Sugarholic Cafe: Waffles and Toast Boxes

My friends and I spotted the newly opened Sugarholic Cafe in Aberdeen on the main floor near the fountain. It’s in that corner where a few other cafes have opened but none have survived. The waitress said that they have been open for almost a month now. The interior looks like a cutesy elegant high tea place and the ambiance seemed promising except that it was pretty quiet when we went around 8:30pm. Well ok I think they were quiet the whole night since I walked by earlier and peeked in…

Sugarholic Cafe

They have a small dinner menu and also a section of waffles and toast/toast boxes which we decided to indulge in.

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Another trip to Soho Tea Room for Honey Toast Boxes!

I have to say that it is pretty rare for me to visit the same restaurant twice in the same week (or even mere days apart). However, I felt compelled to bring my other friends to Soho Tea Room for another hangout during reading break. We arrived at 6pm and the restaurant was fairly empty. Well it actually was for most of our visit but I think not many people know they’re here yet.

I was tempted to try the honey toast box because I’ve never had one before and I’ve heard a lot about the ones at What8ver Cafe and on the one occasion that I tried to go, they were closed. =( Since Soho Tea Room was having a promotion for their honey toast boxes (see my post here), I convinced my friend to share one with me. There was a warning that said it would take 30 mins before it was ready and we were willing to wait. The promotion was for one honey toast box for $12-14 and it included two bubble tea drinks as well. That’s a steal right?


For my drink I ordered the Tiera-I-Miss-You which had coffee, chocolate, mascarpone cheese and ice cream. Despite the nice description, it was essentially a coffee slush and that was all I could taste so I was a bit disappointed. Maybe there was a hint of chocolate.

love letter My friend ordered the Love Letter which had strawberry, honey, and milk with a touch of fresh yogurt. My friend commented that this was pretty tasteless and when I tried it, there was a very very mild strawberry flavour. There seemed to be too much yogurt and it diminished the strawberry flavour further. It was also overflowing when it arrived. Despite the fancy drink names that enticed us, we should have went with more standard bubble tea drinks from their regular menu or the tried and true stuff!

soho tea room lamb curryMy friend ordered the lamb curry with came with a good portion of rice (not pictured here). I didn’t try this but he said it was good.

soho tea room baked salmon on riceMy other friend had the baked salmon on rice with cream sauce and puff pastry. I really liked the puff pastry! It was very buttery and flaky and definitely made the whole dish taste better. Well I might be biased since I liked pastries…

IMAG0462The salmon was a tad on the dry side but it was not bad and the cream sauce made up for it! I usually don’t order baked _______ on rice but I think this one made me change my mind! Or it was the puff pastry part hehe

soho honey toast box

IMAG0463Finally after more like 40 mins, we got our honey toast box!!! We decided to get the original one with cookies, ice cream, honey and condensed milk. At this point I was pretty hungry and just tore right in.

IMAG0465Inside there are chunks of toasted bread flavoured with honey and it was warm, soft and sweet. It was very delicious and also tasted good with the cold vanilla ice cream as well. I was surprised that the sides of the box tasted good too due to the honey flavour and it was not that hard despite being toasted. There was quite a lot of bread here and we were both really full after and we decided to leave the bottom of the box.

Verdict: While it was indeed a tasty treat, waiting for 30-40mins is not ideal for me so I don’t think I will order this again for a very long time. And if you do, make sure you’re not too hungry before hand and order other snacks while you wait!

waffles with ice creamMy other friend also ordered waffles with ice cream for dessert. I didn’t try it but they seemed pretty standard looking.

bbt lidsWe took the rest of our drinks to go and they gave it to us in the usual bbt cups but this time they had cute bubble tea related cartoons on the lids! I thought it was pretty cute.

I still enjoyed my visit to Soho Tea Room but I think I will stick to their regular entree items and drinks now. I like that their menu has a lot of variety with Eastern and Western dishes as well as noodle soups, snacks and hotpot dishes.

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