I’ve made multiple visits to Dinesty so I thought it was time to update my post. This was the culmination of two visits to the Aberdeen location. Dinesty is located on the second floor near Chef Hung and Guu. They have expanded again this year and now have a location near Metrotown as well.

Dinesty Aberdeen

Pictured above are the Shredded Pork in Hoisin Sauce with Pancakes and the Drunken Chicken. The pork is saucy but tasty and it’s always fun to make your own pancake wraps. The drunken chicken is served chilled and the portion is not that big but there’s plenty of wine flavour. Continue reading →

Pearl Castle-Continental Centre

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Pearl Castle

Pearl Castle is one of my favorite Taiwanese cafes and I used to come here a lot before some of the newer Taiwanese cafes popped up. Even my parents like it! I was invited to a menu tasting by ChineseBites with Sophia (Every Day Is a Food Day) so I was excited to try some new things and old favourites. We ordered 4 appies, 4 drinks and 4 entrees! It was enough to feed another three people…  Continue reading →

Peaceful Restaurant-Mount Pleasant

Another old post that I never posted. Peaceful Restaurant, of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives fame, has opened two more locations since they’ve been on the show. One is in the Mount Pleasant area on 5th and Quebec Street. Compared to the dingy interior of the original Broadway location, this one looks much more refined. Okay maybe not refined but the interior is simple, clean and spacious. It is also less busy than the original location.

Peaceful Restaurant

On this occasion, I was getting takeout. This was the Peaceful House Rice with diced pork, shrimp, vegetables and cilantro. Described on the menu as slightly spicy, there was some heat to the rice and the fried rice was packed with ingredients. The assortment of veggies made the dish more colourful.  Continue reading →

Congee Noodle House Takeout

Congee Noodle House is super close to my work place and if you want Chinese food, look no further. They also sell BBQ meat inside and it’s conveniently right in front of the 99 bus stop too. We decided to get takeout and they made it pretty fast.

Congee Noodle House

This was the Honeymoon Fried Rice. I never knew that was the English name. Half is tomato sauce with chicken on rice and the other half is shrimp with cream sauce on rice. Both are pretty good but I think I like the cream sauce better. This was $13.50.

Congee Noodle HouseI went for the more commonly found Yang Zhou Fried Rice with diced BBQ pork, shrimp and egg. Mine was a bit cheaper coming in at $1o.50. I was super hungry so I thought it was pretty good and it wasn’t as salty or oily as other fried rice dishes that I’ve had before. Yay comfort food on a rainy day.

Congee Noodle House 粥麵館 on Urbanspoon

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

I wanted to try Kiriri for lunch on a weekend but it turns out they only serve lunch on weekdays. Boo =( So we just decided to go next door to Master Hung BBQ instead since we didn’t have any other ideas anyway.

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

This was a combo with 3 kinds of meat and you can choose which 3 you want. We had the BBQ pork, BBQ duck and BBQ roast pork (siu yook)  served with the usual sweet plum sauce and hoisin sauce (I think that’s what they’re called). It came with a huge portion of rice! It made it look like there was less meat though. The meat had really delicious sauce and the they had the right amount of fat to give it all that flavour. I think the meat definitely lived up to all the hype. It’s hard to go wrong with BBQ meat!

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

This was the Yang Chow Fried Rice. They had quite a few large pieces of shrimp and there was also BBQ pork in this. It was pretty standard and not super oily.

It also seems like it would be a affordable place for a family dinner. I also ordered some take out BBQ roast pork and it was $12.80? for a box. I think it was a pound? I’m not usually the one paying for our BBQ meat but it seemed a bit expensive. Also it was a little too fatty this time.

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant 油雞洪燒臘菜館 on Urbanspoon

Banana Leaf

My first visit to Banana Leaf! I think I expected it to be something like Tropika. Not that I’ve been to Tropika many times either. Instead of going to Benkei for ramen we randomly ended up here since we had no idea where the 99 B line stop near Benkei was. The decor and atmosphere here was quite nice with attempts to look exotic judging by the fake plants, dark green walls, and  fake parrots. Since we were in a hurry, I quickly chose something from the lunch special menu, Nasi Goreng, Malaysian style fried rice for $8. All the lunch special items were between $8-$14. I also saw the same dish on the regular menu for $11 so maybe the portion for the lunch menu was smaller? The food came pretty quickly and it was good! Probably because it had a lot of sauce on it and I like sauce! It was a sweet sauce, can’t really describe it… something along the lines of that thai sweet chilli sauce with pineapple or something? The fried rice had some shrimp, beef, tomato, green onions and egg. The portion size was typical for $8 and filling enough for me. I think I’ll come back and try other menu items sometime.

I feel like trying a lot of other restaurants on Broadway now!

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