Gyo-O Japanese Restaurant

Since my next two exams are next week I’m slacking off for now. My friend and I took a study break to Gyo-O for lunch (read my previous post here). Gyo-O specializes in donburis and ramen. Once again, I was overwhelmed with all the pictures on the extensive menu. There are just so many things I want to try! Meanwhile my friend already knew what he wanted right away… except I think he’s used to waiting for me to decide. ^^”


I believe everything served during lunch hours comes with miso soup.

Gyo-OMy friend had the Seafood Yukke Don which I had ordered last time. This is a bowl of rice topped with chopped sashimi mixed with their special sauce. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it looked like there was slightly more seafood last time? Or maybe they just put different types of seafood in it. Nevertheless, it was equally delicious with a perfectly poached egg to top it off. Be warned that the texture can seem a bit slimy!

Gyo-O Meanwhile I had the Mini Spicy Tuna Don. They have a decent selection of mini sized dons. If you don’t have a big appetite, this is actually a pretty good size since all the rice will fill you up. For an extra $3, you can make this a combo. This came with three pieces of spicy tuna sashimi on a bed of rice with some seaweed salad and bamboo shoots. Since there wasn’t enough sauce, I poured their addicting homemade soy sauce on the rice and mixed it all up. Due to the heat from the rice the tuna warmed up but I didn’t mind it. Combined with the spicy sauce on the tuna, this was a very tasty bowl of rice! I don’t know what they put in their soy sauce but it tastes especially good. This cost about $5.50 so about half the price of a full sized bowl.

Gyo-OFinally we had a side of takoyaki. Buried underneath the pile of bonito flakes are 6 piping hot balls of savoury goodness!

My experience here was just as good as my first time here. The service was warm and friendly. I can’t wait to try some of their other rice bowls! I would definitely recommend trying this place at least once!

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Delicious Donburis at Gyo-O Japanese Restaurant

So I’ve heard about Gyo-O before and I knew where it was located but it just never occurred to me to visit. However, my friend convinced me to try it after he raved about it. Gyo-O is part of the Gyoza King restaurant group and it’s located right in the middle of Continental Square in Richmond. Is it just me or is Continental Square being taken over by restaurants? Not that I mind of course! It’s always good to have more options especially when line-ups are long you can just go next door! Although they’re probably busy too…


The interior was quite small and decorated with wooden panels with Japanese words. It also had menu offerings, pictures and other quirky decorations on the walls. It’s cash only by the way.

Gyo-O Japanese Restaurant

Love the bunny! ^___^

Gyo-O lunch menu This was just their lunch menu but their actual menu is quite extensive.  It doesn’t help that there are a lot of tasty looking pictures all over it since I’m indecisive enough already! Finally I decided on the Seafood Yukke Don which came with miso soup during lunch hours. Gyo-O specializes in donburis (rice bowls) and noodle soups.

miso soupI’m not a huge fan of miso soup. I’m pretty indifferent actually so I can’t really comment but it tasted normal to me.

Miso Tuna don

My friend had the Miso Tuna Don served on a bed of rice with some seaweed salad and bamboo shoots for garnishing. The presentation was very appetizing already! The miso sauce was very strong and prominent. I don’t have much experience with miso sauces served like this so the flavour was new to me but I did like it. The tuna also tasted fresh.

Seafood Yukke Don - Gyo-OThis was my Seafood Yukke Don with “Chopped Tuna, Salmon, Squid, Prawn, Fishcake, Takowasabi in Marinated Sweet Soy sauce with Half Boiled Egg on Rice”. I love the presentation of this dish too! The soy sauce they used made everything extra tasty. The poached egg helped mix everything together nicely and even though it looked less appetizing after, it tasted wonderful! I wanted to come back for more already after a few bites! There was ample sauce to mix all the rice as well although you can always add more of their homemade soy sauce which is available on every table. If you like sashimi and raw fish in general, then I highly recommend this! :D It was also a good portion size and I was quite full after (but yes I still wanted more).

green tea ice cream Finally we decided to order green tea ice cream. I just expected them to scoop the ice cream and put it in a bowl but they decorated it with corn flakes and a bit of red bean paste on top. Presentation does wonders to a dish! I like how they put extra effort into making it look nice. On the other hand, the ice cream was actually not very good. It lacked green tea flavour and the texture was crumbly instead of creamy and smooth. Yes I’ve been spoiled by too much gelato (I used to work at a gelato store) but this was sub-par so even though you have ice cream cravings don’t get any old ice cream! Lesson learned. ><

Ok it was $3 for two scoops so I can live with that.

Besides the lacklustre ice cream, I really enjoyed my experience here and I can’t wait to come back since there are lots of other things I want to try! Maybe next week… :P The service was quick and friendly too.

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