Kibo Restaurant and Lounge

After some late night shopping at Pacific Centre and no one wanted to go home, my friends and I decided to try Kibo. We had heard that it opened sometime last year and it was located in Yaletown which was just one stop away. Upon entering the restaurant, it did not feel like a Japanese restaurant. I think they were focusing more on the lounge part. The furnishings were really nice though and it wasn’t too dark inside.

IMAG0324Since this was a restaurant and lounge, they had a lot of drinks to choose from and I noticed that a lot of the other tables ordered nice looking drinks too. Unfortunately we didn’t try any that day.

IMAG0323My friend ordered tea which came in a pot and this cost $3. When we were seated they also brought out hot moist towelettes for us to wipe our hands on.

IMAG0325First off we had some beef short ribs. These were nicely marinated, flavourful and not too chewy. Also it wasn’t too fatty either.

IMAG0327Ok terrible picture but this is the Philadelphia roll which has smoked salmon and cream cheese. I didn’t think it was particularly special but still pretty good. The ingredients were fresh and there wasn’t too much rice.

IMAG0329The caterpillar roll! I’ve had the one at Applause many times before so I was excited to see how this one would measure up. Well I mean it better be good since I’m paying more than twice as much for it. Firstly I was surprised that they put thinly sliced pieces of lemon on top which made it a bit sour but it seemed to go well with the rest of the roll. They put many layers of ¬†avocado on this roll and it was very smooth, creamy and fresh. It also didn’t have as much sauce as the one from Applause and every piece had ample unagi in it. Which I absolutely love by the way. The other difference was that this roll came with smoked salmon on top as well. We all really enjoyed this roll and it’s better than the one at Applause.


And now for the star of our show! DUCK BREAST! Ok this was simply delicious!!! It was nicely marinated and pan fried and every piece had a bit of fat at the top and it was pretty soft too. It wasn’t too salty or anything and ¬†I could also taste a hint of Hoisin sauce. Furthermore, the vegetables that came with it were really tasty!!! I don’t say that everyday about veggies! It had asparagus, zucchini and mushrooms.

Overall, the dishes were quite well done. The table beside us had the rack of lamb and it looked very tasty too. It was a bit pricey for me but at least the duck breast was worth the splurge!

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