Firebird Cafe

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Thanks to ChineseBites, I had the opportunity to visit Firebird Cafe with fellow blogger Sophia (Everyday Is a Food Day) and our respective +1’s. If you can recall, it is in the same location that Deer Garden used to be in Continental Centre. Firebird Cafe also happens to be serving the same kind of food as Deer Garden i.e. noodle soup and HK style cafe food. The interior looks the same as Deer Garden too. You can basically pretend it’s Deer Garden but with a different name.

Firebird Cafe

Noodle soup ordering sheet

The ordering sheet looked fairly similar to what you would find at Deer Garden.

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Copa Cafe

I haven’t been to Copa Cafe in a quite a while since there are so many other HK style and Taiwanese cafes around. However, I love that it’s right across from the King Edward skytrain station and you can’t miss it because it has a bright yellow awning. I had a bad dinner experience here before but that was a long time ago so I had high hopes that it wouldn’t happen again.

Copa CafeI wasn’t feeling too hungry so I ordered a BLT sandwich with some side salad. The bread they used was quite thin and flattened. I think it would have been better if they used a slightly thicker piece of bread. It was just a very basic sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato. The salad had mostly fruits in it with some potato in a watered down mayonnaise dressing.

Copa CafeHot drinks come with the lunch menu items so I just ordered a hot chocolate and it tasted like your usual hot chocolate powder drinks.

Copa CafeMy friend ordered hot and sour soup for $5 and it was a pretty big portion. Big enough to share actually. It had the usual ingredients like wood ear fungus and bamboo shoots. I found that it was a lot more sour than hot though but it satisfied our cravings for hot and sour soup.

Copa CafeMy friend also ordered the baked ox tongue on rice in tomato sauce. The ox tongue had a bouncy texture and I liked that they had a lot of onions in it. The sauce wasn’t overly cheesy and thick either but there were still substantial amounts of it so it was pretty good.

Copa CafeI’m not a fan of almond milk so to me it just tasted really artificial but someone else might enjoy it.

Copa Cafe is a good place to get HK style cafe food in Vancouver and the portions are generally big as well. Pricing is consistent with other HK style cafes with similar portions. We also had really good service and the manager was very friendly too. No complaints here!

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Alleluia Cafe

Today I met up with a friend for lunch . It was another nice day! So rare in Vancouver I’m still not used to it… but it’s also allergies season. *sniffles* We decided on Alleluia Cafe because we haven’t been there in a long time. We arrived around 2pm and it was still busy inside but we got a table right away in a nice booth. They don’t charge you extra for cold drinks here which is a plus for the summer.

We decided to share a plate of noodles and a plate of fried rice.

This is a Thai style shredded chicken with pineapple fried rice. I think it could have been a bit sweeter aka more sauce because it didn’t have much flavour. You could just barely taste the sweet chili sauce. Ok I was slightly disappointed because I really like this dish usually! Oh well.

This was a satay beef with fried rice noodles. I liked this much better than the fried rice because it had a lot  more flavour. Sure it was a bit oily but that was to be expected and it had a fair amount of beef that was cooked properly.

The usual cold milk tea but it was slightly more bitter? Or it tasted stronger than usual I don’t know…

Soooo cheap :D (I’m a poor student in need of a better job!) I did not know the sauce was called Chinese BBQ sauce… The portion sizes were really good for that price and we managed to finish both plates! I ended up eating most of the noodles even though I ordered the rice xD I’m such a piggy… T^T Service was fast too probably because it was getting late for lunch. Hard to find parking there if it’s busy (as usual in Richmond) !

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