Limited Edition Ube and Coconut Ice Cream-Amato Gelato Cafe

Disclaimer: All ice cream was complimentary but opinions are my own.

I’ve been seeing ube flavours popping up in Vancouver this year and my fellow food blogger Foodgressing (check out her giveaway!), has just launched her own collaboration flavour, ube and coconut, with Amato Gelato Cafe/Mario’s Gelati. Located near Olympic Village, they are one of Vancouver’s first gelato stores and have 200+ flavours on rotation.
Amato Gelato CafeUbe is purple yam and it’s a popular Filipino dessert flavour. The owner said that he had trouble getting his hands on ube and a lot of suppliers that he talked to suggested that he just use taro but he knew it wasn’t the same despite the similar colours and flavour profiles.

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Popbar-Gelato on a Stick

Popbar opened a few months ago and has taken over the spot where Beard Papa’s used to be, next to Superstore in Metrotown. I must say that I was not initially too excited about the concept, I mean I love ice cream/gelato and cold confections but for some reason, it didn’t seem to have the “wow” factor?


I saw on Facebook that they had a promotion where if you liked their page you get 30% off so that’s what prompted my visit. Or should I say, I “popped” in? ;) The promotion ended on July 31st but maybe they’ll have more in the future. Continue reading →

Bella Gelateria-Coal Harbour

It’s summer (finally!) and that means that I will be eating lots of ice cream! I can see the long line ups at Bella Gelateria from my office and it gets pretty tempting to go! Well ok I wouldn’t go with the long line ups because I’m impatient but I can check when they are short and then I’ll go. Also, by long line ups, I mean it wraps around the block…

Despite all their gelato awards, I did learn that there was a down side to their gelato.

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Bottega Italiana-Amazing Gelato in Seattle!

On my summer day trip to Seattle last month, we stopped for some gelato at Bottega Italiana which is pretty much right next to the Pike Place Market. It’s about a block away. As with many other gelato stores, they make everything on site daily with fresh natural ingredients.

Bottega ItalianaIt’s a lot cheaper than Vancouver! They also offer affogato.

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Waffles at Belgium Place

A new waffle place  opened up where Death by Chocolate used to be on the corner of Fir and Broadway. My friend who was craving waffles suggested IHop and I’m just like no… after some research I found Belgium Place! It’s got the word Belgium in it so they should make good waffles right? They also serve some soups and sandwiches too. The cafe space has a lot of wood furnishing and they also have a shelf with a few French kid’s books. It doesn’t seem too busy so it could be a nice place to chat with some friends.

Belgium PlaceThe waffles are all Liege waffles and cost $3.80 plain. They also have waffles with chocolate and waffles with chocolate and almonds. and they are both $4.75. This was the Waffles with Strawberry and it was one of the special creations on the menu. It was served with 2 scoops of vanilla gelato and strawberry compote with a side of whipped cream. The size of the waffle was pretty big! Price wise it’s a bit cheaper than some other waffles joints coming in at $7.80 but pretty close.

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Granville Island Eats

On Canada Day, my friends and I went to Granville Island to see the festivities. However, we actually didn’t really see much… so I’m not sure if it was the time that we went or we just didn’t know where to go. We did see a small dog show though.  Ok I have to admit we weren’t really there for the special events but more for the food ;)

First stop was gelato! There are a few gelato places in the public market as well as two other places you can get ice cream/gelato from. We went to Omi Gelato and there was a huge line up! Pricing was $4.30 for a single scoop and $4.75 for a single with a waffle cone. The gelato was not bad, nothing ground breaking but it satisfied our cravings and the scoop was really big! The waffle cones also tasted fresh.

Omi Gelato

Flavours from left to right: Pistachio, Chocolate Hazelnut and Tiramisu (better image below). Sorry the pictures aren’t great because there were tons of people around and it started melting!

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GI Gelato & Coffee House

Continuing on with my Granville Island eats, we visited GI Gelato and Coffee House. They had a selection of 18 gelatos and sorbets as well as coffee and a few pastries. The gelato selection wasn’t huge but there should be something for everyone. No matter how small I say the selection is, I still take forever to choose a flavour…

GI Gelato and Coffee House

One scoop costs $3.57 which is about average. If you want a waffle cone, it will set you back another 50 cents. On the left we have Japanese Green Tea and on the right we have Maple Walnut. The green tea was packed with matcha flavour and if you love green tea, this will make you a happy camper! The Maple Walnut was sweet with maple flavour and there were a few nuts to give it some texture. These were good-sized, creamy scoops of gelato. They weren’t particularly special but it was still good enough for me.

