GIVEAWAY: Yakinikuya BBQ

Hi everyone!!! I’m having my first ever giveaway courtesy of Yakinikuya BBQ! They have generously provided me with 3 $10 gift cards to giveaway! Hurray!

Yakinikuya Japanese BBQ Food Slide Image 2

Photo courtesy of Yakinikuya

Please read my previous post here where I reviewed one of their BBQ sets! Yakinikuya is located on Robson and Jervis Street and they serve authentic Japanese BBQ as well as some Korean dishes. Since fall is just around the corner, it would be a perfect time for some yummy BBQ!


1) Like the Yakinikuya Facebook Page

2) Visit their website and leave a comment below stating what dish or dishes you would like to try if you win (click on the pictures for the menu items)

Contest ends Saturday, September 13th, 2014. Winners will be contacted shortly after by email and I will post the winners here too.

Thank you and good luck! =) Let me know if you have any questions!


Beaucoup Bakery

In February, Follow Me Foodie had a giveaway for Beaucoup Bakery and I made my friend enter. Lo and behold he actually won! O.O However, we didn’t get around to redeeming it until May. I can’t believe we waited so long to go but nonetheless, it’s never too late for awesome desserts! Beaucoup Bakery is located on Fir and W6th. It’s not exactly an area where I would expect to find a bakery. In fact, I would have never found it if I hadn’t read about it first. The interior is quite small and seating is limited but luckily someone just left and in my hurry to secure our seats I got my purse wet because I didn’t notice the table was wet… Oops. Someone’s just a little over eager here…

The giveaway prize was two drinks, two savouries and two desserts. They didn’t have any croissants left so I chose the cinnamon scroll and the chausson au pomme for our savouries. For dessert, we had the blackberry cassis and the apple tart. For drinks, we had an iced mocha and an iced hot chocolate (yes sounds ironic right).

Beaucoup Bakery

Beaucoup BakeryThe cinnamon scroll was crunchy and flaky on the outside but the middle was softer. The cinnamon flavour was just right and it had the perfect amount of sweetness from the carmelized sugar on top. I think I would have enjoyed this more if it was warm.

I love the way the blackberry cassis was presented. The colours are beautiful and you can see all the layers of the cake. I’m not quite sure what was in it but I could taste some lemon and lavender in it as well as the slight tartness from the blackberries.

Beaucoup Bakery

Beaucoup BakeryThe apple tart was really good! I loved the vanilla creme they used to fill the tart and the apple layer on top was packed with flavour. The solid shortbread crust kept everything together nicely and rounded out the flavours. They also had a fake stem and leaf on top too so that was pretty cute. The edible gold foil on top made it extra chic! They didn’t have anymore of the yuzu lemon tart though or I would have ordered that instead.

The chausson au pomme had a super flaky exterior. It was probably one of the flakiest pastries I’ve ever encountered. Enveloped inside the buttery golden pastry are carmelized apple slices but I found them to be more tart than I expected. Especially after the sweet apple tart I just had. I really need to try their croissants now!

Beaucoup BakeryThe iced mocha and iced hot chocolate looked essentially the same so I just took one picture. The iced mocha had a good balance between the espresso and mocha syrup so it was nice and refreshing on a hot day. The iced hot chocolate is the same thing but without the espresso.

I really liked this quaint cafe and I would love to come back to try their other goodies. I liked everything I tried! I just wish it had more seating now.Who would’ve known there was such a gem in an industrial area? Thank you Follow Me Foodie and Beaucoup Bakery for the awesome giveaway! =D

Happy Victoria Day!

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