Hot Chocolate Festival-Bella Gelateria

The Hot Chocolate Festival is on again for the sixth year and after perusing some hot chocolate menus, the Black Magic from Bella Gelateria caught my eye. It’s made with Dark 63% Vanuari chocolate with black sesame paste and matcha whipped cream. The Asian inspired flavours certainly sounded interesting in hot chocolate form!

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French Made Baking-Hot Chocolate Festival

For my next hot chocolate festival destination, I went to French Made Baking. They seem to have expanded their seating since my last visit and they also have crepes and a few lunch options. For the hot chocolates festival, they have five different flavours and four are available on specific days and the “Lord of Hot Chocolate” flavour (Earl Grey infused milk chocolate)  is available everyday.

I picked the Smokin’ Hot Chocolate which was available the day I went. This flavour had smoked carmelia milk chocolate with sea salt and contains coconut milk. The portion was an 8oz cup so it’s small and also the server put the lid on it already so I didn’t bother opening it to take a picture. The cup itself was also just a plain white cup with no logo or anything… I guess they don’t really serve drinks as much as desserts.

The hot chocolate itself had subtle salty flavour that was thoroughly mixed with the milk chocolate. What I mean is that it wasn’t like “BAM wow that was salty!” and then it goes away. It was sort of salty throughout but not overly so? I think I liked the hot chocolate from Terra Bread’s more since I enjoyed the prominent spiced orange flavour over the sea salt flavour. Also, the cup was a lot bigger and it came with a cookie too for about the same price. The Smokin’ Hot Chocolate was not as sweet though due to the sea salt but it could’ve been more chocolatey. It seems like it was suppose to be served with a Caramel Mou (soft salted caramel bonbon) but I think that costs extra.

Still on the hunt for my fave hot chocolate! Any recommendations?

Hot Chocolate Festival 2015 final

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Terra Breads: Hot Chocolate Festival 2015

The Hot Chocolate Festival has been on for a few years now but I’ve never actually tried anything despite being a fan of hot chocolate or anything chocolate really. This year I decided to try Terra Bread’s hot chocolate since I work near them. Actually I work near both of their locations, the one in Olympic village and the one on 5th and Ontario St. They have two hot chocolates to choose from: Stollen Kisses or Balsamic Desiderio.

Terra Breads Hot Chocolate Festival 2015

This was the Stollen Kisses Hot Chocolate prepared with Cacao Barry Extra Brute cocoa powder, spiced orange and almond syrup. The whipped cream is sprinkled with crumbled macaroon. Right away I could smell the spiced orange flavour! The hot chocolate was rich in chocolate flavour and you could really taste the spiced orange and almond flavours. I found the drink to be a little too sweet though (even for me!).

On the other hand it was a bit weird to be drinking chunks of the coconut and almond macaroon mixed with the hot chocolate but it gives you something to chew on. I just thought of it as like chewing on pearls in bubble tea. Also I’m not sure why my cup wasn’t filled all the way up?

Terra Breads Hot Chocolate Festival 2015

The hot chocolate is also suppose to be served with a stollen kisses macaroon but sadly they ran out for the day. However, they did give me the Maldon Salt Truffle Cookie which was served with the Balsamic Desiderio Hot Chocolate. The truffle cookie had melted chocolate in the centre and was amazingly chocolatey. There were also hints of saltiness to offset the sweetness of the soft chewy cookie. I gobbled this up really fast!

The hot chocolate festival ends Feb. 14th this year.

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Late Night at Deer Garden

After watching Guardians of the Galaxy at Metrotown, we went for a late dinner! Actually we were going to go to Sushi Mura but they were closing already…so we ended up going to Deer Garden on Fraser and I’ve never been to this location before.

Deer Garden

Grilled Beef Tongue! I love the salt and pepper on top and the bouncy texture. They now serve this one some corn and veggies. Before it was just by itself on a plate I think.

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The Last Crumb Bakery

As I mentioned in my last post, I visited the Last Crumb Bakery when I discovered that it was right next to Burgoo. They also serve afternoon tea on the weekends now too. The space inside is bright and spacious.

The Last Crumb Bakery

The Last Crumb BakeryI like how they write the descriptions directly on the glass!

The Last Crumb BakeryThis was the Peppermint Chocolate Cake from last month so everything was peppermint flavoured! I like how it wasn’t overly sweet or chocolatey and the cake was very moist. There also wasn’t too much cream and it had the right amount of peppermint. The salted caramel hot chocolate was perfect too and complete with latte art or should I say hot chocolate art? I believe they are participating the in the Hot Chocolate Festival right now!

The Last Crumb Bakery


The Coconut Cream Pie was also very enjoyable! The slice was also huge! I’ve never ordered a coconut cream pie before but I liked it more than I expected. The cream wasn’t too overwhelming actually and the coconut flavour was mild but detectable. Which is fine since I’m not a huge fan of coconut anyway! haha

The Last Crumb Bakery

This was the Devil’s Food cake with vanilla buttercream. It was also equally tasty! Pretty much like the peppermint chocolate but without the peppermint. Mmm I’m totally coming back to try their other goodies! It’s also nice that they’re not located downtown!

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Blenz Dark Belgian Hot Chocolate

Sorry no pictures this time but I gotta say I had huge cravings for Starbuck’s peppermint hot chocolate for the whole month but didn’t get it yet till yesterday. BUT before that I tried the dark hot chocolate from Blenz and it was really rich and had just the right amount of foam! Also they do latte art which just made it extra pretty. Mmm maybe I should try more Blenz drinks now… After that the peppermint hot chocolate tasted extremely average… so I don’t think I’ll be craving it much anymore. Which is good since then I save money and maybe I’ll stop being a Starbucks junkie.

Sidenote: In case you didn’t know you can order a peppermint hot chocolate during the rest of the year too all they do is add peppermint syrup to a regular hot chocolate! However, it does feel more festive to order it during the holidays =)