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La Casa Gelato: Welcome to Gelato Heaven

Summer is probably the best time for gelato and La Casa Gelato has been on my list forever. Sure I went once when I was 10 but that doesn’t count anymore. La Casa Gelato has over 518 flavours and counting according to their website. I knew that it would take me forever to decide on what to order. When my friend and I arrived around 10pm the store was still buzzing with over 20 gelato-craving customers.

This is how it works: First you go up to the counter and pay first. Then they give you a coloured chip that you will give to the servers once you’re ready to place your order. Meanwhile, you are free to sample as much as you’d like! I was surprised that the samples they gave you were pretty big. I felt like I sampled at least one scoops worth of ice cream before I ordered!

La Casa GelatoMy friend ordered Straciatella (bottom) and Creme Brule (top).

La Casa GelatoAfter much debate, I ordered the Banana with Chocolate Covered Marshmallows (bottom) and Hazelnut Frangelico with Chocolate Shavings (top).

I found that the flavours of their gelato were really good. I tried not to pick flavours I would usually get. Moreover, they were generous with the portions too! It costs $7 for two scoops and $5 for one scoop. My friend insisted that even if you order one scoop they’ll give you two of the same flavour so you should order two different flavoured scoops? The most interesting flavour I tried was Apple Wasabi. It tasted exactly like green apples and then your tongue is hit with the spiciness from the wasabi and the flavour was strong too! There were just too many flavours to choose from and I would’ve spent even more time sampling if my friend didn’t have to leave soon. I liked a lot of their flavours! *drools*

La Casa Gelato actually has a monthly contest where you can enter to win a $25 gift card to their store. Enter here for your chance to win! What’s better than free gelato?

This is definitely the place to visit on a nice summer day and you can get your moneys worth from sampling pretty much! There’s something for everyone here. =) The only downside would be the location. Also… I only found one chocolate covered marshmallow in my gelato. =(

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Bella Gelateria

Summer is the perfect time for ice cream and gelato right? That’s why I couldn’t pass up the chance to try Bella Gelateria when I happened to pass by after an interview. Actually I lied. Any time is a good time for ice cream! =D I’ve heard about all the awards that this gelateria has won and I was curious to see how good it was.

Bella Gelateria

Bella Gelateria

Unlike other gelato places, Bella Gelateria does not openly display their gelato. Instead, the gelato is kept in large metal cannisters with lids on them. Maybe this keeps it more fresh? I sampled the salted caramel, the chocolate and Belgian brownie and the limoncello cheesecake. I wanted to sample more but I was too embarrassed to ask and there were other customers haha… They were all very soft, creamy and flavourful but I ended up falling for the chocolate and Belgian brownie. I can’t seem to resist chocolate! I did find it to be pricey though at $5.50/scoop and a dollar more for a waffle cone but they do use high quality ingredients. It’s not somewhere that I can visit frequently and I am easily satisfied by other gelato options but you should at least try it once if you’re in the area!

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Froshberg Gelato at Richmond Centre

Froshberg Gelato opened at the newly renovated Richmond Centre food court last year. I tried it once but I forgot to take pictures so I haven’t blogged about it yet. Since I was quite impressed last time I had to go back and try some other flavours! I’ve sampled the matcha green tea, peach mango, lime and pistachio flavours and they were all very good so it was hard to decide on what to buy. I like the sorbet flavours because they have just the right about of tartness without losing the fruity flavours but it wasn’t icy either.

IMAG0285I ended up getting a double scoop with tiramisu and donatella which is pretty much chocolate hazelnut flavoured. Think Ferrero Rocher. Both flavours were really smooth and creamy. I think their gelato is definitely on par with other gelato places in Vancouver (Vivo! Gelato, Gelarmony etc.). I would definitely drop by again if I had a gelato craving. Sometimes it’d be hard to choose between gelato or froyo with Pinkberry right beside it but since I’ve worked at a gelato store before I think I’m slightly biased towards gelato ;) I’ve been meaning to try Bella Gelateria which is suppose to me amaaazing but still haven’t gotten around to it yet =(


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