Dae-Ji Pork Cutlet House-Kimchi Fried Rice Redefined

Dae-Ji Pork Cutlet House looks a bit run down from the outside but the food is so good! There’s limited seating inside and you can’t have a group with more than 4 people but it’s worth the wait! They are located on Dunsmuir and Seymour with various other locations as well.

Dae-Ji Pork Cutlet House

First off, I must talk about the Kimchi Fried Rice!!! This was my favourite dish here. Don’t worry I’ll get to the pork cutlet soon! Continue reading →

Beefy Beef Noodle

I had a sushi craving and I had been meaning to try Zipang Sushi on Main St. They have good reviews and they also serve okonomiyaki and I wanted to try that too. However, the last time I tried to go we missed their lunch hours which ended around 2-3pm. This time I went on a Monday and what do you know… they’re closed on Mondays!!! =___________=” Thankfully it was located near Beefy Beef Noodle so we headed there instead. They’re always reliably open!

We started with deep fried squid tentacles which were quite tasty. Not too greasy, crisp, nicely battered and NOT rubbery!!! But … I forgot to take a picture. Sorry!

IMAG0228My friends hot and sour soup with noodles. It did taste just like hot and sour soup!

IMAG0229Oops forgot to take a picture right away! I got the kimchi fried rice with beef. It came with edamame beans and black pepper corn as side dishes. I loved the corn! I’ve never had it cooked that way before but I think black pepper can make anything tastier. The fried rice wasn’t too spicy it also had a slight sweet taste before it turned spicy and there was quite a large portion of rice. I really enjoyed this because I love spicy food but it was just mildly spicy. On the other hand I didn’t bother to eat the beans hehe…

I like Beefy Beef Noodle because they have a really good selection of dishes although I think I always end up ordering the same type of items… But I do like variety! They also have really good deep fried chicken nuggets.


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