Chachi’s-Sandwich Mania!

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Sherman (Sherman’s Food Adventures) was organizing a tasting for Chachi’s at Metrotown and kindly invited me to come along. =)

Chachi's Metrotown

Chachi’s is a chain restaurant from Calgary and the Metrotown location is their first location in BC. They are located in the food court and the sandwiches are better than expected considering that they’re in the food court! Keep reading to find out which ones were my favourite! Continue reading →

Catch 122 Bistro-Brunch Everyday

My co workers and I decided to go to Catch 122 for lunch and it turns out they serve brunch everyday too! Awesome! =D For some reason I am super fond of brunch food right now so this was the perfect place to be. All brunch items are $12. We went around 1pm and it wasn’t very busy so we didn’t have to wait.

Catch 122 BistroThis was the Duck Proscuitto Eggs Benedict with Potato Hash. The duck proscuitto was salty was expected and I think it also made the english muffin a bit salty too. The eggs were nicely poached! I was expecting more proscuitto though but maybe that would be overwhelming since it’s salty?

Catch 122 Bistro

This was the Braised Short Ribs Eggs Benedict with Potato Hash. Short ribs were super tender and flavourful. Hash browns were nicely cooked too and pretty standard.

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Mom’s Grilled Cheese Food Truck: Gourmet Comfort Food

Vancouver is turning into a food truck hot spot and Mom’s Grilled Cheese is a pretty popular option. Located by the Art Gallery on the corner of Howe and Robson, you can usually find Mom’s Grilled Cheese and its long line-up 7 days a week.  Long line-ups must mean good food right? I was about to find out! I had always secretly wanted to try it out but the timing was never right and they seemed pricey for something so simple. I mean I can make my own grilled cheese sandwiches at home!

Mom's Grilled Cheese Food Truck

Mom's Grilled Cheese MenuBasically you get to choose your bread, your cheese and any add-ons that you want such as sliced red onions or tomatoes and of course there are deluxe add-ons like bacon! =D There are also daily specials but I went on a Friday and they don’t seem to have a Friday special anymore. I got sourdough bread with pepperjack cheese and bacon ($1.50).

Ok I will take this time to admit that my concept of cheese has been limited by Kraft Singles…

Mom's Grilled Cheese Food TruckMmm look at all that ooey-gooey cheese on that glorious sandwich! All sandwiches are served in a paper cone with a slice of pickle and Hardbite chips (they were on Dragon’s Den!).

Mom's Grilled Cheese Food TruckClose up with the bacon! The sourdough bread was well buttered and crispy while the bacon made the sandwich salty. They did not skimp on the cheese at all and it was well melted throughout the sandwich. In fact, I almost felt like I overdosed on cheese after and I was super full afterwards. I don’t think I could really taste the pepper in the pepperjack but what do I know about cheese anyway? These grilled cheese sandwiches are a lot fancier than what I can make at home and they really hit the spot if you’re looking for some gourmet comfort food! I can see why this food truck is so popular! I didn’t take a picture of the chips but they reminded me of Ms. Vickie’s chips but in the original flavour because they had a similar texture. 

‘Mom’ Cindy is super friendly and they seem to have a lot of regulars too. You can also ask for a box instead if you plan on eating your sandwich later or even extra pickles. If you’re willing to brave the line-ups for a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, be sure to visit Mom’s Grilled Cheese!

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