice Phase is Over

It was another nice sunny day in Vancouver! Yes I have to comment on the weather because it still feels rare to see the sun around here… Anyway my friend and I went to Aberdeen and had some shaved ice from Frappe Bliss. They recently moved their store location to the back of the food court because the new Bubble Waffle Cafe took over their previous location. In fact I almost forgot they existed… Basically you can either choose your own toppings and create your own combo or you can choose some of their premade combos as well like Strawberry Romance or Matcha Delight. We decided to make our own so we chose green tea shaved ice ($3)  with green tea ice cream ($1.50), grass jelly ($1.00) and mangos ($1.00). Our combo came to about $6.50. They happened to run out of mochi or else we would have added that too. =(

Frappe Bliss Aberdeen I also noticed that they changed their bowls to a wider and more shallow bowl vs. a deeper less wide bowl so there might have been less product compared to before. The counter person also asked if we wanted some condensed milk on top after and we said yes. For some reason it just didn’t taste as good as it used to. Or my tastes have changed. The green tea ice cream was crumbly and they could have added more mango. I also felt that the flavour of the shaved ice wasn’t very strong either although it’s probably not suppose to be since it’s just ice. Furthermore, the service was a bit lackluster but that’s not really a problem.

If you haven’t tried Frappe Bliss before you might still want to try it once but I think my shaved ice phase is over for now. Also it might be cheaper to order some of their premade combos too.

Happy May!

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Thai Food in the Food Court

After a few hours of Christmas shopping at Metrotown, my friend who just came back from Toronto (HI CINDY!), convinced me to be adventurous and try something new… in the food court. So I was like sure, I’m always up for an adventure! We settled on sharing something from Thai Food. Don’t ask me why… Basically we ended up choosing something that wasn’t even really Thai anyway. We got 3 items and noodles for $8.99. It seemed like Chinese food more than anything else but I think the sweet and sour pork caught my eye so that’s why… Anyway, we got some kind of thick noodles with sweet and sour pork, deep fried fish with some kind of sauce and squid tentacles.

IMAG0241This is what it looks like. Pretty good right? Don’t be fooled!!! First off, the sweet and sour pork was acceptable I guess. Just barely. It was sweet and sour I can live with that except their onions were really raw and bitter. The fried fish was also ok… nothing much to it. The worst was the squid!!! I’ve heard people describe it as rubbery before and I never really knew what that meant. Until now. IT WAS RUBBERY!!! I could barely chew through it and making it sweet and sour didn’t help either.

I know it was the food court and I can’t exactly expect quality food but this was really bad… I’m never going to be adventurous in the food court again. I’ll stick to burgers and fries thanks. The food there had just been sitting out for way too long and no wonder there was no line up there. I should have known!!! Or if you do decide to try it, PASS ON THE SQUID. Anyway I have learned my lesson.


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