Stormcrow Alehouse-Impressive Ambiance, Sub-par Brunch

My friends and I gathered at Stormcrow Alehouse for brunch because we wanted to play board games. They are located on Broadway and Fir St., next to Earl’s.

Stormcrow AlehouseWe had passed by before and thought that we should return. It was really bumpin’ at night! This place looks cool inside and they put in a lot of effort to include fantasy themed decorations!

Stormcrow Alehouse

Sadly brunch was terrible and only one item was good.

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Candy Tree Dessert-Shaved Ice, Durian Waffles and More!

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another Chinese Bites event and this time we hit up Candy Tree Dessert. They are located on Kingsway near Patterson and close to the Patterson skytrain station. I knew they would offer similar desserts to Icy Bar so I was ready to embrace everything! My dessert stomach is always ready.

We were separated into 3 different tables and each table ordered their own items but I still took pictures of stuff from other tables. This place is pretty small so it’s probably best for small groups since the waits are going to be really long.

Candy Tree Dessert

On the left we have the Durian Milkshake and on the right we have the Ferrero Rocher Milkshake. Heard good things about both! Continue reading →

The Union-Bao Bun Bennies!

The Union is named after the street it’s on at the edge of Chinatown. It’s hipster looking with long wood communal tables and lucky for us, we sat by the window and had a great view of a dumpster outside since the Union is right next to an alley. They do Asian fusion food.

The Union

My friend had the Lychee Mimosa with prosecco and candied chili. There was a big piece of lychee at the bottom! You can just taste a hint of spice at the end.  Continue reading →

Spontaneous Vegetarian Brunch at Graze

My idea was to go to Earnest Ice Cream first and then eat lunch/brunch but then as we walked by Graze which is right next door, it seemed like a nice place to have brunch so we just went in. Also it didn’t look busy so we wouldn’t have to wait for a table either. The restaurant had a nice serene vibe to it and there was a large colorful mural on one wall. Graze is a vegetarian restaurant and I had totally forgotten about that but we decided to give it a try.

GrazeThese were the Breakfast Tacos made with scrambled tofu, tomatoes, peppers, black bean and corn on organic corn tortillas. On the side were some rosemary potatoes and house greens. I think the sauce in the middle was suppose to be the spicy salsa roja but it didn’t taste very spicy. The tacos tasted spicy though so maybe the salsa was already on top? Yes I have no idea what I’m talking about but for some vegetarian tacos they were pretty good. I didn’t miss the meat.


I went for a sweet brunch item, the Carrot Cake French Toast. Sounds decadent right? There were three large slices served with smoked salt caramel sauce, whipped coconut creme and some sort of fruit compote. The carrot cake was dipped and grilled in a flax-polenta batter which gave it a slightly weird flavour for me since I think the edges were a bit burnt too. Basically all the flavours tasted a bit unusual to me at first, they just didn’t seem like they were suppose to go with carrot cake?

For example, the whipped coconut creme looked like icing but a much less sweet version and the smoke caramel sauce was a bit weak and didn’t really add much for me and finally for the fruit compote, I don’t even know what fruit they used but it was off-putting… Like not terrible but not pleasant either so I avoided most of it. Ok so maybe I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting since this is not your standard carrot cake or french toast. The carrot cake itself was very moist and full of carrot flavour. Despite all the condiments, it wasn’t too sweet.

Ok so I don’t think I would come back just because I think I prefer more meat in my meals and maybe things that sound less healthy…  the food just differed from my norm? Maybe I need to try more vegetarian places! I heard the Acorn is good.

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Brunch at Denny’s

My family wanted to try having brunch at Denny’s since we lived so close to it but we had never gone there before although I had personally tried it before. Denny’s is located about a block away from the Marine Drive Canada Line station so it’s pretty convenient to get there if you’re taking public transit. They also have a small parking lot in the back. It was quite busy around noon but we were quickly seated in a corner. My club at school had just hosted a pancake breakfast the week before so I didn’t feel like having anymore pancakes so the Banana Caramel French Toast Skillet was calling my name!

Denny's There were two pieces of French toast covered in caramel sauce and banana slices. It also came with your choice of bacon or sausage and two eggs. The French toast wasn’t too eggy but still nicely fried. I think they could have used more egg though. There was also enough caramel syrup that I didn’t need to add more pancake syrup to it.

Denny'sThe bacon was good and I can’t complain about bacon! The eggs were typical scrambled eggs but they were pre-salted.

Denny'sMy parents shared the Lumberjack breakfast which came with a lot of hash browns, two eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, two pancakes and two pieces of toast. This was meant to be shared!

IMAG0552Two slices of toast and you have a choice of whole wheat or white bread. I forgot to take a picture of the pancakes because the server brought them after since he couldn’t carry all the plates but they were the typical buttermilk kind and topped with more butter.

Denny'sMy brother had the double Cheeseburger and it was really tall! That’s a lot of meat O___O This is a pretty substantial meal! It tasted alright and seemed to be a decent burger and the patties weren’t dry. On the other hand the fries were so bland that they tasted like the kind you would buy frozen from Costco or worse.

It was not a bad brunch/lunch and I think the Lumberjack breakfast is a really good deal. They also have free refills on coffee.

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