Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant

Slightly overdue post here haha

My friend suggested we visit her favourite Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsway near Knight street. I never really go to this area so I have no idea what’s good there but I was happy to try new places. Hai Phong was located in a small square on Kingsway and they have limited parking spaces. The interior is very clean and well lit. It was also very spacious inside. Like most restaurants, they also had two TV’s on.

PS. They have one of the nicest websites and menus ever for a Vietnamese restaurant!!! Check it out :)

IMAG0173My friend ordered this lychee drink with a bit of ice on top. There were a lot of pitless lychees inside! I tried it and it was pretty sweet and very much like those lychee jellos that come in the individual packages. The kind that always squirts juice on me when I try to open them. >=(

IMAG0174I’m a hugeeee fan of chicken wings in case you didn’t already know. So I was super tempted to order some garlic butter chicken wings. That sounds good right? However, I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was quite disappointed. These chicken wings were really small and below average. =( They also weren’t that crispy. There was definitely a prominent garlic flavour but beyond that these were just meh. Plus there weren’t even that many for the nearly $10 price tag.


IMAG0176Pho! Nobody complained about it so I assume it’ was good.

IMAG0177On the other hand, this was what I decided to order. It sounded a lot better in the description. This was lemongrass chicken with an egg. It just wasn’t that special… The chicken was very tender, moist and well seasoned though. You could taste the slightly charred meat too. I think it would have been better if there was a bit more chicken? This just felt like it was lacking something. I should have stuck with pho!!! This was a Vietnamese restaurant afterall.

IMAG0179This came with some soup with a bit of pork in it. It was alright.

IMAG0178My friend loves this Vietnamese crepe and suggested that we order it. Inside, there was some shrimp, bean sprouts and some slices of meat. It came with the usual sweet sauce commonly used for dipping spring rolls. There was also a ton of veggies on the side. She said that we were suppose to wrap the veggies in the crepe and eat it together. But I found this quite difficult to eat and share. Maybe I’m just lazy hehe plus I ignored all the veggies :P It was interesting to try it though!

Overall, I think this was a bit of an underwhelming experience for me probably because my friend said it was really great and I did not end up ordering pho but the food isn’t bad and I wouldn’t mind going again. Service was prompt as well and I like that their menu is very extensive.


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